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Bathmate Hydro7 - Hercules

Device | Male Enhancement Hydropump


Hydropumps are being whispered about by men around the world - but if there’s one that’s discussed loud and proud, it’s the Bathmate Hydro7! With a revolutionary hydropump technique that’s designed for enhancement as well as enjoyment, this premium product has strode ahead of all other devices for more than a decade. The natural and pleasurable power of combined air and water work together, and huge numbers of men are reporting extraordinary satisfaction around the world.

  • Designed for male enhancement
  • To give feeling of hardness & strength
  • Method backed by intensive research
  • Premium materials & patented tech
  • Safe, convenient & comfortable to use
  • Two years manufacturer guarantee
  • Use for just 15 minutes everyday
  • CE Certified
  • BPA Free
  • ISO



Free Delivery on all UK orders over £35.

Masculine Power

Over the centuries, considerable attention has been given to one aspect of the male anatomy - and we all know which! With so much of our culture focussing on just one organ, it can hardly be surprising that some men end up feeling disappointed in their own model. But what might be surprising is how few men truly understand the mechanics of the situation. The male glans itself is constructed of three parts: two corpora cavernosa on the upper part, and the corpus spongiosum, with the former being chambers that fill with blood to draw the corpus spongiosum upwards. It’s therefore clear that blood flow and circulation are incredibly important to this body part functioning correctly, and that the optimum approach would be one that made use of its inherent mechanism.

There’s no denying that this is the most immediate indicator of masculinity - the distance from base to tip! With men around the world comparing themselves to expectations of both normal and exceptional standards, it’s no surprise that many want to enhance this measurement.

While length is certainly spoken about by many, increasing anecdotal evidence from both men and their partners is reporting the importance of that all-round measurement. Girth is vital to both the appearance and sensation of male vigour, potency and power.

Sometimes, a quantitative measurement just isn’t enough - it’s certainly foreseeable that feeling strong and intensely vigorous will matter too. Be it in one’s day-to-day life or those heated moments, it’s vital to the sense of manliness to feel strong whenever it’s needed.

Hydropump Tech

Vacuum pump technology is nothing new to male enhancement - one internet search will bring up dozens of options! They all aspire to stimulate blood flow, and thereby enhance male length and girth. Research has assessed its efficacy at a molecular level, in boosting oxygen saturation levels, and in mechanically straightening the male organ. But while these devices might promise great things, not every man has found them satisfactory, or even pleasant, to use. So a newly vigorous approach to helping men was taken, this time using the elemental forces of water.

Intuitively, we all understand what this suggests - a far more pleasurable experience! What’s more, hydropump technology has numerous logistical advantages. The use of water creates a free-flowing, uniform pressure around the entire area, so that every blood vessel is stimulated. The use of warm water, as facilitated by bath or even shower use, opens up pores to promote healthier, elasticised skin, and thereby aims to boost the enhancement process. Finally, H2O creates a more sympathetic, although by no means less powerful, environment. This is key to ensuring your comfort and, most importantly of all, safety. By using the hydropump method, you’re truly taking a bold step forward in satisfying your essential male desires.

Bathmate Hydro7

Since 2006, one device has stood head and shoulders above all the competition in providing men with powerful and pleasurable hydropump devices, and that’s Bathmate Hydro7. The world’s best-selling masculine enhancing device is currently being used by thousands of men in more than 70 countries. Since its launch it has become, and remained, the most popular on the market, and has a reputation for being incredibly easy and convenient to use. Many satisfied customers have reported experiencing improved feelings of in confidence and performance. By investing in this incredible gadget, you’ll be joining men around the world who are serious about boosting their manhood.

The Bathmate Hydro7 is a stylish device, available in a range of colours. You can perfectly choose which colour symbolises your masculinity - be it powerful red, cool blue, or no holds barred transparent!

The revolutionary use of hydro-technology is perfectly designed for easy use in the bath or shower. This method works to maximise convenience, comfort and even pleasure, to fit into the day with incredible ease.

This device is designed with maximum potency, so that you need only use it for just a quarter of an hour to reap the rewards. That time is sure to fly away, completely knocking other extenders out of the competition.

Using clinical research and study, this device is based on powerful, well known and regarded mechanics to offer a comfortable and safe approach to your needs. With complete control, you know you’re in safe hands.

Buying Your Hydro7

As the entry-level product to the Bathmate range, the Hydro7 offers the most comprehensive appropriacy range, from 5 to 18 cm, or 2 to 7 inches, of erect length. The Hydro7 comes with a measurement gauge, so that you can keep track of your progress. For added convenience, you can also purchase a shower trap, for hands free use, and a water-based lubricant with aloe vera.

Using Bathmate Hydro7

After bathing in enough warm water to cover your waist for five minutes, insert your flaccid organ into the water-filled Bathmate device. With the chamfered rubber base of the device pressed tightly against your pubic seat, push down a few times until a vacuum is created. Once a seal is formed, you should feel pressure developing. Pump it four or five times over three to five minutes, then relax for a few minutes and enjoy the sensation. Fully depress the pressure valve to release, then repeat the process. Should you be unable to pump the device further, you have reached the optimum level of pressure at that time. If you feel the pressure is too much, simply press the release valve lightly. After an absolute maximum of fifteen minutes wear, fully depress the valve and remove the Bathmate.

To use in the shower, the same principle outlined above applies, but with some modifications. After showering for five minutes, hold the Bathmate upside down and fill, holding your finger over the release valve without pressing. Moving the device upward to maintain water level, lower your organ into it. Carefully create the seal in the same way as outlined above. You may then follow the same process, being sure to remove after a maximum of fifteen minutes.


