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Prosolution Gel

60 ml Gel | Male Enhancement Formula
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Key Features

  • Topical Performance Enhancement
  • Apply 15 minutes before making love
  • A fast absorbed non-sticky gel
  • It's an edible gel & can be used as a part of foreplay
  • Only a few drops are needed
  • Pocket-size tube, easy to carry
  • Leaving no residue or stain
  • Transdermal technology
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Halal-friendly
  • Kosher-friendly

What Is ProSolution Gel?

ProSolution Gel is a clear, quick drying liquid that offers an effective method of giving a man more strength and endurance that also appears thicker and fuller than before, without the need for pills or surgery.

This is a male enhancement gel that has been designed as a helping hand in increasing control. This product also endorses improvements in the rate at which you recover between your intimate sessions, meaning that you could engage in multiple performances if you desire.

How Does ProSolution Gel work?

This male enhancement system makes use of several natural extracts that are rapidly delivered into the spongy tissues of the shaft through transdermal technology.

The main ingredient is an amino acid that the body converts into nitric oxide. This chemical is fundamental to personal health as it helps to dilate the vessels that carry blood into your private area. In short, if there is a greater amount or blood flowing into the private area, then firmness, strength and stamina can all be improved.

When Will I See Results?

You may never have to miss the moment again, because this ProSolution Gel makes use of transdermal technology to get to work as soon as it is applied. We recommend that you apply ProSolution Gel 15 minutes before intimate activity, in order to give the formula time to absorb.

What Are The Ingredients Of ProSolution Gel?

Are There Side Effects?

There have no reported side effects from consumers that have used this male enhancement system and it should not numb your partner.

You might be experiencing a light tingling sensation when it is first applied; this is the anaesthetic-like ingredient in the product stimulating this feeling in your shaft. This is normal and you shouldn’t be alarmed, in fact, many find this sensation pleasurable. If you have broken skin on your shaft, then do not use prosolution Gel, as this can create irritation.

How Do I use It?

ProSolution Gel is developed to be used as you need it. All you have to do is thoroughly massage several drops of the gel onto the shaft, shortly before intimate sessions and ensure it has been completely absorbed. This way you can avoid transfer to your partner, or any clothes you put on.

This male enhancement system has not been designed as a lubricant; therefore it is recommended that you do use it as such. This being said, if you incorporate ProSolution Gel as a part of foreplay, why not have your partner massage it in for you, to increase the suspense and pleasure. Moreover, it is edible, with a minty scent, so is safe for oral fun.

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Verified Purchase

It was very strange to use, and felt a bit sore initially. It took a while to work, however after about 25 mins I went to toilet and after that it worked a treat

A Antony
Verified Purchase

Reasonable but not as effective as suggested

J James H
Verified Purchase

Better than i expected it to be.

A Ahmad A
Verified Purchase

did exactly what it says.

T Taz M
Verified Purchase

Great company to deal with and fast delivery thank you.

M Mr G
Verified Purchase

i any day like gel more than pills and portions. my married life is better now. what more can i ask for

T Tom
Verified Purchase

gets me up on time. what else can i ask for. my wife is happy with the change.

R Ruddy
Verified Purchase

i like rubbing it on him and seeing him get hard. he lasts longer after using this. we have to thank you guys for reviving our married life

K Kylie and George
Verified Purchase

I have heard so much about this gel. Ordering it for my boyfriend. I am sure it will make moments more wonderful for us.

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

i have heard a lot about this website from my friends and they all were so right. you guys have got a great customer service team there. Thank you for great service and timely delivery.

J Jason

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