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Damaged Hair

Hair can become damaged for a number of reasons; be it overstyling, or constant use of hair dye, just to name a few. If you can't squeeze in the time to visit your hair-salon for treatment, ShytoBuy provides a number of natural solutions to bring life back into your hair!

At ShytoBuy we have hair products specifically created for damaged hair, designed to naturally take care of your hair follicles from root to tip for manageable hair. All products are easy-to-use and some can be even taken on the go - perfect for busy bees with hectic work schedules and lifes! ShytoBuy product line comes can be applied or taken via shampoos, conditioners, sprays and tablets. For extra value for money, check out our combo packs!

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Many of us are not born with the hair we ultimately dream of - this can lead us to experiment with curling and straightening devices, intense hair dryers, and potentially harmful dyes and texture-altering sprays and mousses. Even seemingly beneficial products like conditioners can be harmful if left on for too long! Hair that’s consequently damaged by such additions and handling requires special care. Help its natural repair with our damaged hair products including shampoo, devices and more, to help yourself to enjoy the sensation of strong, smooth, silky hair.

The Difference Between Damaged & Dry Hair

Confusing dry and damaged hair is a common mistake made when it comes to hair concerns, but both of these are separate issues that should actually be treated differently.

Understanding about the structure of the hair itself is the first place that you need to start from. At the heart of the fibre is the hair's cortex, which contains the hair colour (melanin). This core is protected by overlapping scales called cuticles which, on normal healthy hair, lie flat against one-another to strengthen the hair and give it a uniform, shiny appearance. When these cuticles are damaged or weakened, the core is exposed and vulnerable to snapping. When hair snaps off or breaks into split ends, the hair looks frizzy and dull.

They may have similar symptoms (dullness, frizz, coarse texture) but dry and damaged hair are not the same. Dry hair is due to a lack (or the removal of) natural oils that act as lubricants all along the hair fibre. Too much, and the hair looks oily, but too little and the hair dries out. A professional hair stylist will be able to diagnose your hair's condition in more detail, but in general, damaged hair breaks easily when pulled and has visible split ends (due to fragile bonds), while dry hair is often accompanied by white flakes of skin and a coarse, rough texture.

4 Causes Of Damaged Hair

1. Environmental Factors

Damaged hair can occur for a number of reasons. Everyday environmental factors can be a common cause; for instance, the wind can tangle hair around itself and cause the cuticles to scrape off and UV rays that come from the sun can burn the fibre.

2. Using heated hair tools & hair products

Too much styling and heat exposure from using heated tools can weaken the bonds that make up the structure of your hair; pollution can build up on the fibre and cause it to snap and over-colouring (or incorrect colouring) can leave the cuticles permanently open. So remember to be careful when using chemicals or dyes in your hair if you end up using them.

3. Diet

Having a poor diet can also lead to brittle hair. If you can’t get the vitamins and minerals that your body needs for healthy hair, then you’ll be left with a head of fragile and damaged strands. You can opt for damaged hair care products and supplements if you’re a bit low on the levels of nutrients required in your system to boost your hair’s moisture levels.

4. Not drinking enough water

A lack of water or dehydration can also have a negative affect on your tresses. Drinking enough water is essential for healthy hair but you’re definitely not alone when it comes to getting enough H2O into your diet; a lot of us don’t drink enough! It’s recommended that you drink 8 glasses a day according to the NHS so it’s time to drink up to help repair damaged hair!

The 3 Levels Of Damaged Hair

Level 1: At his damaged hair level, hair scales or cuticles are jagged with some of them lifted or broken, but the hair's internal cortex isn’t fully exposed yet. The hair is slightly dry with less shine, duller colour and thinner ends.

Level 2: hair damage sees cuticle abrasion, which means that the external layer is scraped off and the internal cortex could be unprotected and vulnerable to damage in some areas of the hair fibre. The number of cuticle layers decreases at this hair damage level, with a large number of scales jagged and lifted and possibly an exposed cortex being the result of this. Hair will have a rough texture, an uneven colour balance, a dull appearance as well as the development of split ends.

Level 3: This is the highest level of hair damage. The cuticle is very damaged, with parts of it withered away completely. The cortex is exposed and can be weakened. The hair's surface texture is very rough and deconstructed with no shine, faded colour and split ends at this level.

Whatever damage level your hair might be at, there are a number of damaged hair care and hair care repairing products available for all your hair’s needs.

Damaged Hair Products For You

If you’ve made your way to this page, then you’re probably looking to buy hair repair products - well, you’ve definitely come to the right place! We have a number of damaged hair products available for you to choose from and try out at home:


Using advanced Trichoceutical® technology, the Hairgenesis shampoos and conditioners available with ShytoBuy are specifically designed to be a simple way to support damaged, fine and thinning hair types in men and women. All Hairgenesis only contain the finest natural ingredients that work in harmony to fortify each and every strand whilst stimulating the scalp and strengthening the follicles. These hair repairing products are just as easy as using your regular shampoo and conditioner but with a whole range of extra benefits!


We also have a fantastic range of Foligain damaged hair care products for you to choose from. All of their shampoos, conditioners and sprays for men and women all consist of an exclusive Trioxidil™ triple action formula that nfuses with your hair and works on 3 fronts.; follicle strength, matrix vitality and moisture-lock. The natural formula in each of these can provide beneficial proteins and nutrients to look after thinning hair from within and revitalise your strands. There’s no need for expensive hair transplant treatment with these convenient hair repair products!


If you’re looking for even more convenient damaged hair products, then look no further than our Maxmedix supplements. Using unique all-natural biotin formulas, these convenient tablet supplements take care of your damaged hair concerns without the hassle of using shampoos and conditioners! Each and every tablet is discreet and easy to use which means you don’t have to necessarily tell anyone about your embarrassing concerns. This also saves you from having to resort to expensive treatments or damaging chemicals too!


Hopefully now you know about damaged hair and how you can deal with these concerns. There’s always a worry that damaged hair products can be too good to be true but you can rest assured that ShytoBuy’s product range only uses the finest natural ingredients to truly take care of your hair’s needs. Feel confident with your locks again with ShytoBuy’s damaged hair care range today!

*It is important to note that the results of our products may vary with each individual user. You should always use these products alongside a nutritionally balanced diet and a regular exercise regime. All customer reviews found on this website are genuine.