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6 Superfoods That Can Boost Your Sperm Count

Want to start a family but struggling to do so? The best way to begin your parenting journey is with a male fertility test kit. It helps you avoid unwanted visits to the doctor and lets you accurately establish the need for treatment, at home. Meanwhile making some healthy changes in your diet will help you to improve sperm healthy naturally! Here are 6 superfoods packed with key minerals and vitamins for healthy sperm:

  1. Oysters to Improve Sperm Count

    Oysters are a rich source of Zinc and this mineral plays a crucial role in male fertility and sperm count, So, it would be great if you can add around 50g of oysters to your daily diet. And if this doesn’t seem doable to you, then you can consider taking fertility support supplements that include a natural blend of zinc along with other powerful ingredients that improve sperm health naturally.

  2. Dark Chocolate to Boost Semen Volume

    Dark chocolate is rich in amino acid arginine that's known to boost sperm and semen volume. Being rich in antioxidants, dark chocolate is an excellent food for healthy sperm and eggs. It acts as a potent shield against free radicals that can disrupt testosterone levels and lower the quality of semen and sperm. So, have a couple of squares every day and make up for sperm loss and health naturally!

  3. Garlic to Impact Sperm Motility

    Garlic has two powerful compounds that can boost the production of sperm. It contains Selenium, which enhances sperm motility and Allicin which boosts the flow of blood to the reproductive organs while shielding sperms from damage. One or two cloves of garlic a day is a good amount of food for healthy sperm.

  4. Walnuts to Boost Male Fertility

    Packed with the power of Omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are the best food for healthy sperm count. This tasty on-the-go snack will also boost blood flow to your genitals and improve sperm health naturally. You can also add them to your cereal bowl or sprinkle them on your desserts. Other good sources of Omega-3 include chicken, salmon, and crab.

  5. Ginseng for Desired Testosterone Levels

    This root has been used for more than hundreds of years as an aphrodisiac. It's considered to be the best food for healthy sperm and eggs and is also known to boost testosterone levels. If you can add ginseng to your tea every day, it will work to boost the blood flow to your genitals and supercharge your libido!

  6. Bananas for Enhanced Sperm Production

    Bananas contain a rare enzyme called Bromelain and Vitamins A, B1, and C. While Bromelain works to boost sperm production, Vitamins A, B, and C work to increase sperm quality and productivity. So, if you're not overweight, eating at least 2 bananas every day will surely help you regulate your hormones and increase your libido. Just remember that bananas are high in calories and so, you would need to adjust your diet accordingly.


If incorporating these 6 superfoods in your daily diet seems difficult to you, then you can instead opt for a male fertility blend. These supplements are specially formulated for men who are planning a family. Supplements are easy to take and include all the natural ingredients that are known to improve sperm health naturally. For maximum benefits, make sure your chosen product contains B vitamins and Zinc.

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