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What’s causes a double chin and how to get rid of it?

Does the double chin selfie haunt and embarrass you often? Whilst you can change the angle of your camera for hiding the flaws, getting rid of your double chin isn’t very easy in real life. That bleak fold of skin under your chin is unattractive as it can appear as if you have 2 chins instead of 1 and can be a constant reminder of your excess weight or other health conditions. Aesthetically, a double chin can even make your neck look shorter and takes the appeal away from your jawline, adding years to your appearance.

What Is A Double Chin?

In general, the double chin can be defined as excess fat that has accumulated in the neck, under the chin. From an aesthetic point of view, the double chin is disliked by people because it tends to reduce or even spoil the oval shape of the face. This fatty mass, therefore, tends to deform the general appearance of the face, producing an ageing and heavy effect indicating the loosening of the skin and a lack of tone in this area.

What Causes A Double Chin?

The fat layer under your chin can be the result of various factors. It’s important to understand these factors before wondering how to get rid of your double chin. Double chins, present in both women and men, is common and is considered as a sign of ageing, overweight and looseness of the skin. It’s embarrassing for many people because it’s difficult to get rid of double chins. Yet, few people really know the cause of double chins. In what cases does it appear? Is it hereditary? And can we get rid of double chins? Here are some causes of this common problem:

Weight gain - Although not the only cause, excess weight is still the main cause of double chins. By definition, a double chin is the appearance of a mass of fat in the neck, just below the chin. This appearance is very often linked to weight gain. If you notice the development of a double chin at an early age, where sagging skin hasn't started, it’s likely to be related to excess weight. It will be easier to get rid of the double chin if the age of the person isn’t very advanced.

Age - Over the years, the skin tends to relax and lose its suppleness and tone. As for other parts of the body, the areas of the face and neck aren't spared, causing a relaxation of the skin in the chin area, with the appearance of a double chin. Obviously, the combined action of ageing and a situation of excess weight can all the more favour the appearance of a double chin.

Poor posture - An improper or bad posture while sitting and standing can also weaken the neck muscles and cause a double chin to appear since the muscles aren't being used effectively.

Genetics - In some cases, the appearance of a double chin is due to a genetic predisposition or a hormonal modification. Genetics play an important role and it isn’t uncommon to inherit the double chin of your parents even without being overweight. These specific cases need to be discussed with a specialist.

Natural Solutions To Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Fortunately, this condition isn’t inevitable and there are different answers for those asking how to lose your double chin. From simple facial exercises to perform at home to more radical solutions like surgery, there are a range of solutions to get rid of double chin. Whether your double chin is the consequence of unsightly cellulite or it’s caused by a loss of tone, you don’t need to go through liposuction or surgery. Totally natural solutions exist to help get rid of the double chin that's having a negative impact on your life.


If it’s excess weight that's the cause of your double chin, then exercise works best. There are a number of chin exercises that you can try from the comfort of your home or combine them with your gym routine to get rid of a double chin. With a little patience and discipline, the double chin can lessen by practicing some facial gym exercises. It’s important to know that facial gymnastics obviously require more time than a surgical procedure. You must repeat the exercises for several weeks. The idea is to adopt a routine, morning and evening for example. But most of the time, these exercises can be done throughout the day. The following are some exercises you can try:

  • Headspin - Stay straight and start by turning your head to the right. Stay still for 5 seconds and do the same again on the left side. Repeat this a dozen times a day and in a row. Go slow - the goal isn't to give yourself a stiff neck.
  • The Roar - Keep your head upright, lower your shoulders and pull your tongue out of your mouth as far as possible, as if you want to touch your lower jaw and neck. Repeat the movement 10 times.
  • Repeat the syllables "X" "O" by exaggerating the spacing of your jaws. This exercise also helps to tone the neck tissues.
  • Kiss the ceiling - For the last exercise of this simple routine, sit on a chair and rest your back firmly against it. Then lean your head back to look at the ceiling and pucker your lips, as if you wanted to kiss the ceiling. Repeat several times and rest.

In order to get good results, it’s important to be consistent in performing these exercises and have a lot of patience. The results won't be immediate, but with great dedication, you can potentially achieve your goal.

Improve Posture

It may sound absurd but to stand up straight and extend the neck is the ideal posture to help camouflage your double chin. You need to imagine that an invisible thread is pulling you up and you're done! Constantly practising this posture will help firm the neck muscles and help you get rid of that double chin.

Creams & Serums

These double chin reducing creams aim to smooth and tighten the skin around the neck and also work to eliminate the fat in this area, which can reduce the appearance of the double chin. To help get rid of a double chin, it's not enough to just use a cream however - it must be properly applied. It's necessary that the cream or serum penetrates all the layers of the skin in order to act in depth. It will take time to properly apply the cream by massaging the area of the neck.

When applying it, place your hands under the chin and then slide them to the ears while pulling the skin. Repeat this process until the product is completely absorbed. This action will amplify the effect of the cream. Ingredients such as Vitamin E and castor oil have the advantage of being rich in fatty acids and are ideal when you want to rehydrate the skin to gently restore its tone and elasticity.

Other Solutions

In addition to your daily care, you can very well change some habits and thus accelerate the disappearance of the double chin.

  • Consumption of alcohol, salt or excess sugar may be related to the appearance of a double chin. It's therefore important to be careful to limit these ingredients in order to avoid water retention.
  • Drinking enough water during the day will provide your body with the necessary hydration and promote the elimination of stored fat. In addition to helping you get rid of your double chin, this simple action can also benefit your overall health.
  • Chewing gum is one of the best exercises to get a chiselled jawline and get rid of that double chin - but make sure to chew sugar-free gum to help keep your weight in check. Chewing gum could help the loss of your double chin or at least reduce it as this action can tone the muscles of your chin and neck.
  • Massaging the neck and double chin area will stimulate the blood circulation and once again firm the tissues of your neck. Make movements from the bottom up, massaging gently. Use a firming or slimming cream preferably in addition. Natural ingredients such as prickly pear oil or Vitamin E essential oil are ideal for a massage.

The Final Word

If you hate your double chin the good news is that there are ways you can help get rid of it without having to go under the knife. Surgeries can be a strenuous procedure and are incredibly expensive too. Natural solutions to get rid of double chins are becoming increasingly popular because they’re safe to use and when coupled with exercise and natural weight loss, can help you achieve the desired results.

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