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30 Capsules | Male Performance Supplement


Vimax is one of the most popular, renowned and highly regarded male enhancement pills worldwide. Now, you can join the millions of men who are taking these capsules, and enjoy the empowerment and confidence you as a man truly deserve! Its wealth of potent, time-honoured herbal ingredients seek to augment and stimulate your innate masculinity so that you - and your partner! - can enjoy every heated moment to the max.

  • Aspires to support stimulation & drive
  • The finest natural ingredients
  • High strength formula
  • With Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba
  • Vimax usage is discreet & easy
  • Leading intimacy brand
  • Dairy-free
  • Lactose Free

Free Delivery on all UK orders over £35.

What Is Vimax?

As one of the most popular male enhancement supplements around, Vimax pills are carefully formulated using the best natural ingredients and designed to help boost your intimate performance from the comfort of your own home. This product’s entire pledge is to provide a formula that can help men find their intimate power and build on it. From there they can grow their confidence in the bedroom whilst seeing benefits to their stamina, drive and stimulation. All of these elements are key players in the process of building a happy and fulfilling intimate life.

Why Choose Natural Male Enhancement Pills?

For thousands of years, men have searched for ways to boost what nature gave them - and sometimes, the old ways are the best! Even while everything from male enhancement exercises to penis surgery is on everyone’s lips, many of us still want to work with our bodies, not against them. As a result, potent herbal, botanical ingredients in male enhancement supplements can empower, strengthen and reinvigorate your body from home and without resorting to dangerous methods that can damage our health. This is why they are the most popular choice, especially since the best pills will give you what you need to stride into every encounter with pure, undiluted confidence.

How Does Vimax Work?

These superb Vimax pills are crafted with some of the best natural ingredients known to help male performance and health in order to help you out in the bedroom. These powerful capsules have been expertly engineered and balanced with the masculine body in mind, with eight active ingredients working together in perfect harmony. In addition to the most important trio of Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Cayenne, Hawthorn Berry and Saw Palmetto further boost the capsules’ vigour. These strive to bring your masculine anatomy to its most energised, virile and potent strength, for constant sensual readiness.


So that you can feel secure in your staying power, Panax Ginseng is included in the Vimax fusion. One of the world’s most revered herbal extracts, this ancient root is highly regarded for its strengthening yet sensation-heightening qualities.


Ginkgo Biloba is a healthy and energising green plant, known for its incredible stimulating qualities. These are considered to act on both our physical and mental selves, so that can make the most of every experience.


Cayenne Pepper is used to help improve how the body absorbs nutrients, but also to revitalise the body. It’s also included to keep your body in prime readiness to be awakened, for pure potency with every single capsule.

Who Should Take Vimax?

Taking Vimax is in the best interest of those healthy men who could use an extra long-lasting boost to their performance in the bedroom and those that need a hand with their intimate confidence. Other men also have reasons to buy Vimax as it is versatile in its nature; its sustaining formula can also be used for those looking to boost arousal and intimate drive in the moments leading up to lovemaking.

How Do I Take Them?

To receive all of the benefits of Vimax, take one capsule every day, roughly half an hour after a main meal and with water. Each pack of Vimax contains thirty capsules, which is enough to sustain a month’s worth of Vimax enjoyment.

How Long Does It Take For Vimax To Start Working?

Vimax pills have been created from herbal extracts which customers have found to provide incredibly fast absorption. As it is a daily supplement though, you need to build up some of the ingredients in your body to get the most effective results. As all men are different, it is recommended that you take on an ongoing basis for a minimum of three months to achieve the most out of the product.

What Are People Saying About Vimax?

A world-renowned male enhancement formula that has remained a market leader year on year, Vimax reviews speak for themselves. Many men have shared their before and after results, and have gone from leaving positive customer reviews to becoming loyal consumers. This means that Vimax Group supplements such as Vimax pills are often considered the best solution to natural male enhancement and should be your number one choice!

Do Vimax Pills Have Side Effects?

There are no known side effects of taking Vimax as it is made with the finest natural ingredients and created with your safety in mind. Before first use, we suggest looking through the full ingredients for allergens and do not use if you are under 18.

Vimax Ingredients

Active - Vitamin E 185 IU; Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder, Whole Plant; Panax Ginseng Root Extract, 5% Ginsenosides; Capsicum Annuum Whole Plant; Crataegus Laevigata Extract (10:1), Fruit; Tribulus Extract Powder (20:1), Whole Plant, Saponins 20%; Serenoa Repens, Whole Plant, 45% Fatty Acids; Avena Sativa, Stem Extract (10:1).

Other - Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Water.

How To Find The Best Male Enhancement Supplement For You

Feelings of masculinity are so complex and nuanced - many factors play into our ideas of ourselves as men! So how do you know what you need? Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is an important requirement when it comes to choosing the most effective supplement for you but so are other needs. Many male enlargement pills aim to satisfy the desire to improve and increase girth and penis size while others aim to keep you lasting longer in bed, boost sexual sensitivity, or heighten volume. Once you’ve established your personal need, finding the best male enhancement pills for you could be the first step is discovering a new, more masculine you.

Customer Reviews

At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

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reviews 4.5

90.77% based on 25 Reviews

Verified Purchase

The vimax company asure me the you will b better.im using this product for more then week there is a little bit change in my health let's see what will done after a month

S Shakeel A
Verified Purchase

I have used it for just one month. There are no signs that it will work for me in terms of bigger penis but long lasting and partner satisfaction is great.

I Ifeanyi Z
Verified Purchase

As usual this five star product since it includes 7 elements including stimulant .

Verified Purchase


S Sumon S
Verified Purchase

Good and workable

K Kami Q
Verified Purchase

All good for me Thanks

K Koua P
Verified Purchase

Good service Good prize

M Mohammed S
Verified Purchase

Will review after 2 mths.

C Charine
Verified Purchase

As always I rate 5 Star for this Vimax

S Sanju
Verified Purchase

Thanks for your service

M Mohammad A
Verified Purchase

This Vimax product is the real thing, stamped and approved. Authentic product made from Canada no foreign country like China.

R Rakem W
Verified Purchase

Good and genuine

K Karan C
Verified Purchase

Very useful I really recommend

r ramzi A
Verified Purchase

best product

K Kashif N
Verified Purchase

Very happy with the results so far, and I love that the ingredients are naturally sourced too

S Shirajul
Verified Purchase

Already seeing change after using just from a month! Best enhacement product!

S Sam
Verified Purchase

really good male enhancement supplement. Very Happy

S Sam
Verified Purchase

I was taking it before it was very good and I stopped it and am starting again I hope it will be the same as before

N Nayim
Verified Purchase

Best Male enhacement product! Just buy it from shytobuy and see the results within Month.

S Sam
Verified Purchase

Been taking these for a couple of months now, just not been performing as well in bed, plus I think it just makes itself worse over time. After taking these for a week I’ve already noticed a difference, so has my girlfriend and she doesn’t even know that I’m on them. Lasts for longer and much more satisfying for us both

Z Zayan
Verified Purchase

Been taking these for ages and would never, ever look back. Basically thought my love life was over before I began taking these, now I’m good to go whenever and it feels fantastic

M Marcus
Verified Purchase

These little capsules have really changed my life. Went through a phase of worrying about intimacy, now I feel like myself again

D Darrell
Verified Purchase

I think I do feel something when taking these and I will continue as they are a good price too

O Oliver
Verified Purchase

I feel like I last so much longer now and my girlfriend loves it!

H Henri
Verified Purchase

Excellent service I Love shy to buy and Royal mail From Bahrain


* Results may vary from one person to another.

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