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How the Male Pheromones Impact a Woman's Mood (Naturally)

How Women Respond To Male Pheromones

Pheromones are secreted by the human body and received by other individuals that belong to the same species. These unique substances are present in typically all bodily secretions but it is sweat that contains 16-androstenes - an odorous compound which has a much higher concentration in the man’s sweat and can be easily detected by a woman. In fact, upper-lip application of this compound is known to improve mood and elevate focus in women, specifically when it comes to capturing emotions. (1) The positive mood then facilitates a sexual response in a woman, and the enhanced focus improves sensual satisfaction.

According to another study conducted by the University of California, just a few sniffs of this unique chemical found in male’s sweat are sufficient to shoot up the level of cortisol in a heterosexual woman. (2) However, these studies only start making sense to a man when he realises how his body odour attracts someone to him. In fact, using your natural scent to attract a female is not only safe, but also effective! There are several testimonials of men who’ve used the science behind pheromones attraction to their advantage.

What Do Male Pheromones Do?

The male pheromones have an odour that takes a different pathway in the body from the olfactory system. Once an individual of the opposite sex absorbs these pheromones, the vomeronasal organ sends an impulse to the brain.

This impulse excites the thalamus and amygdala in the brain to influence a woman’s mood positively. However, male pheromones don’t have the magical powers to improve your social skills or control the mind of women but, they will surely work the following things in your favour:

  • Make attraction easier for you (after all, everyone needs some extra help!)
  • Help you influence the mood of a woman when you put in some effort to elicit a favourable reaction
  • Give your confidence a major boost
  • Make social interactions smoother for you due to the confidence boost and positive reactions from others

How To Increase Male Pheromones

If you want to experience the power of male pheromones, you can try these natural remedies at home:

  • Wear a pheromone fragranced body spray to activate a woman’s interest in you
  • Add sandalwood essential oil to your shower routine and skip using a harsh soap that scrubs away your natural scent
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep because when you're well-rested, it works to boost your pheromone levels
  • Stick to a fitness routine and exercise with weights to boost your pheromone levels naturally
  • Eat more celery & parsnips because they're believed to contain androstenone and androstenol (pheromones associated with masculinity) that make you more appealing to the opposite gender

How To Pick The Right Products To Impact A Woman’s Sexuality

Unfortunately, the market is overflowing with pheromone-dense products so to ensure that you don’t end up investing in the wrong product, look for the following features:

  1. A high-strength formula preferably having a seven-strand pheromone complex for a noticeable effect.
  2. A product that contains the right combination of pheromone concentrate (Androstenone, Alpha-Androstenol, Androsterone, Epiandrosterone, Beta-Androstenol, Androstadienone, Androstanonene)
  3. A light fragrance that blends easily to amplify your attractiveness discreetly
  4. Avoid a formula that contains toxic chemicals or denatured alcohol

How To Use Male Pheromones To Influence A Woman

This isn't rocket science! To make the most of your chosen product, follow these simple steps:

  • Apply the scent sparingly at first
  • Aim for the pulse points in your body for maximum impact (behind your ears, on your neck, on your wrists, and inside your elbows or knees)
  • Store the spray in a cool and dry environment to avoid leakage, damage or premature expiry.

Most pheromone scents last for about 5-6 hours so you may need to reapply while you continue with the innuendos and flirting!


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