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Ways to manage low libido in women during Winter

Female Libido

How to Manage Low Libido in Women During Winter | ShytoBuy

How the Winter Affects Your Libido and What to Do About It

While winter brings the holiday season, celebrations, parties and joy, it also comes with its downsides. Besides inviting sneezing, coughing, flu, etc., winter also impacts our sex lives. While some may feel that the cold weather stimulates our desires for intimacy, that might not be true for all. This cold season often causes low libido in women, thereby affecting their sexual desires and stamina. Are you one of the many who experience a decrease in libido during winter? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

In this blog, we’ll discuss how winter causes loss of libido in women and explore ways to give your sexual desire a much-needed boost during winter.

5 Factors Affecting Your Libido in Winter

Like many women, are you also wondering “Why do I have no sex drive during winter”? Then, don’t worry! We’ve got your answer. Read below to explore 5 surprising ways in which winter can give rise to decreased female libido:

  • Deficiency of Vitamin D: Low exposure to sunlight in winter often leads to a lack of Vitamin D, which can affect your body's vitality and cause low libido in women.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): SAD is referred to a feeling of depression caused by seasonal fluctuations. One of the most common symptoms associated with SAD is decreased female libido.
  • Lack of regular physical activity: Winter triggers lethargy and reluctance to engage in outdoor activities. This leads to a dip in physical exercises that affects your energy levels and overall well-being and causes loss of libido in women.
  • Holiday hangover: During the holiday season, winter comes along with travel plans, parties and other social gatherings. Such chains of events can cause exhaustion, which may lead to a female low sexual desire consequently.
  • Discomfort with dry skin: Dry skin in winter is not a rare sight. However, such skin dryness can cause discomfort and low body confidence, thereby causing low libido in women during winter.

Vitamin D deficiency in winter can cause low libido in women

6 Ways to Boost Your Libido in Winter

Wondering “How do I increase my sex drive in winter”? Now that you know how the colder months can bring a negative shift in your mood and libido, let’s walk you through 6 practical and effective ways in which you can supercharge your libido during winter.

Indulge in Self-Care Rituals

Sometimes external stressors like sleeplessness, work stress, family problems, etc. can lead to a female low sexual desire. So, it’s quintessential to address these external factors, prioritise yourself and take care of your needs to come out of the blanket of winter blues. Pamper yourself with warm baths, try relaxation techniques and keep your body nourished with freshly cooked healthy foods. A well-nourished and relaxed body is more likely to respond positively to sexual stimuli. You may also indulge in self-pleasure sessions to stimulate your sexual desires more.

Increase Your Activity Levels

Winter and lethargy go hand in hand. However, low activity levels in winter lead to a depressing mood which, in turn, leads to low libido in women. Combat the winter laziness by engaging in regular physical activities. You can choose any activity that you enjoy doing such as morning walks, jogging, gym sessions, etc. You can also try indoor activities like dance or yoga to keep yourself active and high on energy. Staying active not only keeps your body warm in chilly winters but also boosts energy and mood. High energy levels and a great mood can be the two major stimulants for sexual desires in women.

Regular exercise and an increase in activity levels help boost libido during winter

Set up Romantic Scenarios

On chilly winter nights, getting out of your warm clothes won’t be something you would wanna be up for and may lead to low libido in women. So, plan to create a cosy, warm and romantic ambience that will arouse your desire to spend intimate moments with your partner. Light up your room with tea lights, floor lamps and everyone’s favourite, scented candles. You can create a warm space by adding blankets, cushions, pillows or room heaters. Even playing some of your and your partner’s favourite music can set the stage for romance. Setting up the perfect ambience can help set up your mood for a steamy night with your honey.

Try Mood Enhancing Foods

Cold and damp weather in winter can often make you feel depressed and contribute to loss of libido in women. To turn on your mood, go for aphrodisiac foods that have mood-boosting properties, such as dark chocolate, nuts, coffee and strawberries. These foods can assist in setting your mood for lovemaking, helping you initiate a heated romantic session with your special someone.

Experiment With New Sensual Activities

Often monotony leads to decreased female libido and desire. So, use winter to reignite passion with new adventures in bed. Discuss each other’s wild fantasies and try to incorporate those in your intimate life. Open conversation about deep and dark desires with your partner can help build a stronger connection and spice up your same-old sexual acts.

Opt for Libido Boosting Supplements

In today’s busy lifestyle, people often don’t get time to focus on their self-needs. If you wanna boost your libido quickly without any elaborate preparations, then libido-supporting supplements can be one of the most effective and convenient solutions. To combat female low sexual desire, there are quite a few female libido enhancement supplements on the market. However, always opt for the one that’s natural and fast-acting to ensure safety and quick effect. These supplements can either boost your libido over time or get you ready just before your intimate session.

Regular exercise and an increase in activity levels help boost libido during winter

Still feeling low and lethargic? Time to get up and try the above-mentioned methods to stay high on energy and say goodbye to decreased female libido. Keep repeating the method(s) that works best for you, whether it be increasing physical activity or trying female performance supplements. At ShytoBuy, you can explore a wide range of all-natural female and male sexual supplements that can help you heat up your intimate sessions with your partner in winter. So, rekindle the spark in your sexual life today!

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