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Viaman Viper

4 Tablets | Male Sexual Support


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Viaman Viper can offer you a more enjoyable experience when it comes to being between the sheets. This respected male support comes in tablet form and should be taken prior to intimacy and helps by aiding and enhancing your performance discreetly. The Viaman range has been specifically formulated for potency as well as safety and can be used in conjunction with the rest of the Viaman male enhancement, virility and delay range for optimal desired results.

  • Take just one tablet 30 minutes before intimacy
  • Made using natural ingredients
  • No prescription needed, no doctor visitations
  • Formulated to help improve male sexual performance
  • Viaman Viper is discreet to take – no one will ever know
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Winner of the Paul Raymond Best Awards for Best Product 2013

Viaman Viper has been formulated using a unique blend of ingredients known to give men the power they need between the sheets. It only contains natural ingredients giving it a safer approach to other prescription medicines and we understand that not every man wants to visit the doctor on such intimate issues. You simply take this supplement 30 minutes prior to intimacy and this could help you perform better. It is available in convenient and discreet packs of 4, letting you take this pocket rocket supplement anywhere you want to use in any encounter that presents itself.

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What is Viaman Viper?

Viaman Viper is a new, advanced male sexual support designed to give men the confidence back between the sheets without the need for embarrassing doctor visitations or any potentially harmful prescription drugs. These new additions help you to maintain yourself and make the whole experience more enjoyable for both you and your partner potentially also giving back your confidence when it comes to intimate encounters.

How can Viaman Viper help?

The great thing about Viaman Viper compared to other male enhancement products on the market is that it is all natural and gets to work fast. A blend of all natural ingredients, it contains vitamins B1, B6, B7, B12 and Magnesium which have been known to contribute to the good function of the nervous system and psychological function which has been directly linked to supporting male libido and performance. This can help you to perform better, giving a positive effect on your libido and enhancing intimacy further. As with all natural supplements, results may vary with each individual.

How to take Viaman Viper?

  • All you have to do is take 1 tablet approximately 30 minutes before intimacy. The time it takes to work will vary with each user, however, feedback from existing users says that 30 minutes is the average.
  • Any man over the age of 18 can take it.

Main Ingredients

Vitamin B1 or Thiamine
Also known as an anti-stress vitamin. Vitamin B1 helps to maintain muscle tone and to helps to improve the ability to deal with stress.We all know how important it is to control stress and the pressures to get the most out of our performance when it comes to intimate issues. It is also known to aid in enhancing and improving circulation, which is a key factor for a stronger intimate performance. For scientific information please click here.
Vitamin B6 or Pyroxidine
Vitamin B6 supports the production of serotonin, a very important mood-boosting neurotransmitter. It is not always easy to get in the right mood and to be focused, especially if we are talking about our sex lives. Vitamin B6 is known for its capacity to balance mood and to help naturally increase mental functions, getting you stronger and more concentrated for those intimate occasions. For scientific information please click here.
Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin
Vitamin B12 has been known to maintain the nervous system’s health and to help promote intercellular communication and this could be very important for a direct response to sexual stimulation. Men with low vitamin B12 in their body usually complain about slow reflexes and less focus. Vitamin B12 is also known to naturally aid in fertility. For scientific information, click here.
This mineral is known for its influence on physical performance, as helping to promote muscle functions, strength and power. Research has shown that magnesium could exert a positive influence on anabolic hormonal status, including testosterone, in men and this can help with libido and subconcious confidence issues within males. For scientific reference please click here.

Active Ingredients: Magnesium; Biotin; Vitamin B6; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B12

Are there any side effects?

As Viaman Viper is made using natural ingredients, you shouldn’t experience any unwanted side effects, however, you should still check all the ingredients on the box to ensure you do not have any adverse reactions to certain ingredients.