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HerSolution Gel

60 ml Gel | Premium Stimulating Gel for Women
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Key Features

  • Premium & specially formulated for female enhancement
  • Ideal to increase sensitivity in intimate areas for more pleasure
  • Helps to enhance desire, libido in women
  • Helps to prevent dryness instantly
  • 100% Natural ingredients like Cocoa Butter & Aloe Vera
  • Water-Based and Non-Sticky formula
  • Long lasting 60 ml pack, ideal for use whenever & wherever
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Halal-friendly
  • Kosher-friendly

What is HerSolution Gel

Are you getting the experiences you deserve in the bedroom? For some time now, women have accepted feeling less pleasure than their male counterparts - but that need not be the case! So when these feelings fade, or you find you're not enjoying the experience in the same way you used to, it can be upsetting and disconcerting. That is why the HerSolution Gel was developed. With a powerful blend of vigorously tested all-natural ingredients, we have come up with the perfect blend of stimulating ingredients to help you get the experiences you deserve in the bedroom.

Benefits of HerSolution Gel

A dedicated approach to satisfying the needs of the female body was taken in the creation of the HerSolution Gel. Every ingredient was chosen with precise care, in a formula that balances across the board to ensure that their benefits are ready for you to enjoy to the absolute maximum. With just a few precious drops, the HerSolution Gel is perfect for massaging into the most sensitive part of your body. It’s perfectly created to impart feelings of excitement, stimulation and desire.


Simply squeeze a small amount of the gel onto your fingertips and massage it into your clitoral area when you want to senhance sensitivity in privtae area for more pleasure. Feel free to re-apply as often and as much as you would like! Be sure to check the ingredients in case of personal allergens. It’s recommended that you invest in long-term use.

Is this better than using pills?

A simple look into our reviews will show how much our customers have enjoyed this product. Although we cannot vouch for everybody and everyone's body will react differently, our HerSolution Gel has had consistently positive feedback and many prefer them to pills.

Are there any side effects?

Formulated with 100% naturally sourced ingredients, there are no known side effects to using this.

How long does it take to start working?

Almost instantly! Once applied you will start feeling the powerful ingredients at work, if it starts to wear off, just simply re-apply!

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Customer Reviews

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Reviews 4.5

88.00% based on 19 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Expensive but it definately works.

C Celia
Verified Purchase

Excellent product and does exactly what it's supposed to do. I will be buying again.

C Celia
Verified Purchase

Wow! The gel does some some magic 😁 Brilliant product and I'd recommend it.

C CollectPlus C
Verified Purchase

Seemed quite pleasant for her.

R Roger A
Verified Purchase

i just love the way this gel feels. i recommend this to all the gals out there

B Brenda Garcia
Verified Purchase

can't tell you how happy i am after using this gel. its way better than any pill or device

K Keith
Verified Purchase

got mine with its discreet packaging which is great, i got this because i feel like my husband is noticing that im not having orgasms like i used to, i used this last night and the smile on his face was priceless, and so was mine

R Rhea
Verified Purchase

i was told to puchase this by my best friend, she has been using it for a while with her bf and she told me its something else, i cant wait to get mine

F Fiona
Verified Purchase

i found this cream really useful and i have ordered another batch, i think i have found the solution to my problems.

L Liz
Verified Purchase

say goodbye to faking it girls

a alisha

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