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5 Natural Solutions For Warts And Verrucas That Actually Work

Warts are contagious but harmless and may go away even if left untreated. However, healing can take weeks or even months without treatment. Conventional treatments for warts and verrucas include minimally invasive surgeries, chemical peels, laser removal or freezing but, these alternatives are expensive and not without risk. Another safe and natural option that you have is home remedies!

Here are 5 natural remedies for warts on fingers and flat warts:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

    A bowl of apples beside a flask of apple cider vinegar

    The idea behind using natural remedies for warts on fingers or flat warts is that they don’t damage the wart tissue the way harsh chemical treatments with high concentrations do.

    Apple cider vinegar is useful for destroying some types of bacteria. According to one research study, vinegar may be effective against Salmonella and Escherichia coli (E. Coli). (1)

    However, the efficacy of apple cider vinegar hasn't been tested for this purpose. Apple cider vinegar also contains acids so this treatment should be used with caution.

    To apply apple cider vinegar, you would need cotton balls and a bandage.

    • Soak the cotton ball in ACV and apply it to the affected area
    • Cover the cotton ball placed over the wart with a bandage
    • Leave the bandage in place overnight
    • Follow these steps every night for 1 to 2 weeks
    • The wart will gradually throb or swell and the skin may turn black
    • Ideally, it should take 2 weeks for the wart to fall off
    • Continue with this remedy for a few more days to ensure that the skin cells which caused the wart don’t grow elsewhere.
  2. Garlic

    garlic cloves

    This is one of the most tried and tested natural remedies for molluscum warts. Garlic has a long history of being used for treating bacterial, viral and fungal skin infections including corns, psoriasis, keloid scars, and verrucas.

    A study conducted to test the effectiveness of garlic extract on warts confirmed that garlic extract could get rid of warts in 4 weeks and warts didn't reappear. (2) Allicin, which is the key component in garlic is considered to have microbial properties that adversely impact the enzymes in harmful pathogens.

    To treat warts and verrucas using garlic, you need to:

    • Crush 1 garlic clove and mix it with water
    • Apply this paste to the affected area
    • Cover the paste on the wart with a bandage
    • Repeat this procedure daily for 3 to 4 weeks
  3. Dandelion Weed

    dandelion flower

    Dandelion is a weed but it was widely used by the ancient Middle Eastern and Chinese civilisations for medicinal purposes. Dandelion sap is a traditional remedy for treating skin diseases.

    An animal study revealed that dandelion extract may support the production of collagen and thereby, soothe skin irritation. (3) Another study also confirmed that dandelions have antimicrobial properties which may be useful in treating warts and verrucas. (4)

    To try this natural remedy for flat warts, you need to:

    • Crush a dandelion and squeeze out its sap
    • Apply this sticky, white sap to the wart twice a day.
    • Repeat this process for at least 2 weeks.
  4. Wart and Verruca patch

    Natural Wart Aid

    Another easy way to deal with itchy, painful, and unsightly warts and verrucas is to use a natural wart aid that's specially created to tackle them without causing any pain or hassle! This patch is a quick and convenient option compared to lotions, pills, and other natural remedies for molluscum warts.

  5. Manuka Oil

    Bottle of Manuka oil with leaves

    Ideal for all skincare needs, pure Manuka oil has powerful anti-bacterial properties that make it one of the most reliable and effective natural remedies for warts on fingers. To treat warts with the application of manuka oil, you need to:

    • Apply the oil to the wart and also to the gauze strip for maximum exposure to the oil
    • Continue with this remedy until the wart is completely healed

How To Prevent Warts and Verrucas from Recurring?

Following these natural remedies for warts and verrucas will help you get rid of them but to keep them from recurring, you need to:

  • Make sure that you’re always wearing footwear in public areas like the pool, gym, and bathroom areas.
  • Wash your hands at regular intervals or use a sanitiser to prevent the spread of human papillomavirus.
  • Avoid sharing your personal belongings like your loofah, towels, and razors with other people.

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