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Easy ways to increase your semen volume naturally at home

Low semen volume can affect a man’s sexual performance and sexual confidence. Thankfully there are semen volume enhancers that can naturally help boost the volume of semen produced in your body.

Just like male enhancements, increasing semen volume and quality is also a deep desire of most men. For those who aren't aware, semen volume can affect the intensity of your orgasms. The quality and volume of semen isn’t just a confidence booster for men but also pleasures your partner.

Problems related to low semen volume and quality are common and there are several safe, discreet and natural solutions available to improve semen volume at home. Increasing your semen volume is one of the simplest ways to improve your sexual performance and boost your self-confidence in the bedroom.

Why Is Semen Volume Important?

When more semen is produced in your testicles, you need more muscle contractions to ejaculate it all out. As contractions increase, so will your sexual pleasure. An increase in semen volume tends to give you stronger orgasms and thus a more pleasurable experience for you & your partner. When semen volume is up and you get a strong erection, your sex drive is also going to increase with arousal. Here's what you need to know about male fertility tests to analyse semen.

Does Semen Taste Matter?

Semen is a combination of sperms and fluid from various glands, including prostate. These fluids contain Citric Acid, Amino Acids, Fructose, Enzymes, Phosphorylcholine, Prostaglandin, Potassium and Zinc. Due to hormonal changes, lifestyle and diet, some minerals can improve and have a negative impact on the taste of semen. This is a reason your partner might find your semen acidic or sour in taste. Unpalatable semen can put your partner off and make things embarrassing for you.

Hence, more and more men now wish to improve their semen taste so that they can make the act more enjoyable for their partner.

How To Improve Semen Taste?

When it comes to sexual satisfaction and pleasure, semen taste plays a crucial role. Most men haven't given much thought to the issue until now. However, things are changing, especially for men who find oral sex pleasurable.

It's believed that eating fruits and vegetables like pineapple, strawberries, mango, apple, celery and watermelon can enhance the taste of semen. In fact, many believe that vegetarians have better tasting semen than non-vegetarians. Drinking plenty of water every day can also help make semen more appetising. While these tricks might work, they aren’t really proven ways of improving semen taste. If you wish to take oral sex to new heights without changing your diet, there are semen taste enhancers available in the form of capsules and pills that can help you.

What Do Semen Enhancers Do?

Semen volume enhancers aren't only known to increase ejaculate amount, they also help enhance erection strength by increasing blood circulation in the penis. Enhanced sexual desire is another benefit of using semen volume enhancers. You and your partner will experience a completely new passion in your bedroom after you start taking this supplement. When you know that you're going to perform like never before, your sexual confidence is likely to go up naturally & make mesmerising experiences.

Natural semen taste enhancers are easy, safe and highly effective ways of improving the taste of semen within weeks. These capsules are formulated using natural ingredients that are absorbed into your body quickly and help stimulate reproductive glands to change the taste of your semen. You need to simply take the natural semen taste enhancers daily with water and you'll be sorted. Don’t worry about any kind of side-effects as these supplements are formulated using natural ingredients.

How To Increase Semen Volume At Home?

Many guys prefer a fully loaded and larger amount of seminal fluid when they ejaculate. The reason being is that it can make them feel a lot more masculine and many say it improves their partner’s pleasure during intimacy. Some men also believe that it improves the quality and intensity of their orgasm during sexual activities. To learn how to produce more semen, find out these at-home easy solutions:

Increase fluid intake

During orgasms, the amount of semen that's released is usually related to the volume of fluids that you take in. This is because semen is largely water based, and it's the water content of your body that effectively lubricates your sperm. Therefore, optimum amount of fluids are needed for your body to function properly. 8 regular glasses of water is good for a healthy man.

Keep the heat away

Your testicles are outside the body for a reason. They need to be able to maintain a lower temperature than that of the body (37°c). Your ‘crown jewels’ are extremely delicate and can get affected when exposed to excessive heat. Avoiding heat exposure to the body safeguards your genitals and prepares them for better performance between the sheets. The body also raises cortisol levels directly associated with testosterone levels when you have high-stress levels. So, when aiming to increase seminal fluid, do control your stress and anxiety levels.

