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How To Avoid Menopause Weight Gain

Menopause weight gain is super frustrating, and the change is drastic. You can notice it in clothing size, in the increasing bulge around your waistline, and in the shape of your belly. This weight gain is usually triggered by hormonal fluctuations, but fortunately, you can make a few lifestyle changes and modify your metabolism to avoid this Perimenopause sudden weight gain! Here are 5 menopause weight gain remedies to help you feel in control and make this transition easier.

  1. Start Your Day with Exercise

    Exercising keeps you physically active because when you exercise, your brain produces endorphins which make you feel good and positively impact your mental well-being. Exercising also helps reduce the anxiety, stress and mood swings that accompany this change of life.

    If you're looking for menopause weight gain remedies that give real results, then commit 30 minutes of your day to exercise. For maximum benefit, add weight training and cardio to your fitness routine, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Prepare A Menopause Diet Plan

    There is no denying that you're what you eat, especially when you're going through this major change. Make sure your diet is revamped to lower your intake of saturated fats and increase your consumption of vegetables, fruits, and fat-free proteins.

    Instead, you can eat more walnuts, eggs, oysters, fatty fish, anchovies, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds and other foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These dietary changes will not only help you avoid menopause weight gain but also make it easier to manage the perimenopause irritability and anxiety.

  3. Practice Yoga And Meditation For Mindfulness

    Apart from being excellent menopause weight gain solutions, meditation and yoga will help calm your mind and regulate your mood swings. You can consider joining a yoga class, or you can install a meditation app on your smartphone.

  4. Consider A Change Of Life Supplement

    Adding a change of life supplement to your daily regime will make a massive difference to the natural changes occurring in your body along with weight gain. Ginseng, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, Omega-6 oils, and Gamma Linolenic Acid hold a plethora of benefits for women experiencing sudden weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia and a reduction in libido.

  5. Alter Your Lifestyle To Manage Stress And Sleep

    Quality sleep is essential to avoid menopause weight gain and bloating. Poor quality of sleep can also invite anxiety, diabetes, stroke, high blood sugar, and kidney disease. Sleep is just as essential as a healthy diet and exercising.

    Stress management is another crucial factor if you want to avoid perimenopause sudden weight gain. Chronic stress increases cortisol levels which regulate blood sugar levels and inflammation in the body. So, the best way to keep your stress levels under control is by practising mindful breathing and exercising.

Menopause is a challenging time and the changes can be really overwhelming and frustrating for anyone who's undergoing this change of life. However, you don't have zero control over this emotional rollercoaster! Follow these tips, and you're sure to tackle the perimenopause sudden weight gain!

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