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Bathmate Hydromax

Device | Masculine Enhancement Hydropump


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Men around the world are beginning to whisper about hydropumps – but when they talk about the Bathmate Hydromax, they’re talking loud and proud! Using a revolutionary hydropump method, especially created for equal parts enhancement and enjoyment, this first-class device has taken strides ahead of the competition for years. The pleasurable, elemental abilities of water and air are here combined with a unique bellows pump and valve, and have made their way into the lives of over a million men!

  • Aspires to enhance overall masculinity
  • For providing hard, strong sensation
  • Superior quality, patented technology
  • Pump & valve 35x more power*
  • 100% safe, comfortable & convenient
  • Guaranteed by manufacturer for 2 years

Everywhere you look you can find men wishing they could improve what’s down below – but that doesn’t mean they thrill at the thought of taking tablets, or wearing an extender for seemingly extended periods. Bathmate known just how well pleasure is strongly associated with that physical region. Shouldn’t improving it work on the same principle?! Taking this into account, the Bathmate Hydromax works enjoyably hard in just a quarter of an hour. You’re then free to go about your day with a renewed sense of masculine excitement and vitality.

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Male Potency

Through the generations, significant focus has honed in on one part of men’s anatomy - and there’s no question which! With so much discussion on just a single organ, it’s not exactly a shock that certain men will find themselves dissatisfied with their own endowments. However, it may be more shocking to realise that plenty of these men don’t necessarily understand the mechanism behind the situation. The male organ is made of three components: two corpora cavernosa on the top area, and the corpus spongiosum. The former are hollows that fill with blood to pull the corpus spongiosum erect. It’s consequently obvious that the flow and circulation of blood are absolutely imperative to this body part working properly, and that the best way forward regarding it is to consider this innate mechanism.

There’s no way around this being the most instantaneous sign of maleness - the measurement from top to bottom! With men everywhere making comparisons to ideas of both normalcy and extraordinariness, it’s no shock that plenty wish to boost this particular measure of masculinity.

Length might be spoken of by plenty, but mounting anecdotal discussion, between men and their partners, is relating the importance of all-round size in the provision of pleasure. Girth is considered to be particularly important to both the look and feel of masculine dynamism, energy and intensity.

There are times when a fixed, numerical measure doesn’t cut it – it must be inevitable that the special sensation of being strong and vigorous matters too. Whether it’s in everyday life or in one’s more passionate moments, the sense of manliness is vitally benefited by feeling powerful on demand.

Hydropump Technology

Vacuum air pumping methods are nothing new to masculine boosters – a single search engine entry pulls up endless alternatives! They all aim to arouse blood flow, and thus augment male size. Research has evaluated such methods’ effectiveness in furthering oxygen saturation levels, their work at a molecular level, and in mechanically straightening the male tissue. Such approaches might promise fantastic results, but a significant number has had unsatisfactory, or even unpleasant, experiences. So a fresh, exciting attitude to aiding men was taken, by making use of water’s elemental strengths.

Instinctively, we all appreciate what this indicates - a significantly more enjoyable feeling! Furthermore, hydropump tech has many logistical rewards. Water helps to form a supple yet uniform force around the whole area, meaning that all blood vessels are stimulated. Using warm water, as enabled by the shower or bath, opens up pores to encourage skin’s health and elasticity, and thus intends to aid the augmentation process. Lastly, H2O creates a kinder, although certainly no less powerful, surrounding. This is vital to guaranteeing your comfort and, crucially, safety. With the hydropump methodology, you’re really taking bold strides toward achieving what you want for your manhood.

The Hydromax

With the ultimate drive toward excellence, Bathmate is never satisfied – just like the men it works so hard for. Having succeeded in creating a brilliant product in its first hydropump, there was one inevitable question: how to improve it?! And so they expertly engineered the Hydromax Series, with a revolutionary new bellows pump system and valve, to give *35% more power than the original Hercules. Understanding that one-size-fits-all could never sate the desires of the masses, they also used a more tailored sizing approach while continuing the three colourways, so that each one is bespoke to the man who uses it. To date, it is the world’s best selling masculine pump, with over 1 million units sold in 90 countries.

The Bathmate Hydromax is a tasteful device, presented in three colours. You can perfectly select the shade that represents your masculinity – whether that’s heated red, calm blue, or full throttle transparent!

The ground-breaking use of hydro-tech was created for leisurely shower or bath use. This technique is intended to augment with ease and even enjoyability, to be incorporated into your life with ultimate convenience.

The gadget is designed with maximum power, enabling it to be used for just fifteen minutes to enjoy the benefits. You’re sure not to miss such a short time, putting all other enhancing devices out of mind.

Based on intensive expert study, the Hydromax makes use of definitively understood, highly regarded mechanics to provide you with a pleasurable, entirely safe method to taking your requirements into your own hands.

Using the Hydromax Pump

You can use this device in the shower or bath - in either case, relax in the water for a few minutes. Push the black pip into the closed position and remove the comfort insert. Invert the Hydropump under the shower head, or below the level of the bath water, until full of water. Replace the comfort insert and place the Hydropump over your flaccid penis tight up to your pelvic seat. Make a comfortable seal, and with the device angled slightly upwards open the valve by pushing the black pip to the central position. Commence pumping, slowly and evenly until the bellows remain depressed, indicating that optimal vacuum has been achieved. To remove, release the vacuum by depressing the valve cap inwards to activate the quick-release mechanism and slide it off your penis. For extra ease, you can buy a Shower Strap, so you can use your Hydromax Pump hands free.


Every Bathmate product was created with consideration toward satisfying male needs, while completely maintaining your security, safety and comfort. Having said that, please take practical precautions. Take care to fully consider the complete selection of Bathmate products, and be sure to purchase suitably for the size of your anatomy. In preparation for using, you should take the time to carefully read through the full instructions. Never exceed the maximum time of fifteen minutes per session, and definitely remember to be patient. Rushing the process does carry the risk of injury.

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Bathmate Hydromax 5 7 9
Previously Known As X20 X30 X40
Price £78.95 £98.95 £128.95
Suction Power 35x the Hercules
Penis Size 5-13
Measurement Gauge
Comfort Pads
Latch Valve System
Guarantee 2 Years

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  • working very well, thanks guys

    T Tinie

  • I have used Hercules for 2 years and now wanted something more powerful. Hydromax X40 was perfect for me as it suits my size and power need. I have always ordered my stuff from ShytoBuy thanks to their really great service

    LH Lori Hall

  • This pump is ultimate erection booster. I grow longer immediately after using it and I like the look at my wifes face when she sees my big hunk

    W Willie

  • i already had above average size, after using this its grown in width and length, now when i wear tight jeans its a significant bulge, mission accomplished thanks

    D Dean

  • i like this alot

    J Jez

  • got mine today, its bigger than i thought, its exciting to see what will happen. will post at a later date

    GP Greg Price

  • its always nice to have a mate in the bath, especially one that makes you grow

    DO Doug Osborne

  • just been told about this and im gonna give it a go, just ordered!!

    M Marvin

  • after i discovered this product it really benefitted me at work, i am in the sex industry and i need to keep my penis in tip top shape, this device has really helped me maintain a decent size and erections are strong.

    N Nick

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