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Who Can Use Laser Hair Growth Therapy?

If you're concerned about hair loss and want to stop it, laser hair therapy could be your solution. Read on to find out when hair loss laser therapy works best and why.

Laser Therapy For Hair Growth

Laser therapy is known to be a very effective solution in combating thinning hair or hair loss. However, many people don’t know that it actually works better for certain types of hair loss than others. Before you embark on investing in a laser therapy treatment, whether it’s in a clinic or a home device, make sure you can fully identify the reasons why you're losing your hair in the first place. This will ensure you benefit the most out of your laser hair growth therapy.

Why Are You Losing Hair?

Androgenetic Alopecia In Men & Women

Evidence points out that laser energy reverses follicular apoptosis (programmed cell death). It has also been found from observations of wavelength stimulation of optimal hair growth and from an ex-vivo study, that the wavelength power and intensity of laser therapy are necessary for optimal effect in stimulating new hair growth. Laser therapies with revolutionary products like Theradome are successful at-home treatments that allow you to target specific zones where hair loss is taking place.

Physical Stress & Tension

Events such as surgery, trauma, car accidents or even a severe case of the flu can shock your hair going into the telogen stage of the hair cycle. This type of hair loss happens when a stressful event pushes hair to enter this ‘shedding phase’, usually 3-6 months after the trauma has happened. The good news is that this is often not permanent. In this case, by the time your hair starts to grow back naturally, laser hair therapy most likely wouldn’t have had a chance to take effect. However, each circumstance will differ from person to person.

Pregnancy Or Having A Baby

During pregnancy, the body becomes flooded with estrogen. During this time most women find hair loss stops. However, after the baby has been delivered estrogen levels fall significantly, which can often cause hair loss in women. Again, the good news is that this is only temporary and your hair should proceed to grow back to how it used to be.

Excess Vitamin A

When your intake of vitamin A is too high, this can have a negative effect on your hair health. Vitamin A supplements or certain medications can all contribute to this occurring. This is often a reversible cause of hair loss, however if you cannot stop taking your medication or supplement, laser hair therapy may not work at its optimum ability to restore hair on your head in this scenario.

When & Where To Use Laser Therapy For Hair Growth?


Transitional Hair Loss:

It’s well known that most men don't notice their hair loss until they have lost up to a third of their hair. Check in the mirror. Can you currently see a thinning on the crown or a receding hair line? If so, and if you don't have a medical condition that may be causing it, then you're an ideal candidate for laser therapy.

Genetic Hair Loss Solution:

If hair loss runs in your family, you're genetically predisposed to hair thinning or you need to be active in retaining the head of hair you have. Laser therapy can often be the ideal solution to help grow hair in those with hair loss associated with genetics.

Be Proactive:

Start using laser hair growth therapy before significant hair thinning/loss occurs. Don't wait until thinning hair starts affecting your appearance and self-confidence. Take charge and be proactive!


Traditional Pattern Hair Loss:

Women who suffer from Female Pattern Hair Loss (androgenetic alopecia) often become helpless to find an ideal remedy. For them laser therapy is a healthy choice as 90% of women regrow hair with laser hair therapy in clinical studies successfully.

Female Hair Wellness:

Laser therapy may also be used to maintain vibrant and lustrous looking hair. Many women have experienced enhanced colour in their revitalized hair with laser hair treatment.

Shorter Hair Growth Cycles:

Do you want longer, fuller hair as you grow older? Enjoy naturally stimulating your follicles now and have thicker, fuller hair for years to come with laser therapies that can be opted both at home and in the clinic.

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