Underwear matters

What you wear under your pants heavily impacts the volume of your seminal fluid and bedroom performance. Tight underwear often heats the genitals and slows down sperm production or motility. Experts suggest here the remedy is to opt for loose underwear or don’t wear anything especially when at home. Before your next set of underwear shopping, do go for one size bigger or the loose ones, as it can help to stimulate your seminal volume.

Laptops on your lap

Heat from your laptop can interfere in your sperm and motility rates. The remedy is to keep your laptop on a table or desk in front of you. If you have to keep the device on your lap, ensure it's away from your testes. Using the laptop along with other habits like smoking or drinking can affect your chances to increase sperm volume and sperm motility.

Crossing your legs

When men habitually sit cross-legged, it disturbs their fluid production in the body. In this position their scrotum is towards their body direction. This heats the scrotum more than required which thereby interferes with sperm motility rate. So from now on, whenever sitting at home or in the office, ensure there is enough space between your legs that allows air to pass and keeps the scrotum in the right state and temperature.

Long journeys or same posture

When you travel long or even sit in the office at work, you often don’t tend to move physically for long. This hampers the swimming ability of your sperm and diminishes your seminal fluid over time. Take a short walk a few times during the day. This keeps your body moving, makes a healthy break for you and finally, your bedroom practices remain healthy.

Hot tubs

External exposure of the male genitals to extreme heat also affects their fertility and fluid amount. Hence, lukewarm water is preferred choice for men than burning hot water. Even dry heat hampers male performance. So if after a high fever you see there is a change in your usual abilities, wait for a little while and, once you're fully recovered, you'll be back with a bang.

All the above lifestyle changes among men contribute to an increase in scrotal temperature, therefore, potentially reducing seminal fluid levels, potentially affecting your chances to increase sperm volume.

Tips & suggestions to boost your seminal fluid at home with dietary changes:

For those with proper lifestyle habits or those who are unable to follow every tip from above, there are further options - natural supplements and a change in diet.

Natural Supplements:

A very easy and discreet way to potentially boost your fluid load is by simply integrating certain natural supplements into your daily diet. These natural and safe supplements are known to stimulate the male reproductive system if consumed in the right routine. However, when counting on a natural supplement to increase seminal fluid, try to follow these tips below:

  • Take the natural supplement at the right time of day.
  • For best results, along with natural supplements, healthy diets and physical exercise is a must.
  • Try consuming the natural supplements with lots of water. Also, during the supplement course, heavy fluid consumption helps your body.
  • Don't change the natural supplement routine at your own call. Supplements come in a course and you must abide by the same, for results.
  • Always read the ingredients section of these supplements to cross verify if you have any allergies.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables:

A diet jam-packed with of nutrients is one way of encouraging the quality of your sperm with a potentially larger seminal volume to enjoy. Diets also have a positive effect on your ejaculation. Foods rich in nutrients will also make you feel healthier and ultimately happier. Some of the foods to look out and include in your diet for fuller volume are:

  • Red beans
  • Wild blueberries, cranberries and blackberries
  • Artichokes
  • Prunes
  • Apples

Tips and suggestions to boost your seminal fluid with bedroom habit changes:

Control your orgasm:

It’s worth noting that your body produces sperm at an incredible rate of more than 1,500 per second, on average. This roughly works out as anything from 130 to 200 million sperm cells a day. However, when you orgasm a hefty portion of this sperm is lost. Waiting a bit of time between each time you orgasm may help to expand the amount of sperm and seminal fluid that you have. Hence, ensure enough break between each of your orgasms in order to experience a hefty and healthy release every time.

The Final Word

You'll realise that a few small changes in your lifestyle can make the biggest difference to your seminal fluid and potentially benefit your sex life. As with many things, some of these suggestions may not improve your seminal fluid straight away. However, with a bit of perseverance and keeping the end goal in mind, you could be on your way to feeling more masculine, pleasuring your partner more than ever before and boosting the intensity of your orgasms.

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