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Healthcare Advice

The Content on our site does not constitute advice on which you should solely rely. It is provided for general information purposes only. Professional or specialist advice should always be sought before taking any action on the basis of any information provided on our site.

We aim to provide our website users with as much information as possible about the products that we stock. We also have a dedicated customer service team for all of our European sites who know our range inside out and can answer any extra question or query that you may have about any of our solutions. If you are unsure about using any of our solutions we advise you to seek advice from your doctor before placing your order, after all - we want you to have peace of mind. This is especially the case if you are under medical supervision or suffer from any known allergies.

Product Sourcing

We carefully source and select only natural solutions, with no artificial ingredients. The majority of the products on our website are natural products and have therefore not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The only way that we can retain the high standards that we have set ourselves is by meticulously sourcing the very best natural products and solutions on the market. Many people still wonder whether our solutions provide guaranteed results and the truth is that not every product will work for every person in the same way. Yes, they do provide results, but the time that they take to work and their effectiveness will vary from person to person.


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