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Do You Live in A Male Enhancement Hotspot?

The length and shape of a man's penis can be a major source of anxiety for a lot of men. The subject of male enhancement continues to gain worldwide attention with thousands and thousands of men turning to penis enhancement methods. Below are the top 20 UK towns & cities who buy the most penis enlargement products…

Are Male Enhancement products On The Rise?

Some things are best kept secret. An increase of porn, anxiety about penis size, and the pressures of wanting to feel like a stud in the bedroom has seen more and more men invest in penis enlargement products. Think this is a fad? Think again. The country has seen a steady increase in penis enlargement products over the last few years. Marketed as an effective solution to help increase a man’s penile length and girth, it's no wonder these products have seen a surge in popularity.

ShytoBuy is the UK’s leading online portal for sexual enhancement and provide help with problems that can be somewhat embarrassing. Since 2005 they have been a leader in the penis enlargement market and they too have seen a huge uptake of orders across the male enhancement product range. Initially a novelty product, their penis enlargement products have fast become their best sellers, with products ranging from pills to devices. Different solutions work for different people and with so many clinically proven products on the market consumers are buying, trying and finding the ones that work best for them.

Along with growth in penis enlargement sales over the last 12 years, ShytoBuy have noticed some interesting geographic and demographic trends. This includes areas of the UK, which have seen the highest demand for these types of products.

Top 20 Male Enhancement Hotspots

So which town or city is the leader in the purchase of penis enlargement products? The map below shows the top 20 UK hotspots for male enhancement products.

The data was taken on an order per person basis, to ensure each town/city was given a fair ranking. The data found that the UK town Reading is leading the way in the purchase of penis enlargement products, with London coming a close second. Southampton was the only town to feature from the south coast. Likewise, Cardiff was the only town to make an appearance for Wales. The rest of the towns and cities came from the Midlands, with 3 major towns being from Scotland.

It seems that women are also on the quest to help their men feel like a stud in the bedroom. Although, the data showed that the majority of buyers were men, women made 5% of the penis enlargement purchases.

Age Demographics

Looking at the average age for both male and female buyers it seems that older men are more concerned with their tackle, compared to younger female buyers.

The average age for men buying penis enlargement products is between 25 and 44 with the average age being 40.4. Compared with female buyers, a large percentage of penis enlargement buyers for males is in the 18-24 and 65+ age group. It seems that younger women are more concerned with the length and girth of their partner’s penis. For female buyers, the 25-34 year olds are the standout buyers. In comparison, for men, penile enlargement assistance becomes a bigger focus, from the age of 25 through to 44. According to the stats, both sexes start to be less interested after the age of 44.

Overall for both male and females combined, the 25-34’s are the most interested in penis size than any other age. So it’s a trend throughout that as people mature size of penis becomes less of an issue or focus.

It seems according to the data, that as people get older, penis size becomes less of an issue. The average age being just under 40 suggests that life does really start at 40 when it comes to worrying about the size of your member. Maybe it’s the over 40’s who came up with the phrase “It’s what you do with it that counts”.

It seems that our fixation with the ‘perfect penis size’ is here to stay. With a number of options available, transforming the size of your penis has never been easier. ShytoBuy offers a number of different male enhancement products for the everyday man, wishing to enhance what nature gave to him. Alternatively, they can offer advice to help you find the best solution for you.

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