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Bathmate Hydromax

Male Enhancement Pump





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As penis pumps go, the Bathmate Hydromax is amongst the best available. It utilises high medical grade materials and patented technology to make the most out of the hydropump. Regular use of the Hydromax can benefit the penis with stronger and firmer erections, to begin with, and help end with larger and longer lasting erections. This penis enlargement pump also has added features such as a new valve system, swivelling cylinder and comfort bellows to name just a few.

  • Helps to increase sexual performance and satisfaction
  • Aids in providing you with stronger, firmer, larger and longer lasting erections
  • More power than any other vacuum penis pump on the market
  • High-grade and allergy free materials
  • Improved rotatable gaiter and measurement gauge to monitor improvements
  • New, longer comfort pad design and latched valve
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Safe to use
  • Free discreet delivery

In a league of its own, this Bathmate Hydromax helps you enhance your size with out the need to worry about any side effects of surgery or remembering to take any pills. This size is best suited for more experienced users who want quick results. Order before 4pm today and you could receive your best package ever by tomorrow.

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What can the Bathmate Hydromax do for me?

Created by the experts just for you, Bathmate Hydromax can be used in both the bath and shower for the utmost convenience. If you think about it, how hard is it usually to find somewhere private, undisturbed and doesn’t take up any extra time out of your day for 15 minutes? The patented technology used in the Bathmate Hydromax aims to help increase penis size, girth and stamina through the use of pressure, created by water and air. This Hydromax penis pump uses the safest highest amount of pressures that it recommended by the FDA, .55 bars. This creates a successful and strong pumping action that helps to increase the blood flow through your penis chambers to help support erection strength and size.

This penis pump is the advanced and improved version of the already hugely popular Goliath and Hercules varieties. The Bathmate Hydromax accommodates for all size with the X40 being larger in capacity than the X30 and X20 versions.

Why the Bathmate Hydromax?

Stylish device that can be used by all men.

Uses revolutionary hydro-technology for easy use in the bath.

Requires use only 15 minutes a day. Use it when y ou want and have time.

Safe and clinically tested penis enlargement aid.

How does it work?

Simple yet effective in design the Bathmate Hydromax works like a dream. Start by filling the vessel with water than secure it around you penis, here the water will compress evenly around your package. Next you will gradually pump the water out of the Bathmate. This pumping action will help to draw blood successfully up the penis, helping to generate more blood cells as it does so with continuous use. This could lead to more longer-lasting enlargement and stronger erections, which often aids in better stamina and satisfaction in the bedroom.

Easy to Use

Using the Bathmate Hydromax can easily become second nature, as it’s so simple to use. It should be worn for 15 minutes a day in the bath/ shower. It uses the gym effect. The more you work out at the gym the bigger your muscles will get. The longer you have worked out at the gym for, the more time it takes them to reduce in size if you stop going. The same theory applies to when you use this penis pump.

When you place your penis into the Bathmate Hydromax cylinder fill it with water and then seal with the comfortable pad and gaiter. Use the convenient bellow to pump out any excess water through the small valve at the end until you reach your desired pressure. Again, this can all be done with one hand. Do this for 5 minutes and then release the valve and massage the penis. You can repeat this 3 times for maximum of 15 minutes.

New Features

The improved features and developments of this pump are patented especially for the Bathmate. These features all contribute to the success and improved power that is what makes this device so unique, more comfortable and easier to wear and use. The main additions to the design, such as the ultra-soft insert pads for a solid seal and a new latch mean it can be easily opened single-handedly. If you are an experienced user of the Bathmate products you will know what an advantage and how much easier this feature makes to the use of the product. The rotatable gaiter on the Bathmate Hydromax also means you can swivel the device around to see your penis while it’s inside the pump and see it against the measuring gauge, to monitor how much you are improving by.

Clinical References and Documentation

The Bathmate Hydromax is the 2nd generation of penis pump using the patented vacuum hydro therapy method of penile elongation and straightening. This innovatively designed product has hit the limelight for its approach to a natural and less invasive method of male enhancement. The technology behind Bathmate has had a lot of clinical evidence and documentation supporting the hydropump therapy method. Below you can have a read of clinical studies and documents showing the efficacy and effectiveness of the Bathmate brand.

  • A clinical study showing before and after oxygen saturation levels in the penis after vacuum therapy - for the full clinical study click here.
  • The effectiveness of vacuum therapy at a molecular level – for the full clinical study click here
  • Penile rehabilitation with a vacuum erectile device in an animal model is related to an antihypoxic mechanism – for the full clinical study click here
  • The efficiency of a vacuum pump to mechnaically straighten the penis as a result of penile curvature - for the full clinical study click here.

