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Natural bum enhancement solutions for a curvier silhouette

The Kardashians fuelled its popularity and suddenly a plump derriere became the desire of most women. And then again, Instagram made us very conscious of our looks with so many pictures of the perfect rounded bum – the result – a sudden upsurge in the demand of bum enhancement products.

Who doesn’t want to make heads turn with a rear the size of Wiltshire? Well, jokes apart, most women want a flattering silhouette and whilst they're eager to get enviable and enhanced assets, not all are willing to go under the knife for it or spend an incredible amount on invasive procedures.

What’s Your Bum Shape?

V-shape bums - People with this shape have more fat around the waist and lesser fat in the thighs and legs.

A-shaped bums - People with this shape have a narrow waistline but broad hips and thighs.

Square bums - Also referred to as H shaped bums, the derriere in this case is flat and the waistline or thighs are symmetrical.

Round bums - The O shaped bums are appealing but the broad waistline makes them less desirable.

Heart shaped bums - This the shape most women aim to achieve where the bum is perkier and rounded just in the middle and tapers on both the top and bottom enhancing the overall look of the posterior.

Why Is Bum Enhancement So Popular?

Bigger bums aren’t just for the celebrities. Everyone has a bum, though not as curvier as Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj or the Kardashians’ and which is why they turn to bum enhancement. There’s suddenly a booty boom and more and more people are following the trend of getting their bums in better shape. A bigger bum streamlines your silhouette better and also gives you a better posture besides making your spine look curvy and sensuous.

A delicious derriere is vanity. Not only is it a sexually appealing body feature for the partners but women are fascinated with their curvy figures too. It comes as no surprise that even men have started embracing the idea of enhancing their bum.

For many, a pancake booty is confidence sapping and can have a negative impact in the bedroom. Whether it’s to fulfil their partner’s desire or to look curvy like the lingerie models, women feel a new high with curvier bums. A perkier posterior definitely boosts your sex appeal and confidence as it’s one of the most desired features in the modern day.

Natural Solutions For Bum Enhancement

Bum enhancement isn’t all about a bigger size. Women generally aim for a well-rounded, perkier and curved posterior. Booty implants were the most popular method of augmentation a decade back but people are now turning to less or non-invasive procedures and techniques. The complication rate of bum implants is very high; there’s a risk of increased pain while sitting or resting and chances of infection too.

The Brazilian Bum Lift is another very popular bum enhancement technique where fat from other parts of the body is extracted through liposuction and injected in the bum cheeks to get a rounder bum. However, it isn’t practical for women who don’t have enough body fat in other parts of the body.

People, hence, are steering away from these procedures to safer and better options for bum enhancement. Just like breast enhancement, it’s possible to achieve a curvier backside with simple and natural solutions. Here are some of them:


Bums aren't built on operating tables alone; you can build them in the gym too. The right squat variations and glute exercises can help you achieve the desired shape. While exercise may not give you the dramatic sex-toy look, it will give you a realistic looking backside that is toned and matches your body shape.


If you are assuming that all the junk food you eat will go and sit in your backside and give you a round bum, you’re mistaken. The fats will deposit on the belly, arms and thighs and make your booty look just big, not curvy. Eating the right foods along with exercise and other methods of bum enhancement can prove to be helpful in improving the shape of your bum. Food items like oats, spinach, beans, lentils are known to increase muscle mass and hence can help enhance your bums.

Padded innerwear

Padded innerwear is like icing on the cake. There cannot be an easier method for an augmented posterior. They’re safe, hygienic, and affordable, have no unwanted side effects and provide instant results. This sexy piece of innerwear adds inches to your rear without any tell-tale signs to give you a raised and firm bum.

Bum lifting creams and lotions

Bum enhancing creams are increasingly becoming popular to improve your assets as they’re discreet and safe to use. They’re also less expensive as compared to surgeries and other invasive procedures. A regular massage with these lotions and creams may give you a bigger posterior and shapelier figure.

The Final Word

If you’re considering invasive procedures for bum augmentation, it’s important to choose a board-certified, experienced and reliable surgeon and an accredited facility. There are many instances of bum enhancement procedures gone completely wrong just because people wanted to save some money on the procedures. However, if you want affordable and safer ways to achieve a curvier bum, you can opt for padded innerwear or enhancement creams or lotions. All you need is some patience and a regular use of bum enhancement products to achieve desired results.

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