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How Exercise Helps With Candida Treatment

How Exercise Helps With Candida Treatment

Is exercise good for candida? If you’re suffering from a candida yeast infection, you might just want to sit around all day and wait for a candida treatment to kick in, but did you know that getting some exercise can actually help to speed up the process! Exercising can play a big part in an overall effective candida yeast treatment, so alongside taking that candida support supplement and changing your diet, why not give some exercise a go! Here are 5 key ways that exercise can help with your candida treatment.

  1. Boosts Detoxification

    When you exercise your heart beats faster which can stimulate the lymphatic system. This is responsible for getting rid of toxins and waste products, including bacteria, from your cells so getting some exercise can help to speed up its efficiency. As a result, your body has more energy to focus on clearing out the candida yeast infection for good.

  2. Supports The Immune System

    Your immune system is vital to your health and so exercise can really help to give it a boost. Exercise can help to increase the good bacteria in the gut and so those that do more regular exercise can have better biodiversity of their microbiota. This means the body and the immune system is more able to fight off bacteria and yeast so can better deal with candida.

  3. Increases Sweat

    When you exercise you promote a process called thermogenesis in the body where it burns energy through heat production. This causes you to sweat in order to cool down and this sweat contains toxins and other substances that your body is trying to get rid of. Therefore, sweating is a natural body cleanser so sweating with exercise can help with a candida infection - just remember to keep yourself hydrated!

  4. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

    Exercising requires you to use your muscles more so they will be utilising more glucose, or blood sugar, for energy. As a result, exercising can help to lower high blood sugar levels in the body. This is greatly beneficial for our heart but also for candida as the yeast feeds off of sugar so less sugar means less fuel for it to grow.

  5. Reduces Stress

    Another benefit of exercising for candida treatment is that it can reduce stress. When you’re stressed it increases cortisol levels in the body which is linked to high blood sugar levels. As we now know, high blood sugar can feed the candida yeast so reducing stress is important to getting rid of the infection. When you exercise, it increases the production of the ‘feel-good’ hormones called endorphins which can lower stress levels and, therefore, your blood sugar.


If you want to get rid of candida yeast, then one step in the right direction is to get some exercise! This doesn’t mean you have to run a marathon every week though, simply try walking instead of taking the car or going that bit further on your dog walk.

You can also try swimming with some friends or joining a local sports group. Not only will this help to fight candida yeast levels in your body, but exercising also has some truly amazing benefits for the body so really is a win-win situation!

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