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Helpful Tips to Improve Fertility with Natural Solutions

Around 25% of couples in the UK have problems with conceiving. Fertility problems are forcing thousands of men and women to opt for IVF from the NHS every year. According to the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence, women are eligible for IVF only if they're between 23 and 42. But we all know that IVF with NHS isn’t easy. The entire process is lengthy and can take a toll on relationships and psychological health of people involved.

Private IVF is out of question for the masses as it's really expensive and the waiting is longer than you can even imagine. Thankfully there are natural fertility aids that can improve fertility in both men and women, increasing their chances of having a baby.

Fertility Problems

If you've been having unprotected sex for about a year and still unable to conceive, you may be facing fertility problems. Often, this can tear apart most people emotionally and even cause strain in relationships. A positive approach is required at the stage where both partners get tested for fertility and seek a solution to improve fertility.

It has been seen that most fertility problems are due to poor nutrition and bad lifestyle. In women, hormonal imbalance and weight is often a reason behind delayed pregnancy. On the other hand, men struggle with low sperm count and poor semen quality.

Unexplained infertility forms 15% of the total number of infertility cases. Doctors are unable to identify the exact cause behind why a couple is unable to conceive even though the tests indicate both partners have done well in fertility tests. Natural therapies and solutions come into picture in such cases. By regulating the balance of the body, these solutions are now becoming increasingly popular among couples with fertility problems.

Who Is Affected By Fertility Problems?

Around a quarter of all couples in the United Kingdom experience difficulties when trying to get pregnant, and find the use of fertility test kits an invaluable tool in the quest to uncover and remedy any underlying issues to help improve fertility. Before, this would have meant an uncomfortable and perhaps costly visit to the clinic. However, thanks to significant recent improvements in the quality of natural family planning products, such as home fertility test kits, you can check in the comfort of your own home with the reassurance that you'll get accurate results in a short space of time, allowing you to maximise your chances of conceiving with the minimum of fuss.

Fertility Problems In Males

Recent studies have indicated that the sperm count of men from Europe, North America and Australia is decreased by almost 60% in the last 4 decades. It has now become relatively harder for men to become fathers. The ever increasing number of erectile dysfunction treatments might make men wonder that it's one of the most common sexual conditions but it isn't welcome at any level whatsoever. Most men fear impotence and erection problems so intensely that they start working on prevention techniques quite early in the life.

However, you cannot run from the fact that 1 out of 5 men suffer from some kind of erection problem at least once in their lifetime. Although there are many over the counter treatments available in most countries, people still are ill informed about what causes fertility problems in males. This informational guide will offer you support in this area.

  • Blockages in the male tubes called vas deferens or epididymis can obstruct the transport of sperm and cause male fertility problems. This is caused by STIs like Chlamydia, birth defects or injuries.
  • Issues with sperm counts, sperm motility or the shape of sperms can also cause infertility in males. Natural fertility supplements can help deal with this problem and fertility test kits can give you an idea of the quality of sperm.
  • Hypogonadism is a condition that affects the production of testosterone in the body. Low testosterone can reduce your sex drive and affect erection thereby affecting the sperm count and causing fertility problems.
  • Ejaculation disorders like premature ejaculation, retrograde or anejaculation can give rise to fertility problems.
  • Other common problems are excessive smoking, obesity, small testicles, stress, certain medications and steroids.

Fertility Problems In Females

Fertility problems affect 1 in 6 couples approximately and about one third of infertility cases are accountable to females. Following are some of the major causes of fertility problems in females:

  • Ovulation issues are a common cause of fertility problems which can be due to a tumour or cyst, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, excessive drug or alcohol consumption, excess weight or problematic menstrual cycles.
  • Damage to fallopian tubes which is a result of a previous infection, adhesions or scar tissue, pelvic inflammatory disease, polyps in the uterus or some birth defect can also cause fertility problems in females.
  • Abnormal mucus in the cervical region can often prevent the sperm from reaching the egg leading to fertility issues.
  • Other conditions like endometriosis or Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS) can also reduce your chances of conception.
  • Age is another factor affecting fertility in females. The quality and number of eggs produced after the age of 35 declines resulting in low chances of conception.

Natural Ways To Improve Fertility

In our increasingly environment-conscious age, many couples nowadays prefer to use natural solutions to enhance their chances of conceiving, and our range of products caters to those needs. At ShytoBuy we supply a wide variety of products that implement different natural family planning methods, which help support healthy sperm production and mobility in men while others encourage regular ovulation and reproductive health in women.

  • Modifications in diet and lifestyle can boost your chances to improve fertility by almost 69%. Adding antioxidant rich foods or supplements to your diet can also improve your chances of conceiving.
  • Cutting down on less refined carbs, Trans fats, smoking and adding fibre and vegetarian protein sources, high fat dairy are also beneficial in handling fertility problems.
  • Since obesity is one of the common causes of fertility problems in both males and females, including moderate exercises will help lower stress levels, keep your weight under check and can help improve fertility.
  • For many couples, both partners opt for a fertility natural family planning product, allowing you to work out exactly where the issue lies in order to give yourselves the best possible chance of falling pregnant.
  • Fertility test kits help you understand your problems and address them accordingly. Male fertility test kits help you know whether your sperm count is correct or less than the optimal value. You can then use natural supplements to boost sperm count and improve your fertility discreetly.
  • Other natural supplements for fertility problems potentially reduce the symptoms of conditions like endometriosis, hypogonadism, PCOS or impotence and make it easy for couples to plan a family.
  • Most people who have problem conceiving often consider themselves infertile, but that’s not the case always. If you're experiencing delay in pregnancy and it's taking a toll on your emotional health, consider taking a natural fertility supplement for 3 to 4 months before trying for the baby next time.

How Can Natural Family Planning Products Help Improve Fertility?

Natural products, such as fertility test kits, are aimed at helping you take the first steps towards pregnancy and to improve fertility by allowing you to understand your chances of conceiving - for example, our Babystart range includes a male fertility test which helps to test sperm density in men. This fantastic product checks to ensure that you don't a have a low sperm count, as this can be a major cause of infertility, anything less than 20 million sperm per millilitre of semen is considered a low sperm count.

Once you've established your problem, you'll want to get on with solving it, and if you're one of the 20% of British men who suffer from low sperm count, then natural family planning products such as Fertility Blend for Men may help improve fertility. It's clinically proven (the studies can be seen on the brand page) to help maintain sperm count, mobility and strength, thus potentially improving your chances of conception.
Of course, it's not only men that can suffer from fertility issues, our range of family planning female fertility products have consistently proved to be just as effective to improve fertility in women. Some women find that their fertility is inhibited by excessive levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). Family planning products like Babystart's clinically-tested fertility test kit allows you to monitor your FSH levels privately at home and help you understand the nature of what may be preventing you from getting pregnant. Our collection of female fertility items includes a number of fertility-enhancing products, helping to improve fertility through the mixture of natural ingredients, vitamins and amino acids, all of which are known to help balance hormone levels and repair environmental damage caused to the vagina.

The Final Word

Fertility problems can lead to depression and even relationship break ups. Thankfully there are herbal and natural remedies to aid fertility rates and help couples conceive. Whether you're worried about infertility and want to take a test with the fertility test kit, or want to improve fertility with one of the natural fertility blends, we're sure you'll find whatever you need at ShytoBuy. We specialise in offering a complete set of natural fertility solutions to ensure you can enhance your chances of conception safely and efficiently.

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