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Bathmate Hydromax

Device | Male Enlargement Hydropump


Men around the world are talking loud and proud about the Bathmate Hydromax! It uses an incredible hydropump method, specially created for equal parts enlargement and enjoyment. This first-class device has taken strides ahead of the competition for years, having now bought by over a million men! The pleasurable, elemental abilities of water and air are here combined with a new unique bellows hydro pump.

  • Aspires to enlarge overall maleness
  • For the man who wants to be bigger
  • Superior quality, patented technology
  • New design offers 35x more power
  • 100% safe, comfortable & convenient
  • Guaranteed by manufacturer for 2 years
  • CE Certified
  • BPA Free
  • ISO





Free Delivery on all UK orders over £35.

What Is The Bathmate Hydromax?

A male enlargement device for the modern man, Bathmate Hydromax is a strong yet safe hydro pump tool. The natural pressure of water air stimulates and energises your male area’s blood flow and tissues. Use it every day in the bath or shower - for which there is a special Shower Strap! Simply fill the Bathmate hydro pump with water, fit it, pump and then sit back and relax for fifteen minutes. And in case you had any doubts, Bathmate Hydromax reviews are coming in from all over the world. These are reporting great before and after results. To date, the Bathmate hydro pump is the world’s biggest selling male pump. Over 1 million units have been sold in 90 countries.

Is A Penis Pump For Me?

Do you wish your penis was bigger? Then the answer is yes! When it comes to enjoying a good sex life, getting your confidence in order matters. Men always want to make gains, and penis pumps are the best way to increase inches. These push blood flow to boost how long and strong you are over days of use. Hydro pumps use the pressure given by water and air together to stimulate penis enlargement. What’s more, the hydro pump feels good to use, so that you can enjoy your time enlarging. Putting in an order for a penis pump is the first step toward heightened sexual vigour.

What’s New About It?

Bathmate has always strived for excellence - and the Hydromax is a premium example! Aiming always to be the best, it now has a great new bellows pump system and valve. This gives 35% more power than the original Hercules. Knowing that one-size-fits-all wouldn’t be good enough, they also used a more tailored sizing approach. They have also continued the three colourways, so that each one is bespoke to the man who uses it.

The Bathmate Hydromax’s three colours mean you can perfectly select the shade that represents your masculinity. That could mean heated red, calm blue, or full throttle transparent!

Game-changing hydro-tech was made for leisurely shower or bath use, for easy and enjoyable augmentation. It’s sure to be included into your life with ultimate convenience.

Designed for maximum potency, it need only be used for fifteen minutes to enjoy the benefits. This efficiently short time knocks all other enlarging tools out of the competition.

The Hydromax is based on expert research. It uses known mechanics to provide a pleasurable, entirely safe method. You can finally take your requirements into your own hands.

Bathmate Hydromax Instructions

You can use this hydro pump in the shower or bath - in either case, relax in the water for a few minutes. Invert the Hydropump under the shower head, or below the level of the bath water, until full of water. Place the device over your flaccid penis tight up to your pelvic seat and make a comfortable seal. Commence pumping, slowly and evenly until the bellows remain depressed. For extra ease, you can buy a Shower Strap, so you can use your Hydromax Pump hands-free. Read through full ingredients before using.

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Bathmate Hydromax 5 7 9
Price £87.95 £97.95 £127.95
Previously Known As X20 X30 X40
Suction Power 35x the Hercules
Penis Size 5-13
Measurement Gauge
Comfort Pads
Latch Valve System
Guarantee 2 Years

Penis Enlargement

This idea is only becoming more important around the world! Men everywhere wish they could make gains through penis enlargement. There are more and more methods out there, from pills to surgery and everything in between. But most men want to know they’re going to get results - without being too drastic. A penis pump is thought of more and more as a good way to boost sexual confidence. Being long really matters when it comes to satisfying a partner during sex. Penis pumps use natural methods, including the natural forces of air and water, to reach goals.

Customer Reviews

At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

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reviews 4.5

91.90% based on 41 Reviews

Verified Purchase

I get the clear one and although it seems a difficult product to use, it really isn't. I watched the instruction video a few times and after a few attempts i was a pro!

F Frank A
Verified Purchase

Very skeptical before i used this but there were a lot of good reviews about this online and in forums. I gave it a go and although it takes a few weeks to see results, it's worth it.

L Larry, 45
Verified Purchase

My husband absolutely loves this. He's never really been happy about his size so i got him this. Lets just say he has never been so confident in the bedroom. He's happy and i'm happy.

S Stacy
Verified Purchase

My penis now grows bigger and i aint afraid to show it.

