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Penis enlargement methods - Which one should you choose?

Penis size has been a major concern in men since ancient times. The desire to increase size is so distressing that men across the world have been trying to add a little more to what nature has provided. The size of the penis is often associated with manhood and sexual performance in men. Many women also claim to be attracted to men with bigger sizes and stronger erections. These reasons are enough for men to be obsessed with the idea of penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis enlargement methods range from exercises and supplements to devices and surgical procedures. Here we discuss about each method in detail so that you can decide which one is best suited for you. (Read: Is natural male enhancement possible without surgery?)


Penis exercises like jelqing, stretching and kegels are known to boost erection size and function. Practicing these exercises regularly is believed to increase the flow of blood in the penis chamber, which increases size of erection gradually. However, there is no evidence that proves the effectiveness of this method. Moreover, if not done correctly, exercises run a risk of damaging penis tissue. Here’s all you need to know about how exercising can promote male enhancement.(hyperlink)

Enhancement pills and supplements:

One of the most convenient methods of penis enlargement is penis pills. These pills are formulated using natural ingredients that enhance penis size and sexual performance by supporting blood flow in the penis chamber. The best thing about supplements is that they're discreet and painless. You simply have to take 2 or 3 pills a day to experience the benefits.

Topical applicators:

There are various creams, lotions, oils and gels that are used for penis enlargement. These products contain vitamins, minerals, herbs or hormones that are known for increasing penis size. If you're looking for a painless, discreet and easy to use method of enhancing your erectile function, then these products can be beneficial for you.

Penis enlargement devices:

Mainly 2 penis enlargement devices are popular among men – penis pumps and penis extenders. Penis pumps are cylindrical devices that work by creating a vacuum in the penis chamber which causes blood to rush into the penis. There are 2 kinds of pumps available – vacuum pumps and hydro pumps. Both kinds of pumps are safe for you. However, hydro pump is considered more user-friendly. Penis extenders use traction force to increase penis size. Traction force is one the proven techniques of adding inches to the penis. For best results, extenders must be worn for 6 to 8 hours a day.

Penile surgeries:

Penis augmentation is a surgical procedure that can be used to increase penis length as well as girth. Experts recommend this method only for people who suffer from some kind of penis defects. The surgery involves detaching the ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone and adding skin to cover its new length. For increasing penis girth, silicon or fat implants are used. Post-surgery men are only able to see an increase in their flaccid length. The method isn't preferred by most men due to the number of side-effects that are associated with it. Change in angle of the penis, erectile dysfunction, long recovery time, scarring and loss of sensitivity are some of the serious side-effects of penis enlargement surgery.

Why Should You Choose Penile Pumps?

Penis pumps involve placing a tube over the penis and then pumping air or water to create a vacuum, which then draws blood into the penis to make it swell. Compared to the other methods of penis enhancement, penis pumps generally offer these 5 key benefits:

  • Engorges the penile shaft to its maximum capacity
  • Can support erection strength and sexual performance
  • Ideal if you suffer from impotence
  • Enlarges your penis temporarily and with regular use, potentially permanently
  • Only takes a few minutes out of your day to use

Any man looking to achieve at least one of the points above should consider penis pumps as an option to start making the positive changes. Penis pumps are a safer alternative to surgery and gain quicker results than extenders and pills. If you choose to use the hydro-based penis pumps, they can be very convenient to use in the shower or bath, something that you would do in your daily life anyway.

As with all penis enhancement methods, it’s important to explore all your options, as different methods work better for some individuals compared to others.

Safety Tips To Keep In Mind While Using Penis Pumps

There are numerous types of penis enlargement pumps that you can purchase from the market. These are categorized under either water-based or air-based and manual or hands-free penis enlarger pump. But irrespective of the type of pump you choose, they all work on the same principle of creating a vacuum to increase the blood flow and cause an erection. Hence, they're sometimes called vacuum pump or a vacuum constriction device.

Choosing a penis pump

Usually penis pumps are available without any difficulty, but it’s wise to talk to your doctor before purchasing one. Your doctor might recommend or prescribe a specific model based on your penis size. There are brands which sell penis pumps that match up the current girth and length of your penis. Before buying your penis pump, do your research and only choose the brand name that's recognised and extensively tested, such as Bathmate, to help you achieve your penis boosting goals in the safest, easiest and most effective possible way.

