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What Treatments are Available for Low Female Libido?

Low female libido can be a distressing condition. It not only ruins relationship, but also knocks out woman’s self-confidence and self-image. Here we discussed about the treatments that are available for dealing with low sexual desire in women.
Treating low libido in women isn’t just about popping pills

Low libido or decreased sex drive in women is more common than you think. Many women aged 18 to 60 suffer from loss of interest in sex due to hormonal changes, stressful job, troubled relationship or other similar reasons. Often low libido is confused with inability to reach orgasm. But, that’s not what female dysfunction is all about. Women who experience the problem complain about total loss of sexual desire. Simply put, they don’t feel like having sex anymore. Are you experiencing something similar? If yes, here is all you should know about the condition and its treatment.

Unlike men, women sexual desire is affected by lot of things, including hormones, physical well-being, emotional health and relationship. If any one of these is disturbed, it can take a toll on her sexual desire. So, it is often hard to find a single culprit of the condition. In many cases, low libido is due to two or more factors. This is why treatment needs to be designed to target all the causes. It is better to discuss your sexual concerns with your gynaecologist immediately after you experience anything different. There are many treatment options for dealing with low female libido.

One of the most popular treatments is hormone replacement therapy, in which oestrogen is introduced in the body by pill, patch or gel. There are many side-effects of this treatment and only a handful of women can get it done. In case, your condition is caused by physiological issues like stress, past experiences or relationship issues, then counselling can be helpful. It has been observed that boosting women sex drive requires working on overall well-being. Bringing positive changes in lifestyle, improving food habits, reducing stress and taking supplements – all together play a role in revitalising sex life of women.

Lifestyle changes can make a big difference in your sexual desire and if they are coupled with natural treatments then they can spell wonders for you. Here at ShytoBuy, we have a wide range of products that can help women reignite the fire and gain control over their sex life. From supplements like Viafem to lubricants like hersolution gel, our range caters to all the sexual needs of women. All the female libido enhancers that we offer are natural and completely safe to use. So, rise and fight low libido with our products.

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