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Viaman Male Enhancement Capsules

By Viaman



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Are you looking to bring back some excitement to your life between the sheets? After years of research into the finest natural ingredients, the unique Viaman food supplement has been specifically engineered to help men looking for a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals and strong medication found on today’s market for male virility.

  • Supports male sexual function
  • Powerful Maca Extract, known to increase libido and give energy
  • Special blend of Arginine, Zinc and Lysine
  • Free from the side effects of medication
  • No prescription needed or doctors visitations
  • Contains natural active ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Save 30% on multipacks of 6 with free delivery!

The innovative new Viaman supplement offers a 21st century approach to an age old problem. Forget those embarrassing nights and find your bedroom prowess, with this exciting and intelligent new formula. Too many men don’t feel confident when they step into the bedroom, but calling upon natural and safe ingredients such as Maca extract, Arginine & Lysine, that confidence could soon come racing back through your body!

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What is Viaman?

Viaman is an intelligent, natural oral supplement that is ideal for men looking to master intimate performance. This revolutionary formula holds safety and potency as their two core principles and that has enabled them to offer an innovative solution to millions of men all over the world. If you are looking for a safe alternative to the harsh chemicals and drugs on today's market then this intelligently engineered new formula from Viaman could be the way forward for you.

How Can Viaman Help?

Can you not shake the feeling that you don’t quite feel as confident and energetic as you once did in intimate moments? Viaman has been carefully created to help you! It employs Maca extract because it is well known to give energy and increase libido. This formula uses a unique blend of natural ingredients that are known to aid in boosting your intimate drive, aiming to help restore your confidence. With the mental side covered, it turns its attention to the physical side.

The amino-acid L Arginine and Lysine are widely known to help bolster and enhance circulation, which can give you the efficient and sustained performance you are looking for. So if you’re looking for a product that aims to target not only the body but the mind as well, then you’ve come to a innovative new solution.

How To Take Viaman?

Viaman is designed for convenience. It is incredibly easy to use, taking just a couple of seconds out of your daily routine. Simply take one capsule every day and let the natural blend of ingredients get to work. Each course lasts for one month, and to increase your chances of success, we recommend following the course to completion.

Key Ingredients

Viaman is a firm believer that your product is only as good as the ingredients inside. While the ingredients that make Viaman are nothing new, it is the combination of quality and in the right quantities of each ingredient that make Viaman the unique supplement it is. Please note that only the highest grades of natural ingredients are sourced and harvested during the manufacturing process to ensure effectiveness and safety. Viaman relish any opportunity to run you through their potent, yet safe ingredients. Some of the most essential ingredients are as follows:

Maca extract
Found in a plant that grows thousands of metres up in the plateaus of the Andes Mountain, it is well established for its aphrodisiac, energy boosting & vitalising qualities. It is also a good source of vitamin C and B, both important for mood.
Zinc doesn’t just contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, but is also known for its role in the maintenance of normal testosterone levels. Testosterone levels are huge contributors towards optimising your sensual drive.
A hugely important amino-acid, that is widely known to aid in the circulation system that can play a key role in enhancing your performance between the sheets. It is considered a potent effective ingredient in the male enhancement industry.
Fenugreek extract
For centuries this hugely popular ingredient has been used all over the world, for its important health benefits and because it’s believed to increase libido. If you have a long night planned ahead, this is the ingredient you will be thanking.

Customer Reviews

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  • * ..................
  • * quality product
  • * many thanks.
  • * Still a little early to rate excellent but do see an improvement in my erections
  • * Dont no if I see any difference.Dont no whether to get them again or not.
  • * i am over 50 years old and i have reached that stage in my life where some bodily functions dont work the same as they used to, i have never wanted to go to the doctor and ask for prescription medication, for many reason.. one reason i like viaman so much is the fact that it is 100% natural, i feel safer taking this stuff. from reading some of the above reviews i can see that people are also achieving he same results as i am. for me its a life changer, being single and 50 is not easy, viaman has given me the confidence to go out there and talk to women i would never had the guts to do before. knowing that i can take a woman home and fully satisfy her makes me a happy man. thank you to the guys at ShytoBuy for a great service and discreet packaging is very good!
  • * very happy man here, i was really pleased with ther service and the discreet packaging is a bonus. thank you ShytoBuy uk and thank you viaman
  • * got this for my husband and the results are outstanding. thanks shy x
  • * Amazing results and great sexual boost!
  • * Say hello to my new big friend!
  • * I don't really have trouble getting or maintaing erections, however i did notice that the size of them. After taking this my erections got bigger and firmer and stayed like that for a considerable amount of time. Even after finishing i could still maintain an erection. Not only that but it added an extra 30mins to my performance.
  • * Got these for my husband for a laugh at first. Jokes on me because it actually works! The sex is so much better and longer lasting. It feels like we are in our 20's again. Just ordered another few. I would recommend to all those ladies out there wanting to spice things up in the bedroom.
  • * Just stumbled across this on the healthy for men website. Been noticing improvements in my performance and so is she, if you get what i mean. Great buy!
  • * I gained half an inch, which, believe it or not, makes a difference. If I'd continued I probably would've had better results. Give it a go.
  • * Getting stronger erections after only a few days. I definitely recommend them.
  • * I couldn't have found a better supplement for my sex life.
  • * there are many pills that i have tried but never experienced results like this
  • * thank you so much. packaging was just i expected. great service. much appreciated
  • * for these are nothing less than magic pills. i cant believe something like this really exists and works so well
  • * saw the bottle at my friends place. he is kind of freak about these things. so i know if he uses them, then these are something one must buy. investing in hope of better sex life
  • * thanks for timely service. you never disappoint me.
  • * i had nothing to lose. i had to do something for my performance. I can't explain how good my decision proved to be for me.
  • * you guys are my goto site for any sexual problem. thank you for great service always
  • * where everything failed Viaman worked. i recommend it to every man
  • * i gained my confidence in bed back with these capsules. i was scared to use at first for fear of side-effects but these are natural and cause no problem
  • * i was amazed to see the plain packaging as my wife took the delivery and i didnt wanted her to know about these pills. you saved my life
  • * highly recommended for all men!
  • * this turns my little man into a very big man, amazing!
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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