Once you've picked the right pump that suits your needs from a reputable manufacturer, you need to know how safe you can use these pumps.

How to use penis pumps correctly

Although penis pumps are safe for most men, one should use them carefully to avoid any injury by its improper or excessive use. For the best results, follow the below steps thoroughly before beginning to use penis pump:

  • Lubricating your penis properly is the first step towards your penis enlargement treatment with pumps.
  • Next, insert your penis into the cylindrical tube, which is attached to a penis enlarger pump and start pumping slowly.
  • Don't overdo as this may hurt your penis. Don't worry if you feel a slight pressure on your male organ as the air is drawn from the tube.
  • Keep pumping until you see an erect penis but don't pump for more than twenty minutes at a stretch.
  • Once erections are attained, slip in a penis ring at the base of the penis.
  • Slowly release the vacuum and leave the penis ring to trap the blood in the penis to help you maintain the erection.
  • Last but not least; don't wear a penis ring for more than 30 minutes in 1 sitting.

All You Need To Know About Penis Enlargement Pills

Out of the many penis enlargement options available on an over-the-counter basis, the masses have chosen penis pills to be the best out of them all. The reason is simple - it's effective and safer than other available options. Penis pills are made of natural plant extracts and ingredients that do no harm to your penis/body. You don't have to visit your doctor and strip naked for him/her to prescribe a penis pill as they can be purchased online easily.

Can natural male enhancement pills increase penis girth?

Many male enhancement formulas are effective as a direct result of the ingredients that they contain which can help promote an increase of blood flow to the penis to produce strong erections and a visible boost in size. Many male enhancement supplements will promote a higher amount of blood entering your penis, which can make your length and girth appear larger.

Who can take male enhancement pills?

Generally speaking, if you're a male adult, taking male enhancement pills is usually a safe method of enhancing your performance and package size. You have a busy lifestyle, hectic schedules, nearly all of us have them yet, rightly so, this shouldn’t hinder your ability to still effectively enhance your penis to how you want it to be. Genuine natural supplements, such as Vimax pills , allow you to gain the best naturally achievable results at ease. All you have to do is consume the recommended dosage on a daily basis, a small price to pay for such large results.

If you’re looking for a means to ensure you're on top form every time and please your partner in the bedroom, but without them ever finding out then natural male supplements are your golden opportunity to do so. Hiding a penis extender, penis pump or having surgery are more obvious and arguably a more drastic approach to penis enhancement.

Which Is A Better Option, Male Enhancement Pills Or Pumps?

All male enhancement products have certain advantages and disadvantages which you need to know if you're stuck in choosing the better option. For the popularity of the 2 male enhancement ways (pills and pumps), some men get confused or indecisive regarding which product to buy. So here are some important notes to help you make a better choice.

Male Enhancement Pills Male Enhancement Pumps
They're easy to travel with Pumps occupy space and not simple to carry everywhere
Natural ingredients are used to minimise side effects This is a wearable product so nothing goes into your system that can show any side effects
It helps in male enhancement and improves sexual desire too. If you're treating ED or impotence, this can be a cheaper option as compared to expensive surgeries
These also help your body to build muscle and other soft tissues that may offer permanent penis enlargement The vacuum pressure applied to the penis helps to increase the blood flow to the tip of the penis. With regular use, you may find additional inches with improved sexual performance because of harder erection.
The enhancement pills cost less than other methods of male enhancement Pumps and extenders are a one-time investment and cost little more than pills and supplements.

Both male enhancement pills and pumps can be used to help increase the size and girth. They can be used in conjunction to help give you the best possible results.

The Final Word

There are several common sexual issues that can affect a man’s performance between the sheets. Fortunately, sexual enhancement products are available to help men to boost their sexual performance. Penis enlargement products are marketed and distributed by many online marketers. This has also led to many scams and fake medicines to flow freely on the market. So it's advised to buy supplements and products directly from reliable sources to make sure that you get only genuine products.

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