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Eco Masters mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit

Brighten Your Smile Eco Masters

Don’t we all want a glowing, beautiful smile? White, shining teeth are a fantastic sign of healthy attractiveness. But for many reasons, over time most of us end up with teeth that look yellower or greyer than they once did. You can address this confidence-knocking worry without visiting a dentist, the Eco Masters mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit is ready and waiting to help you. With a perfect approach that considers your convenience and aims to speedily work away, you could be one step away from your perfect smile!

  • Perfect for a brighter smile
  • Enriched with botanicals
  • Six day intensive program
  • Comes with light, tray & gel
  • Shade guide & manual included
  • Vegan
  • CE Certified
  • Men & Women
  • Vegetarian
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A Glowing Smile

Our smile is one of our most radiant expressions - but for a number of reasons, you can lose the glowing whiteness of our youth! Tea, coffee, smoking and red wine can leave a mark, as well as simply time and insufficient brushing. The effect of these varies from person to person, but many of us look at Hollywood stars and wish we could enjoy that bright whiteness in our teeth. Equally, expensive professional help is out of the reach of many of us, and whitening toothpastes don’t always do the job. If you want to bring back your confidence, at ease and in your own home, you can buy a premium home kit, effectively illuminating and lightening tooth colour. A gorgeous grin and whiter teeth are within your reach!

Eco Masters mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit

If you want to target your teeth colour with a powerful blend of botanicals, Eco Masters have created the mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit - just for you! These work to potently augment the illuminating process. Blended into the powerful gel, the kit overall provides a powerful method that equally cares for your teeth and gums. The tray is perfectly designed to fit your teeth and ensure the gel’s placement, while the light activates the process. And so that you can keep an eye on your progress, there’s a shade guide too. Everything you need is included, so that you can beam away with pride.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Grapefruit Seed Extract

This fruit is exceptionally well known for its refreshing, uplifting traits. But did you know that it can cleanse and purify, too? It is included to dissolve and polish away any accumulations, to leave a radiantly clarified surface.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera

It’s important to offer the most pleasant sensation possible while applying compounds to this sensitive area. Aloe Vera is a historically and globally regarded botanical, understood to refresh, hydrate and cool the area.

Chamomile Flower Extract
Chamomile Flower Extract

This precious plant derivative has been loved by traditional practitioners for centuries, and is still respected today. It is absolutely perfect for calming and soothing, while leaving a relaxing scent and sensation.


There’s no denying that mint has a prime place in the herbal history of tooth care! This plant offers a delightful, iconic flavour and fragrance. Especially in the powerful form of menthol, has incredible cooling abilities, while stimulating other factors.


This remarkable enzyme is taken from the stalks of pineapples, a fruit well known for its deeply cleansing traits. Thought to help break down build-ups on teeth’s surface, it’s increasingly associated with achieving a refreshed, radiant smile.

Complete Gel Ingredients

Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chlorite, Citrus Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aloe Vera, Cranberry Seed Oil, Chamomile Flower Extract, Glycerol, Propylene Glycerine, Deionized Water, Carbomer, Xanthan Gum, Menthol, Pineapple (Bromelain).


Use the mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit twice daily. Attach the mouth tray to the teeth whitening light (make sure to remove plastic battery protector before first use). Apply one quarter of a syringe of whitening gel into each side of the mouth tray. There should be just enough to coat the front surface of your teeth without touching your gums. Place the mouth tray over your teeth, and wipe off any gel that is in contact with your gums. Press the start button to commence the ten minute countdown. Close your mouth to fix the tray in position. Once the light automatically turns off and you hear the prompt tone, remove the mouth tray. Rinse your teeth with warm water, then take off the mouth tray from the whitening light and clean it. For fully optimal results, repeat this whitening procedure for six to twelve consecutive days. Read complete instructions prior to first time use.

Extra Info

The mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit is ideal for sensitively but powerfully enhancing the brightness of your smile. However, it is not suitable for use by children, pregnant women, those with significant gingival concerns or those who have recently experienced an oral operation. The gel is designed only to be used on teeth, and should not be swallowed. Quickly rinse any clothes or skin of spilled gel. It’s ideal that you avoid smoking, or consuming red wine, coffee, tea, coke, curry, food & beverages with dark colouring during whitening period and for two weeks after. It’s possible that you will experience some mild temporary irritation, however if it is excessive and continuing, please visit your dentist.

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Eco Masters mysmile Teeth Whitening Kit Brighten Your Smile

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reviews 4.5

87.50% based on 16 Reviews

Verified Purchase

haven't really noticed any difference, but my teeth are pretty clean anyway, but I'm only half way through so I shall see after 10 days or so.

A Aron M
Verified Purchase

Love this whitening product! Super easy to use, looks so much better after just a week.

E Eloisa
Verified Purchase

Very good, simple kit, bleaching gel does a great job but feels nice and not at all uncomfortable. Recommend.

B Bethan
Verified Purchase

Been looking for an affordable home whitening kit for a while, hate visiting a dental professional and had years of build up coffee marks. This did a great job, buying another kit to try the whitening process again.

L Leonard
Verified Purchase

This is the best value teeth whitening kit I have found. I like that it is natural as I was worried about using some products on my teeth. It has also whitened my teeth and still have a few days to go!!! 5 stars!!

S Sabina
Verified Purchase

This is so good for the money and I really like that it is natural as I wanted one that won't irritate as I have sensitive teeth

A Arusa
Verified Purchase

A bit expensive but worth it and I like it so much that I will buy the refills when I run out

H Hulda
Verified Purchase

Best teeth whitening kit. Just as easy to use as others but it doesn't sting or irritate my mouth

L Lola
Verified Purchase


J Janet
Verified Purchase

Really good kit

T Tabitha
Verified Purchase

Very good

D Donald
Verified Purchase

This is so good and is fine with my sensitive teeth. I also like how they have refills for after

A Alice
Verified Purchase

Just as good as all those other kits out there and a better price

T Tracy
Verified Purchase

This is easy to use, you just put the gel on the tray and put it in your mouth then put the light on and leave it. I like that there is more than 1 gel although I wasn't sure how much to use first time so it takes some practice.

C Caroline
Verified Purchase

It has all you need in one kit and is a bit expensive but you can get refills so is worth the one off price

J Jemaline
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