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Pheromones - How They Help Trigger Sexual Attraction

The phrase ‘Love is in the air’ isn’t just figurative. It makes literal sense when you realise how irresistible your partner finds your body odour. According to Osmology, or the science of smell, your natural scent that attracts someone to you and pheromones are responsible for it. It is already known that all animals release pheromones to entice sexual mate, but a series of ground-breaking research over the past couple of decades has demonstrated that humans too produce pheromones to attract potential mates.

Next time you are at a club and your regular pickup lines are not helping you, try pheromone sprays instead. Pheromones are basically chemical signals that communicate information about our physical state, genetic makeup and more, to arouse an instinctive sexual response.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones have been found in apocrine glands located in our armpits, genital areas, and navels. When men or women sense these pheromones using their nose, the signal is passed to the thinking parts of the brain. Pheromones are chemical factors which are released from our cells, glands and waste and affect the behaviour of any people nearby, manipulating their reactions towards you on a subconscious level. These incredibly complex chemicals work like signals, conveying information that others take in on a subconscious level, and can communicate a variety of things including fear, anger and sexual appeal.

These invisible chemicals can help to subtly enhance your sexual appeal and boost your confidence with endless studies confirming that pheromones are a leading factor in the way humans interact with each other, with particular regard to romantic attraction.

What Made Sex Pheromones So Popular?

In the animal kingdom, sex pheromones are released by all creatures great and small from dogs to fireflies, enhancing their ability to attract mating partners. These powerful chemicals work just the same in humans, appealing to a potential mate’s animal instincts on a subconscious but inescapable level. In a modern world where hygiene is of the utmost importance, your pheromones are masked by the soaps, deodorants, colognes and perfumes which are applied to your face and body, inhibiting the natural chemical processes which help make you attractive to prospective partners.

Avoiding the use of strongly-scented sprays and creams can help to ensure you maintain a high level of pheromone activity, as can attending regular sauna sessions – the sweat you excrete helps pheromones to emerge and spread across the body. However, thanks to modern technology, now you can take a shortcut to increase your natural production and enhance the effect of your pheromones if you have no potential partners!

How Do Different Pheromones In Humans Work?

So far there are several natural smells that have been identified in humans. Most of them found in both sexes but some of them are released by only men or women. Sexual products help to increase the levels of these pheromones which tend to work better as attractants for the opposite sex. Besides sex, there are different pheromones that your body produces depending mainly on your age, social background, race, ethnicity and seasonal factors.

Androstenone – Also referred as "alpha male pheromone", this is supposed to amplify your mood and increase sexual desire in women by helping men to appear as a potential mate or sexual partner.

Androstenol – It is referred to as "ice breaker pheromone" as it can help particularly those shy men who have difficulties in speaking with women and want to appear more confident, healthy and youthful.

Androsterone – This is a pheromone that is being associated with masculinity. Though it is not believed to boost one's attractiveness, androsterone can give an impression of a protective and reliable male.

Androstadienone – This human smell can create feelings of affection, intimacy and comfort in women. Products containing androstadienone are usually preferred by married men or those in long term relationships.

Estratetraenol – This is a female sex pheromone which is believed to bring out similar feelings in men as androstadienone does in women by creating feelings of comfort and helps to increase intimacy.

Copulins – The copulins have an impact on the male's brain by controlling not only his sexual behaviour but also his dominant and submissive behaviour. A man who smells copulins of women finds her more attractive.

How do pheromones work?

The response of human odour is found to follow a different pathway by the body from the normal olfactory system. The pheromones work like an odourant and travel in the air. Once they are absorbed by the vomeronasal organ in the nose of an individual of the opposite sex, this organ sends the impulse to the olfactory bulb which is connected to the brain. This, in turn, excites the amygdala and thalamus region of the brain, which creates sensations. For a product to work in the same way, it needs to have the right combination of ingredients to make a noticeable impact on women. There are numerous success stories out there of men who have tried applying perfume with pheromones and found the change in the attitude of women towards them. On application, you may also be able see a difference right away and start getting a lot more attention from members of the opposite sex.

How pheromones trigger sexual response?

As soon as glands in our armpits, genital region and navel secrete pheromones, scent from that reaches other person’s nose. From nose, the signal is transferred to brain via olfactory system. These signals are fed to the behaviour centre of that person’s brain. In case the signals are positive and give information that it is healthy and attractive, a sexual response is generated.

What are pheromone sprays?

Natural pheromones that the body produces are no longer as effective as they used to be. The little pheromones that are left are usually washed off during shower before they can reach sweat glands. So, it is highly unlikely that they reach out to people around you and trigger sexual response. After years of research, scientists have been able to isolate few natural pheromones that have that appeal for both men and women.

Those pheromones are packed in the form of sprays with an aim to make you more sexually attractive to the other person. There are pheromone sprays for men and women to attract same and opposite sex. You can choose these sprays to find a new partner or revive the spark in an existing relationship. These pheromone sprays not only help you attract the attention of men and women, but can also boost your self-esteem and confidence.

At ShyToBuy we have carefully selected a range of male and female pheromones that can help you attract other men or women. All of the products are discreet to wear and easy to use. You can choose from scented or unscented products and become the centre of attention anywhere and everywhere. Our entire range is formulated from natural ingredients to ensure safety and prevent you from any kind of side-effects.

Pheromones for Men

You don’t have to be the most attractive man but if you want to increase your chances with women, pheromones can offer the edge you need. To see how a pheromone product works, try it out at your favourite club. For over a decade, these love scents have been chosen from the widest selection of high quality pheromone products by many men. Nexus pheromones is made to help attract women when sprayed on a man by reproducing your natural pheromones.

Pheromones for Women

There are various scientific studies that found women who produce higher than average amounts of female pheromones (also known as copulins) have greater success with men. These women are those that men are unable to resist. This response to pheromones is innate and naturally occurring which can be enhanced. Beauty is not always what attracts a man to a woman, it could be how she smells and that is when she can consider trying out pheromone perfumes for women. Pheromone sprays can have an added advantage because they enhance the presence of copulins compared to those present in an average woman who does not use these products. Pherofem Woman-2-Man is specially designed with an idea to accentuate your own scent and help increase your sexual appeal with natural ingredients.

The Final Word

If you are looking to boost your sex appeal with a minimum of fuss, the discreet and effective pheromone products available at ShytoBuy might be what you are looking for. They may allow you to enjoy maximum pheromone impact by boosting your natural production rates, eventually increasing your ability to attract sexual partners. All of the items we offer are tailored towards specific sexual preferences whether you’re a woman looking for a man or a man looking for a woman or looking for a partner of the same sex. We’ll have the ideal item to suit your needs, allowing you the best possible opportunity to find the right product for you!

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