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Delay sprays vs delay creams

Sex is fun but sometimes men don’t get to enjoy it as much as they'd like to. If you and your partner are looking to enjoy sex for longer, then you might be searching for solutions to delay ejaculation or for tips on how to last longer in bed. Whether you have complete control over your intimate moments or can’t seem to get enough, a little extra time between the sheets is no bad thing!

Are Delay Sprays & Creams For Me?

Every man wants to feel confident in the bedroom and enjoy intimate moments without the fear of reaching the finish line sooner than expected. Unfortunately stress, ageing, smoking, a poor diet or lack of physical exercise can have unwanted effects on your intimate affairs. Delay creams and sprays are specially formulated for men who desire to overcome these unavoidable factors and make the most of their pleasurable moments. So, why not try the MaxSize Delay Cream as a start or, if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle and discreet, give Viaman’s or VigRX’s Delay Spray a go. If you're looking for a natural stamina boost when it's needed most, they could be the right fit for you!

The Debate

There are many things in life that many of us debate over. For those who have been concerned about their pleasurable moments ending a little too soon, they have considered using delay sprays and delay creams. But are delay sprays effective? Are delay creams a better option? Which one should you choose and is there really a difference? We're here to help you analyse the pros and cons of delay creams and sprays to make your choice easier. .

What Are Delay Sprays & Creams?

In simple words, delay creams and sprays are a simple and discreet way to boost bedroom performances. With a potent combination of safe and natural ingredients, these products act as a catalyst in making your sensual encounters more fun and enjoyable by tapping your own innate power and desire. They're easy to order online and delivered to your doorstep discreetly. Hence, they ease the anxiety of those who are too embarrassed and hesitant to speak about the problem.

Ejaculation Delay Spray

There are many brands available in the market today for delay sprays for men, many of which contain some form of numbing and cooling effect to provide that numbing effect that can help you last for longer. In short, a delay spray empowers you to take charge of your performance from start to finish and enjoy ultimate pleasure without feeling hindered by desensitisation. Try some of the best delay spray products today at ShytoBuy.


  • Keeps your hands clean
  • Convenient and discreet
  • Fast to apply
  • Beneficial numbing and cooling effect
  • Boosts bedroom performance
  • Needs to be applied shortly before intercourse


  • You may have to wait a few minutes for it to take effect

Ejaculation Delay Cream

For those of you who really like to be in control of the application, how much you apply and where then the delay cream could be more suited to you. Many men find applying cream a more natural process than spraying something. It allows you to become more familiar with your penis, which is also another way to become more confident about using it.


  • You have more control over application
  • Easy to cover your entire penis with
  • Beneficial numbing and cooling effect
  • Convenient and discreet
  • Formulated for ultimate pleasure
  • Needs to be applied shortly before intercourse


  • You may have to wash it off your hands after use

Ejaculation Delay Sprays or Creams – Which Is Better?


With both the delay cream and the spray, there will usually be a time period where you’ll have to wait for the product to work (this can be anything from a few minutes to around an hour). Some may see this as a mood killer; however think of all the potential foreplay this leaves room for? Landing you the perfect opportunity to not dive straight in like most men, but actually, take things into your own hands. Chances are, your partner will be pleasantly surprised and impressed.


The key difference between the spray and the cream is the mess. With the spray it only takes a few pumps onto your penis then you’re done, it’s back in your drawer and you’re raring to go. With the cream, although it provides very similar effects, unless you want to avoid using your hands during intercourse, you’ll have to wash them after use. However, the smart ones among you may well just keep some handy wipes next to the bed.

Your choice:

Ultimately, if you want to reveal your innate potential and maximise your pleasures, it’s advised to use both and see which works for you. Each individual product and brand will also work in different ways. So do your research beforehand to discover which one really works best for you. If one doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, there are plenty of other options. So have fun and experiment. After all, surely that's what sex is all about!

How To Use Delay Creams & Sprays Appropriately?

Using the right technique is as important as choosing the right product. Under or over usage of the product may not provide the same effect or help you with delaying ejaculation. Here are a few tips to use delay sprays and creams as intended:

  • Clean your penis properly before use.
  • Expose the tip of your penis by rolling down the foreskin properly.
  • If using a spray, apply it in the right quantity and on the area directed in the instructions leaflet. In case of creams, use the prescribed amount and massage it gently from the tip to the shaft.
  • The cream or spray must not enter inside your penis.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes before intercourse. You can use foreplay and other techniques of lovemaking to get your partner aroused.
  • Don’t use an excessive amount of the spray or cream as it can cause desensitisation and loss of pleasure.

The Final Word

The market is flooded with a range of ejaculation delay sprays and creams for premature ejaculation that promise the best results. However, they may come with a lot of side effects too. If you want the pleasure without the problems, opt for all-natural products that have no known side effects thanks to the organic ingredients present in them. So ramp up your confidence by making your choice between delay sprays and creams and unleash your inherent drive and vigour to give your partner a more fulfilling and enjoyable experience!

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