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Different Types Of Facial Hair Removal Methods For All Skin Types

If you suffer from facial hair and you’re a woman, no doubt you will be keen to find a way to get rid of it that actually works. Check out some of the top ways how to...
If you suffer from facial hair and you’re a woman, no doubt you will be keen to find a way to get rid of it

Facial hair is a concern for every woman who gets it. Many women suffer from the problem of facial hair with growing age. All women facing this problem try to find a way to get rid of it that actually works without damaging the skin. If you are also noticing one or two strands of hair on your face, then here is a list of methods that you can follow to get rid of your facial hair. These facial hair removal methods work without damaging the skin and should be executed by experts.

Facial Hair Removal Tips

From this list of facial hair removal methods you can pick the one that suits your skin, budget and resistance. Yet for all the methods there are some common precautions related. Whenever planning for facial hair removal, ensure you abide by these five rules to avoid skin problems –

If your skin is sensitive and has had old burns, varicose veins or you are diabetic or suffer from frequent migraines, please consult your doctor or the salon assistant doing the treatment before the hair removal process takes place.

Women who are pregnant or on contraceptives should also take professional advice before going for a hair removal.

Before and after hair removal, reserve two-three hours to take a shower. This is to keep the skin normal and prepared before and after the process.

Whichever facial hair removal process you go for, ensure a patch test to check allergies before beginning.

Let your facial hair grow enough so that it becomes easy to remove. If you go with extremely short facial hair, then there is more chance of accidents.

Facial Hair Removal Methods

Laser Therapy

In the laser method to remove hair, a laser is used to focus on areas of hair growth on the skin. The roots or hair follicles are destroyed beneath the skin, which prevents future hair from growing. It suitable for both dark and light colored skin. Laser hair removal might require more than one sitting in the clinic. The number of sittings for laser hair removal treatment also depends on your present hair growth.

This is a long-term hair removal method and is completely suitable to be used on delicate areas including the face and other parts of the body. When going for laser treatment, make sure there is no hair on your face and you have trimmed it beforehand. The experience might be little painful but at the end the effect is wonderful. The only disadvantage of laser hair removal is you have to be patient with all the sittings required. Between two sittings you will have to keep a break of three weeks and this makes laser hair removal time consuming.

IPL Hair Removal

The full form of IPL is Intense Pulsed Light which is very similar to laser hair removal. Various light waves are used in this to block hair follicles on the skin. In laser, only one single ray is applied to the skin, whereas here multiple rays of lights are passed at the same. IPL has reduced the risk of burning or skin pigmentation.

One of the key advantages of this method is the permanency of the procedure. After a few sessions, hair shouldn’t grow back again on skin. It is more suitable for darker skin and lighter hair.

Waxing For Hair Removal

Warm wax that’s resistant to the skin is applied with a spatula. Immediately next, clean fabric strip or tissue cloth are applied to pull off the hot wax. As the hot wax is removed from the skin, the unwanted hair also comes out.

After one complete waxing session, you can be relieved with no facial hair for almost a month. After 6 weeks their hair might start re-growing and it is time for you to wax again. Waxing can be done at the salon or at home but only by those who are expert in doing it. If the wax is pulled off wrong it can lead to major nerve problems. The perks of waxing for hair removal are it is cheap, quick and readily available from the shops or salons across the country, depending on where you would rather carry out your facial hair removal. It is ideal for finer hair. One of the main concerns for facial waxing is that the hair must be ½ cm long before you can wax them off.

Depilatory Creams

The depilatory cream is applied on to the face, left for a few minutes and then removed with a spatula. During removal of the depilatory cream, the hair comes off with the chemicals of the depilatory cream that dissolve the keratin in the hair structure.

It generally takes a few days or up to two weeks for hair regrowth. This is very cheap, quick and easy to use privately at home. One of the disadvantages of this method, especially when it comes to facial hair removal is that the hair grows back slightly rough and thick.


Originated in the Middle East, this is an ancient and natural method of facial hair removal which became increasingly popular in Britain. The practitioner forms a series of knots by manipulating the cotton thread, which pulls hair out from the root when it’s run over the skin.

It is very suitable for short hair and one of its key advantages is that the process actually damages the hair follicle meaning its future growth should be limited. Threading might be little painful and better if a professional does for you. If the pain becomes extreme, you can take a break for few seconds and do again. However, if you move all of a sudden during the threading process, there can be a cut on your face. Be careful.


This method of facial hair removal involves giving ‘electric shocks’ to your hair using a sterile, fine needle that’s inserted into each hair follicle. This is an effective method since it cut off the oxygen and blood to the hair, therefore, killing it permanently.

You may need several sessions of electrolysis to get facial hair removed. Compared to all the methods of hair removal, electrolysis is the most expensive yet safest to do on skin by experts.

So, there you have it - Facial hair removal methods of all types. Which one will you pick for your skin?

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