B Bobby
Verified Purchase

This works. I don't know how, i don't know why...but it works!

G Graham
Verified Purchase

Must say its pricey but i guess you get what you pay for. This is perfect if you wanna rev up you sex.

B Barry C
Verified Purchase

Complete life changer!

J Jason David
Verified Purchase

buy this if you outgrow the other sizes, i tried to keep the smaller one but i reached the maximum, after 9 months of use.

G Gregory barnes
Verified Purchase

i really like the way this works, the feeling of water being sucked out and the pressure around the penis is a really nice feeling, and its making it bigger. WIN WIN

R Ronn talbot, 42
Verified Purchase

my stamina has increased drastically, the size has also increased but the most noticeable is the stamina in bed, i am lasting double the length of time

A Alexis Quinn
Verified Purchase

my girlfriend is currently in shock with the size i am achieving, its like the bathmate has woken up a sleeping monster. it has brought out the best in me, a penis is definitely important to a man, to have an easy solution to the size problem is great

z zach
Verified Purchase

great work by the bathmate, and the guys at ShytoBuy

J Jasper Rake
Verified Purchase

when your penis is too big for the old ones, you have to upgrade, i cant believe what this is helping me achieve. the stamina has really gone up as well

c criss
Verified Purchase

working as it should, happy customer

g geroge ethan
Verified Purchase

i have used many products to reach a bigger size, this one just feels so much better than all the rest, its comfortable and safe, its perfect for a man who is already large but just wants that extra bit

r robin
Verified Purchase

this genuinely sasved my relationship, and it cost less than £200... alot cheaper than a divorce

R Ross C
Verified Purchase

magical, instant results!!

A Arron
Verified Purchase

me and my wife decided to try this out, im already quite large, but i wanted to see what size i can achieve. its safe to say she is loving it

D Daniel P
Verified Purchase

oh my word. its working wonderfully

l leyton
Verified Purchase

i have become the king of the bedroom, this device has made my penis jump back into action

r rapid
Verified Purchase

this is an amazing product and has helped me out so much, i used to be just above average, but now im still growing and still performing very well. really proud of this machine and my johnson

E Ethan Burk
Verified Purchase

this has really helped with my girth, i used to be a lengthy guy with no girth but now adding some extra girth has made it look even bigger, i never thought it could be done.

t tyrone
Verified Purchase

working very well, thanks guys

T Tinie
Verified Purchase

i like this alot

J Jez
Verified Purchase

i just got mine, i used it once and i found it was a simple set up if you follow the instructions. looks comlicated but its not

K Karran
Verified Purchase

i could not be happier with the results i have seen while using the bathmate

A Pat Delgado
Verified Purchase

i already had above average size, after using this its grown in width and length, now when i wear tight jeans its a significant bulge, mission accomplished thanks

D Dean
Verified Purchase

got mine today, its bigger than i thought, its exciting to see what will happen. will post at a later date

G Greg Price
Verified Purchase

its always nice to have a mate in the bath, especially one that makes you grow

D Doug Osborne
Verified Purchase

been using this for a while now, i havent been using it everyday and i still see some results.

N Noel Cook
Verified Purchase

i started enjoying baths now, i used to be a shower guy. another benefit of using the bathmate

M Max Dunn
Verified Purchase

just been told about this and im gonna give it a go, just ordered!!

M Marvin
Verified Purchase

after i discovered this product it really benefitted me at work, i am in the sex industry and i need to keep my penis in tip top shape, this device has really helped me maintain a decent size and erections are strong.

N Nick
Verified Purchase


w wayne
Verified Purchase

At first i was a little worried about using the device, as i dont feel comfortable putting my penis into something i have never used before. after following the insructions it was actually a simple process to set it up, been using it everyday.... the feeling is really nice

O Omar Blair
Verified Purchase

i have been using ShytoBuy to buy my stuff for years, great customer service and variety of products, i bought the bathmate hydromax x40 as i outgrew the smaller machines, now im reaching such outstanding sizes i will stop using this machine when i reach my maximum

D Danny Pearson
Verified Purchase

happy happy happy!!

c clark
Verified Purchase

the results are super fast, 15 minutes and my penis is bigger.. amazing

A Felix Mclaughlin
Verified Purchase

I have used Hercules for 2 years and now wanted something more powerful. Hydromax X40 was perfect for me as it suits my size and power need. I have always ordered my stuff from ShytoBuy thanks to their really great service

L Lori Hall
Verified Purchase

This took a bit of time to get use to but once you get the hang of it there are no problems and it works!

S Sam
Verified Purchase

It actually works!

C Claus

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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