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Join the thousands of men worldwide who have benefitted from the all-new improved G-Max Power Capsules formula. These new capsules are based off the ever-popular GoldMax Blue for Men, but has been slowly perfected to give the new and unique male virility formula. Made with a range of natural ingredients including Panax Ginseng, this supplement is designed to help give men the energy and drive they’re looking for.

  • Number 1 in the UK for men
  • New and improved advanced herbal formula
  • Designed for male energy, power & endurance
  • Contains natural ingredients including Panax Ginseng
  • Blister packed for potency and freshness
  • Just 1 capsule a day
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  • Gluten-free
  • GMP

Stamina And Endurance

The age old question of how long you can last is a hot topic amongst men, with the general consensus being that longer is better. For many men they feel as though their endurance is the highlight of their performance and satisfaction, but there are also many of us that feel they’re ending too early and could be giving a lot more. There can be many factors that can affect this both psychologically and physically as well as many options that can give you a helping hand.

Psychologically - Factors such as stress, nerves and tiredness can impact endurance so it is important to feel calm, confident and energised to make the most out of your intimate times.

Physically - Many don’t realise but circulation can play a big role in your stamina. Healthy blood flow can not just help with getting it up, but also keeping it up for as long as you need.

G-Max Power Capsules

These new handy blue pills are formulated using a new and unique blend of natural ingredients that have been sourced from all over the world to give only the best. With plant-based ingredients that are well-known in the male enhancement industry such as Panax Ginseng and Cinnamon Bark included, this formula has been carefully designed and tailored for the needs of men. With endurance, power and energy all being key parts of confident times between the sheets, so it's important to give your body what it needs. Try the G-Max Power Capsules to deliver the satisfaction you and your partner are looking for.

Directions For Use

The great thing about the G-Max Power Capsules is that they are so easy and discreet to take. Simply have 1 capsule on an empty stomach and with a glass of water, 45 minutes prior to activities. Do not exceed more than 1 capsule in any 24-hour period and do not chew the pills. The duration of the G-Max capsules depends on the individual – factors such as weight, alcohol intake, depth of libido loss, should be taken into account.


The active ingredients in G-Max Power Capsules are: Wolfberry, Cinnamon Bark, Codonompsis Pilosula, Angelica Archangelica, Panax Ginseng, Poria Cocos Mushroom, Lingusticum Root, Glycyrrhiza Glabra.

The capsule shell is composed of: Gelatin, Glycerine, water and dyes (E133, E171).

Safe And Natural Herbal Formula

We strive to bring you the best products from around the world and this is no exception. G-Max Power Capsules have been chosen due to its natural and powerful set of ingredients. As the ingredients are naturally found, there are no known side effects. As with taking any new supplement, check the ingredient list before use for any personal allergies. Not to be taken by anybody with a heart problem and, due to the nature of the product, G-Max is not suitable to be taken for those under 18.

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  • Good

    A AbdulMuhebu  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • I've been looking around for something that could help me keep up with my girlfriend. She's 20 years younger and sexual activity is at its prime. She wants it non stop. I got Gmax thinking it would help me out slightly but it did a lot more than that. Lets just say she had trouble keeping up with me. I don't know what they put in this stuff, but its absolutely on point. I can't even tell you how much its worked. Its crazy, never thought it was going to work.

    C Christian  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • Certainly gave me the edge i've been craving. Highly recommended!

    V Vinay  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • Takes the sexual stress right away. My sex was on fire! Thats what she said anyway.

    LJ Lindon James  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • The best sex i have ever had!

    MJ Mr Johnson  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • Genuinely surprised. I can't believe the neighbours didn't make an official noise complaint.

    WL Wayne Lourenco  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • Super quick delivery. I'm going to try it tonight. Wish me luck guys!

    A Annonymous  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • Brilliant!

    KN Kevin Nash  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

  • I got these for my husband as a joke. Turns out the jokes on me. Surprisingly I noticed an incredible difference in the bedroom. It was as if we were 20 years younger again. Already placed my second order.

    JP Julia Peters  small logo of leading supplement brand since 2005, shytobuy

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