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All you need to know about Jes Extender and its types

The epitome of quality and high-standards, JES Extender is a leading penis extender that has helped many men to increase their penis size and performance painlessly. Read on to find out more about this penis extender.

Introduced on the market in 1995, JES Extender is now a renowned penis enlargement device. It's known as a non-invasive and safe method of increasing penis size. The basic principle behind the extender is traction force. For those who don’t know about traction, it's a technique which forces body to develop under a constant physical stimulation.

For many years traction has been used to add inches to different body parts and research has showed that it's successful in adding length to the penis. When the penis is exposed to constant force, cell multiplication is stimulated naturally and results in an enlargement of the penis. Although there are many devices that use traction force, JES Extender is popular among men due to its safety and effectiveness.

Medically Developed & Endorsed

Developed in co-operation with leading Scandinavian surgeons, the JES extender is comfortable, easy to wear and safe. The penis extender has been clinically tested and is classified as a Number 1 medical tool with a European Certificate CE. This certification is only given to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union. In fact, Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D.RCP – Doctor of Clinical Psychology has also recommended the product to many of his patients.

Clinically Proven Results

The study was conducted on 18 patients between 23 and 47 years old, all of which had normal erectile capacity without penile surgery. Traction force of 900g to 1000g was applied for 2 weeks and then was increased to 1000g to 1200g after 24 weeks. Participants were asked to wear the device 12 hours daily, 7 days a week. At the end of the study, it was found that participants experienced a 1.1 inch growth in their erection after 4 months. The best part was that no participant experienced any pain or side-effects after using the device.

JES Extender Benefits

The JES Extender not only helps to increase penis size but it also helps treat Peyronie's disease. It's a condition in which the penis bends due to plaque build-up in the tissues. Some men with the disease find it painful to have intercourse, while some are unable to do it. Regular use of this device has been found to help correct penis curvature by straightening it. Many doctors have even recommend their patients to use the device as a treatment for mild penis curvature.

Available In Different Models

You might not know but the device is available in 5 models, including original, light, gold, silver, titanium and platinum. All the models work on the same principle; they just differ in the number of accessories and material they're made with.

  1. JES Extender Original: Comes in a stylish mahogany box with comfort straps, elongation bar and keys. The device is ideal for men with a penis size of up to 24 cm.
  2. JES Extender Light: Comes in a cardboard box with light extender device, comfort strap, comfort pad, instructional DVD, 1 set of 2" extension rods and 1 set of 1" extension rods.
  3. JES Extender Titanium: Comes in a stylish aluminium flight case that contains a titanium coated extender device, protection pad, comfort strap, Instructional DVD, 2 sets of 2" extension rods, 1 set of 1" extension rods, 1 set of 0.5" extension rods and 1 set of adjustment keys.
  4. JES Extender Gold: Comes in a stylish mahogany box that contains the gold plated device, extra extender rods for accurate growth monitoring, comfort cushion front piece and a comfort strap. Velcro strap, spare parts kit, cohesive gauge, set of keys and a soft-attach also come with the pack.
  5. JES Extender Sliver: Sterling silver coated device that comes with 2 Comfort pads, a Cohesive gauze, Comfort strap, 2 set of 2" extension rods, 1 set of 1" extension rods, 1 set of 0.5" extension rods, 1 set of 0.25" extension rods for fine adjustment and a set of adjustment keys.

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