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Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller

Ideal for Thinning Hair and Follicle Stimulation

Micro-needling has taken the skincare world by storm - now it’s your turn to apply this amazing methodology to your scalp! The Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller can be your secret weapon, the next great step toward the thicker, strong and vital hair you want. With 540 titanium needles, of ideal length for gentle yet potent stimulation, it’ll become an easy, quick and enjoyable part of your routine.

What Is The Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller?

This device was specially created for your hair thickness needs! An ergonomic handheld tool, it’s sleek roller design includes 540 stable ultra-fine titanium needles. Their 0.25mm length was chosen to gently stimulate with precision. This makes it perfect for regular scalp stimulation, especially important if you’re seeking to enhance your hair naturally. What’s more, the Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller perfectly combines with topical scalp applications. It’s the comfortable yet powerful method you’ve been searching for!

Why Should I Be Micro-Needling?

This brilliant method has become a hot word around the world - especially when it comes to hair growth! Micro-needling’s known abilities to trigger skin’s healing function have made it ideal for rejuvenating anywhere. This absolutely applies to the scalp, where turning back time to restore thick, strong and luscious hair is to be desired. More than just powerful alone, it’s perfect for combining with hair loss treatments. This is due to the fact that opened up pores can receive an anti thinning topical hair product with greater readiness.

How Does The Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller Work?

With an incredibly simple method, the Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller is the ideal scalp stimulation derma roller. When you simply roll it across the skin on your head, moving in a careful pattern to cover the full area over fifteen minutes, the 0.25 mm titanium needles gently penetrate. This means the skin is energised into a regeneration process. For a non-invasive process, the ultra-fine needles are arranged in a cross-line arrangement. Every area is stimulated, without causing oversensitivity.


After making sure the Foligain Hair & Scalp Roller is completely clean, apply topical solutions to the desired area of the head and scalp. Roll in one direction over an area 4-5 times, with uniform pressure and speed. Follow the detailed instructions regarding exact suggested directions. After 15 minutes, cease using the tool, and allow skin to breathe and products to be absorbed.

Does it really work?

A quick look at our reviews will show you the amazing benefits our customers have experienced from using our Hair and Scalp Roller. Developed with premium build quality, we have produced our product to provide optimal results

How does it work?

The scalp roller works in a few ways. The micro-needles stimulate blood flow and also promote absorption of any topical scalp products!

How long do I have to use it for?

Just 15 minutes a day is all you need to produce optimal results!

Customer Reviews

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Reviews 4.5

84.29% based on 13 Reviews

Verified Purchase

As it was a Xmas present I haven't personally used it. but the family member I gifted it to is extremely happy with the quality and results so far.

Verified Purchase

Nice product, can feel it working on the scalp. But tricky to stop linger hair getting caught in it

S Shirley A
Verified Purchase

Slick design, seems sturdy and good value for money (if it works!)

T Tom F
Verified Purchase

Fantastic device! Actually feels a little ticklish to use, feels quite pleasant. Can see a difference after a month or so, I suppose hair takes a while of growing to be noticeable. But I can 100% see less scalp and more hair!

V Vivien
Verified Purchase

Really like this, using it to deal with my traction alopecia. Can really see a difference!

A Ashanti
Verified Purchase

Been gradually losing hair around my crown, but using this is amazing. I combine it with my Foligain Trioxidil System for Men, every time I look with a mirror I can see an improvement. Far less bald, lots of new hair.

M Max
Verified Purchase

Feels a bit weird but really nice at the same time. I just keep forgetting to clean it sometimes but that is down to me

G Gemma
Verified Purchase

This feels a bit strange on your head but is kinda like a weird massage

M Monique
Verified Purchase

It does feel weird but not sure if it is doing much

J Josephine
Verified Purchase

Good quality and sturdy

J Jeanie

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