All Bathmate devices are designed to accommodate male physical needs with ultimate comfort, safety and security. However, it’s important to take sensible precautions. Be sure to carefully consider the full range of Bathmate products available, and make sure you’re purchasing appropriately for the size of your manhood. Before using, it is very important to read the full instructions thoroughly. Never use for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and be sure to exercise patience. Just remember, taking an inadvisable risk for short-term gain may cause long-term pain.

Customer Reviews

At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

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reviews 5

93.04% based on 45 Reviews

Verified Purchase

AAA+ It seems to work very good!

C Customer
Verified Purchase

it came on time and the product is good,i just started using it ,i am sure it will word good.i just love this site shytobuy.co.uk they have good customer relationship..

A Akubia E
Verified Purchase


S Shaf
Verified Purchase

Very good product.

I Ian B
Verified Purchase

My sex life has suffered for a very long time until recently. I had so many sexual opportunities turned down because of my size. Was very embarrassing and i was ashamed. After reading so many testimonials and positive reviews and even watching youtube videos i got the bathmate. Honestly speaking, this is a complete game changer. My size has increased to just below the average "UK Size" which is a lot better from where i started off. In fact tons better! Will keep on using it as i believe there is room for more improvement. Best decision i ever made, i would definitely recommend.

A Annonymous
Verified Purchase

I think i died and came back a sex god!

J Jordan
Verified Purchase

ShytoBuy you never fail to amaze me! great product, great results, great company.

S Shy Lover
Verified Purchase

Pump it up

R Romeo
Verified Purchase

If she notices the difference then clearly its working.

R Rob
Verified Purchase

I use it in the shower at night and in the day. Feels good and it has got bigger.

G Gregg
Verified Purchase

Oh Bathmate, where have you been all my life. I wish we were introduced 15 years ago.

S Samuel R
Verified Purchase

i am a swimmer and i wear small tight swimming shorts and exposes alot, its quite embarrassing when you havent got a package. this penis pump has worked for me and i have started feeling more comfortable with myself when i go swimming, i have noticed an obvious increase in size and girth, its made going swimming less stressful.

s siraj
Verified Purchase

i would love to share my experience with this product, i started using it a month ago, i use it daily for the required time and its made everything to do with my soldier so much better

p powlo
Verified Purchase

its so much fun using it in the bath, always leads to something else tho

t tommie
Verified Purchase

i was expecting results but i wasnt expecting to see it grow how it has.

l lad
Verified Purchase

i wasnt expecting a rocket ship to arrive in the post, forget the size of the machine and check out what it does to ur penis, incredible!

y yarwood
Verified Purchase

from small to big in a few weeks

a andes
Verified Purchase

i HAVE to share my experience, so for the first time in my life i had a one night stand, the girl slept over and to my surprise she was still there in the morning, and i will never forget the words that came out of her mouth, "you are really good, can we do that again" its life changing to hear words like this and i know its down to the Bathmate Hercules. it has to be

Verified Purchase


i impressed
Verified Purchase

i never thought that after a period of time that the penis would remain large. its nice to know i dont have to use it every day of my life.

l luca
Verified Purchase

i recomend this product to people who also suffer with maintaing strong errections and ashamed of penis size.

h harry
Verified Purchase

incredible pump

w werew
Verified Purchase

i get my wife to do it for me, then we play. its a great way to start a session :)

h hesham
Verified Purchase

its grew, much big size. thanks

y yani khalil
Verified Purchase

such a great name for the product, i feel like hercules himself has given me his secet method. his pump

h hercules
Verified Purchase

i love the feeling when its pumping, it goes tingly and the pressure feels nice.

S Scott B
Verified Purchase

consider the bathmate hercules your new best friend, i have become some what emotionally attached to mine, as it makes my penis grow i have more love for it. thanks shy uk

s saved
Verified Purchase

the size of the machine is quite big, but other than that it does work and it works very well. i just need a dedicated space to hide... its not something you can put on your dining table

C Colin
Verified Purchase

i really enjoy wearing the pump, the feelings are reall nice, i use it daily, but only for the required time. i dont want to damage my penis

t tino
Verified Purchase

working well for me, thanks

j jermaine
Verified Purchase

using the product for the first time, was a weird experience, interesting to see what the results will be after 1 week.

r reda
Verified Purchase

like any man we take pride in our private parts, and putting him into a chamber slightly scared me, but after using it i realised it was super comfortable and extremely safe. dont worry guys!!

s samuel88
Verified Purchase

bought this for my husband, it was his decision. we have been using it on him and it really has made a big difference, i have witnessed the growth and can definitely feel the girth now. its incredible. either way i still love him, but who doesnt mind a little bit extra meat :) Thanks ShytoBuy uk

m maria
Verified Purchase

really nice!

l larry Hindle
Verified Purchase

this is a MUST BUY if you are having issues with penis size.

a adrian
Verified Purchase

already seeing a difference in size!! i didnt think it would be so quick

a abdulla
Verified Purchase

looks like it is just made for me. thanks for prompt delivery

P Poper1984
Verified Purchase

my friend at gym recommended this to me. and i must say i am impressed

D Dylan
Verified Purchase

being new to pumping i was a bit cautious to use it. but this is simple to use and works great.

J Jamar T
Verified Purchase

Bathmate has worked tremendously on my girth. the difference is quite visible. my wife is so satisfied now i can't tell you

A Arthur G. Loftin
Verified Purchase

Great information. Placing my order now. Hope it works for me too

J Jeffrey
Verified Purchase

isn't the price a bit high?? Do you have any discount? i really want this pump

H Henry S.
Verified Purchase

brought 2 of them, one for men and one i will gift to my brother. he will love it.

C Cole
Verified Purchase

I like the colour of this and it doesn't hurt unless you use it wrong

D David
Verified Purchase

Fits well and have had no issues

E Eugiene

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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