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Brow HA Infusion

Premium Grade HA Patches


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Help restore the skin to its natural, youthful beauty and enjoy greater confidence in your appearance with Brow HA Infusion Patches from WrinkleMD! If you’re tired of ageing lines on your face but don’t want to resort to expensive surgical procedures or unnecessary changes in hairstyle to cover your skin, this product might be right up your street! These comfortable brow patches are easy to use and only need to be applied for 30 minutes a week – helping to revive and replenish the skin for a younger appearance without leaving your house!

  • Each refill pack contains eight patches – enough for two months
  • For best results, use alongside the Brow HA Deep Infusion System
  • Safe and cost-effective alternative to filler treatments
  • Patented ion diffusion firms the skin rapidly
  • Comfortable, convenient and easy to use
  • Targets forehead furrows and fine lines
  • Easy to apply, soft and leaves no mess
  • Free next working day delivery within the United Kingdom

No one is exempt from the passage of time – we all get wrinkles as we grow older, especially on the forehead – but Brow HA Infusion Patches offers a fantastic solution to the frustration of fine lines and furrowing! These patches are specially designed to fit on the forehead, targeting ageing furrows and fine lines with patented hyaluronic acid (HA) ion diffusion technology. These convenient patches help to hydrate and smooth the skin, allowing you to enjoy a healthier, younger-looking complexion.

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What are they?

Brow HA Infusion Patches are an essential part of the Brow HA Deep Infusion System. These patches allow the successful absorption of essential hyaluronic acid (HA), helping the skin to retain moisture in order to promote a smoother, revitalised appearance. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, but as the body ages our natural reserves tend to decrease – usually from the age of 40 onwards. Brow HA Infusion Patches encourage the absorption of hyaluronic acid across the brow area, helping to reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles.

These superb patches contain a unique formula which penetrates deep into the skin - allowing you to enjoy long-term benefits including smooth and firm skin with little effort!

Why should I use them?

Brow HA Infusion Patches work to reduce the appearance of wrinkle safely and effectively, particularly on the forehead. As the forehead is one of the largest and flattest parts of the body, any wrinkles which do appear can be very noticeable – but the unique anti-ageing properties of Brow HA Infusion Patches helps to plump out these wrinkled areas of skin, allowing you to enjoy a fresher, younger appearance.

The onset of visible ageing can lead to real confidence issues – no one can feel their best if they’re unhappy with their appearance – but Brow HA Infusion Patches work alongside the gentle impulses of the Brow HA Deep Infusion System to provide a unique, safe and effective way to help overcome the problem of ageing skin. This product contains peptides and medical-grade hyaluronic acid, one of the main ingredients in surgical fillers recommended by dermatologists, allowing you to enjoy similar effects without the pain, discomfort or expense.

When should I use Brow HA Infusion Patches?

If using Brow HA Infusion Patches for the first time, we recommend applying twice in the first week to ensure you receive the maximum benefits – providing you with a positive start to your new regime and offering visible results which will give you an immediate confidence boost. After the first week, Brow HA Infusion Patch should be used once a week in order to maintain your younger, healthier look. A pack of eight brow patches should last for around two months, so you won’t have to restock too often! If you have undergone facial filler sessions and wish to maintain your firm, wrinkle-free appearance permanently, Brow HA Infusion Patches offer you a fantastic opportunity to do so from the comfort of your own home.

How to apply

Brow HA Infusion Patches are incredibly easy to use – and only require application for 30 minutes once every week. Make sure to thoroughly cleanse and dry the skin before use in order to ensure optimum results. If you require the use of these patches more than once a week, make sure to leave a gap of 2-4 days between uses. For added benefits, we recommend using Youth Serum HA straight after application and twice daily between treatment sessions.

How can I order Brow HA Infusion Patches from ShytoBuy?

Ordering Brow HA Infusion Patches from ShytoBuy couldn’t be easier – we offer a range of delivery and payment methods to suit your requirements, and all items arrive in unbranded packaging to ensure complete discretion. Remember, thanks to our next working day delivery service, all orders received before 4pm on weekdays will be delivered to your door the next working day. To join the thousands of satisfied customers enjoying the benefits of younger, healthier skin, click the 'Add to Basket' option to begin your purchase!