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Things you need to know before using delay sprays

There you are in the middle of a steaming, passionate session and before you know it’s all over. It has happened at least once to most men. A rare occurrence isn't a matter of concern but if you have been experiencing this frequently, you know how disturbing or frustrating it is for you and your partner. About 30% men across the UK suffer from premature ejaculation and most of them are too hesitant to discuss the problem.

But thanks to innovation and advanced research, there are several products to solve the premature ejaculation problems. Delay sprays are increasingly becoming popular for their no-mess and quick effects though it’s definitely hard to believe that there can be a product as simple as a spray that can help you last all night long. Do male delay sprays really work? How do you know which one to choose? Are they safe?

Read on to discover exactly what you're spraying onto your penis and the effects and benefits it could really have on your sex life.

Do Delay Sprays Work?

Yes, they do. Of course, you have to be wary about fake replicas, which don’t necessarily live up to what they claim to do and are on the whole, rather dodgy. However, if you stick to well-known brand names, it's a sure way to help numb your penis to help reduce sensation and allow you to potentially last longer while experiencing more fulfilling sex.

Will Delay Sprays Help If I Suffer With Premature Ejaculation?

Suffering from premature ejaculation can affect not only your sex life but can also have an impact on your confidence and self-esteem. The great news is there are ways to help overcome it. Delay sprays may not provide a cure, but they can certainly help your cause. By reducing the sensitivity of your penis, they may enable you to control premature ejaculation better to give you a peace of mind. You can also try these tips to last longer in bed and cope with premature ejaculation.

How Do Delay Sprays Work?

Each brand varies in the ingredients they contain; therefore results and effects can vary from product to product. Generally speaking, most delay sprays contain some kind of mild anaesthesia, which quickly works to reduce sensitivity in the penis after application. It's entirely up to you whether you want to cover your entire penis head and shaft, or one or the other. This will depend on how sensitive your penis is or if you're simply applying the delay gel to enhance your performance. Here you may ask yourself the question, how long do I really want to last for?

Are Delay Sprays Safe?

It’s the number one question many men ask with regards to enhancing their penis. By all means, lasting longer in bed is great, but if it puts your pride and joy in jeopardy, then it’s a definite no! Luckily enough by sticking to well-known brands, you'll more than likely suffer no side effects. Of course, it's always advisable to check the ingredients thoroughly and apply only the recommended amount. Many of the delay sprays available are natural and can be used with condoms or during oral sex. Again, please check the information on the spray you wish to use in order to establish whether they are suitable for such activities.

Do I Need A Prescription For Delay Sprays?

Due to the fact they contain only a small portion of desensitizing elements many delay sprays have the significant advantage that you don’t need a prescription for them. No awkward doctor visits and you're able to fully take control of your sexual concerns.

So there you have it. If you're looking for a safe way to reduce the sensitivity of your penis without a prescription, that may also help to control problems like premature ejaculation, then the discreet and effective nature of the delay spray could be the saviour you're looking for.

The Final Word

Whilst the premature ejaculation treatments provide hope to deal with the problem, they may not be completely reliable and can have a wide range of side effects. Relying on simple, fuss-free, cost-effective and natural solutions is a preferred option by most men dealing with early ejaculation. You can combine these with ejaculation control exercises and a few techniques like squeezing the tip of the penis, start-stop technique or peaking and edging to calm down the anxiety about your sexual ability.

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