Long term results

Integrated into the Bathmate Hydromax device is a handy size guide, this means you are able to track your progress and measure how big you get. Many happy customers have reported gaining 2-3 inches more when following Bathmates recommended usage. If you use your device regularly and consistently then you can notice long term and significant improvements from the Bathmate Hydromax. Bathmate has stated that using the Bathmate Hydromax can boost the penis in its flaccid and erect state, with the potential for improved results to be longer-lasting after just 6 weeks of use. It’s always important to note that everyone's physiology is different and will reach results at different times, therefore although many men will start seeing results from the initial use, this may not be the case for everyone and it may take longer to gain results for some people.

Measurement guide on the pump

The measuring guide at the front of the device has been redesigned and now includes metric and imperial measures, allowing you to track your progress.

HERCULES Hydromax X30 Hydromax X40 Hydromax Xtreme X30 Hydromax Xtreme X40
£54.99 £98.95 £128.95 £189.95 £218.95
Penis Size (when erect) 2-7 inches 2-7 inches
7-9 inches 2-7 inches 7-9 inches
Suction Power Standard 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath 35% more power than the Hercules and Goliath
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years
Measurement Gauge
Comfort Pads -
Latch Valve System -
Pump Accessories - - -
Hand Pump - - -

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (94% based on 40 Reviews)

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Service Rating (91.37% based on 857 )

  • * i already had above average size, after using this its grown in width and length, now when i wear tight jeans its a significant bulge, mission accomplished thanks
  • * i like this alot
  • * got mine today, its bigger than i thought, its exciting to see what will happen. will post at a later date
  • * its always nice to have a mate in the bath, especially one that makes you grow
  • * after i discovered this product it really benefitted me at work, i am in the sex industry and i need to keep my penis in tip top shape, this device has really helped me maintain a decent size and erections are strong.
  • * At first i was a little worried about using the device, as i dont feel comfortable putting my penis into something i have never used before. after following the insructions it was actually a simple process to set it up, been using it everyday.... the feeling is really nice
  • * the results are super fast, 15 minutes and my penis is bigger.. amazing
  • * been using this for a while now, i havent been using it everyday and i still see some results.
  • * i started enjoying baths now, i used to be a shower guy. another benefit of using the bathmate
  • * happy happy happy!!
  • * magical, instant results!!
  • * i just got mine, i used it once and i found it was a simple set up if you follow the instructions. looks comlicated but its not
  • * i could not be happier with the results i have seen while using the bathmate
  • * working as it should, happy customer
  • * this genuinely sasved my relationship, and it cost less than £200... alot cheaper than a divorce
  • * oh my word. its working wonderfully
  • * this has really helped with my girth, i used to be a lengthy guy with no girth but now adding some extra girth has made it look even bigger, i never thought it could be done.
  • * i really like the way this works, the feeling of water being sucked out and the pressure around the penis is a really nice feeling, and its making it bigger. WIN WIN
  • * i have used many products to reach a bigger size, this one just feels so much better than all the rest, its comfortable and safe, its perfect for a man who is already large but just wants that extra bit
  • * me and my wife decided to try this out, im already quite large, but i wanted to see what size i can achieve. its safe to say she is loving it
  • * my stamina has increased drastically, the size has also increased but the most noticeable is the stamina in bed, i am lasting double the length of time
  • * i have become the king of the bedroom, this device has made my penis jump back into action
  • * this is an amazing product and has helped me out so much, i used to be just above average, but now im still growing and still performing very well. really proud of this machine and my johnson
  • * i have been using ShytoBuy to buy my stuff for years, great customer service and variety of products, i bought the bathmate hydromax x40 as i outgrew the smaller machines, now im reaching such outstanding sizes i will stop using this machine when i reach my maximum
  • * when your penis is too big for the old ones, you have to upgrade, i cant believe what this is helping me achieve. the stamina has really gone up as well
  • * great work by the bathmate, and the guys at ShytoBuy
  • * buy this if you outgrow the other sizes, i tried to keep the smaller one but i reached the maximum, after 9 months of use.
  • * my girlfriend is currently in shock with the size i am achieving, its like the bathmate has woken up a sleeping monster. it has brought out the best in me, a penis is definitely important to a man, to have an easy solution to the size problem is great
  • * This works. I don't know how, i don't know why...but it works!
  • * Must say its pricey but i guess you get what you pay for. This is perfect if you wanna rev up you sex.
  • * Complete life changer!
  • * My husband absolutely loves this. He's never really been happy about his size so i got him this. Lets just say he has never been so confident in the bedroom. He's happy and i'm happy.
  • * My penis now grows bigger and i aint afraid to show it.
  • * I get the clear one and although it seems a difficult product to use, it really isn't. I watched the instruction video a few times and after a few attempts i was a pro!
  • * Very skeptical before i used this but there were a lot of good reviews about this online and in forums. I gave it a go and although it takes a few weeks to see results, it's worth it.
  • * working very well, thanks guys
  • * I have used Hercules for 2 years and now wanted something more powerful. Hydromax X40 was perfect for me as it suits my size and power need. I have always ordered my stuff from ShytoBuy thanks to their really great service
  • * This pump is ultimate erection booster. I grow longer immediately after using it and I like the look at my wifes face when she sees my big hunk
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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