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Natural Ways to Reduce Body Fat and Improve Metabolism

The word fat may sound like a villain but many health nutritionists are not treating it as one anymore. The focus now is on weight management and managing the body fat to lose weight the healthy way and stay fit. The age old advice of crash diets and finding quick fixes to reduce body fat need to be ditched so that you can progress towards ways to reduce body fat in a healthy and steady way that is maintainable.

A lot of factors influence body fat such as metabolism, appetite and lifestyle and a few changes in it can help you lose weight healthily. Keep reading to discover how to reduce body fat and manage weight without frowning about it:

Metabolism And Weight Management

Our metabolism is important for various tasks in our body and also plays an important role in losing weight. At the moment, it’s very common to hear expressions like "my metabolism is very slow" or "my metabolism is fast", but is it really? Is speeding up the metabolism enough to lose weight?

Generally we see that people with the fastest metabolism have it the easiest to lose weight. So, now you may be asking how to increase metabolism rate or how to speed up the metabolism to lose weight?

How Metabolism Works

During all the stages of our life, innumerable biochemical reactions happen in our body that aim to keep us alive and functioning. These build and deconstruct molecules and thus, the metabolism is the set of reactions of construction and deconstruction of molecules. In other words, our body can burn or accumulate fats depending on the metabolism. The catabolism process involves breaking of glucose or fat to generate energy whilst Anabolism is a process that allows accumulation of fats for building reserves. This is why many people argue that accelerating the metabolism is a way to lose weight.

Understanding your metabolism and changing its speed through diet, exercise and lifestyle can be a good tool to help reduce body fat.

What Affects Metabolism?


People who follow diet plans to reduce body fat which restricts the intake of the amount of calories consumed daily, may feel their metabolism is slowing down. Sudden caloric restriction leads to breakdown of muscle tissue.


People with a more sedentary lifestyle will feel they have a slower metabolism and may tend to have more body fat and can face more difficulties when they want to increase the metabolism.


Those who skip meals and go through long periods of fasting may have a slower metabolism. The body can feel weaker and lack energy, thereby signalling the system to lower the metabolism to save energy. A Slower metabolism means you burn fewer calories and are unable to boost your efforts to reduce body fat. Likewise, not eating frequently throughout the day (concentrating on the calorie intake on two or three meals) will decrease metabolism and make it harder to reduce body fat.


Some people are lucky enough to have a faster metabolism and thus have controlled body fat. Since it’s a predetermined genetic factor, it’s not possible to have control over the speed of your metabolism. However, with some changes, people with a slow metabolism may try to speed it up.

Medical conditions

People with hyperthyroidism may have a slow metabolism since the thyroid has a diminished activity, producing less energy overall. It’s therefore normal for people with thyroid problems to feel more fatigue and an increase in weight and body fat. Diabetes can cause a slowdown in the metabolism and tends to elevate the blood glucose levels making it more difficult to reduce body fat.

How To Improve Or Boost The Metabolism

It’s not always easy to boost the metabolism in a simple way and you may need to resort to supplements or other natural solutions to speed up the metabolism. It's also possible to choose thermogenic nutrients (ingredients that raise the body temperature to help burn body fat) such as ginger, red pepper, green tea, cinnamon or tamarind that can be obtained through food or through natural thermogenics in capsules.

Here are some tips that help speed up the metabolism and can reduce body fat:

Don’t skip meals - It’s important that you don’t maintain long periods of time without eating. Skipping meals and fasting for too long can cause the metabolism to slow down as it needs to save energy. The best tip is to make small snacks between meals in order to keep the body functioning and speed up the metabolism. Cereal bars, fruit, nuts or natural juices are good choices for speeding up the metabolism and can help reduce body fat.

Always have breakfast - It's vital to have breakfast as soon as you wake up. After a long period of fasting, the body needs fuel to function properly. Skipping breakfast will decrease the body's ability to burn calories since it will try to conserve maximum energy while not eating. So in the morning, give your body complete, healthy food for energy and metabolism.

Don't 'stress' - High levels of stress will decrease the speed of the metabolism due to the state of tension. As if that were not enough, in times of stress, people tend to eat more calorie-dense foods which can spike your body fat.

Have a good sleep routine - Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your health and body. Fatigue and lack of energy can affect the metabolism and may have an impact on your body fat.

Practice physical exercise - The more active you are, the better your metabolism will be. Gaining muscle mass also helps boost metabolism because muscles tend to spend more energy than the body fat mass. A combination of aerobic exercises with weight training can speed up the metabolism and help you reduce body fat.

Drink a lot of water - Keeping the body hydrated is a key to all the functions of our body. Water is responsible for transporting vitamins, minerals and hormones and eliminating toxins and helps you maintain a healthy weight too.

Consume thermogenic foods - Choose foods that can boost your metabolism. Thermogenic foods, being natural nutrients, mostly rich in fibre, will accelerate the metabolism. Choose foods that take up more space in the stomach, whose digestion is slower and can improve the fat burning capacity of the body to help reduce body fat.

Natural Solutions To Reduce Body Fat

The supply of remedies for body fat is huge, and it's easy to buy a cheap pack that promises to burn several pounds in a short time, but is that the right choice? Start by understanding why you cannot lose weight or reduce body weight. Do you like to eat and need something to suppress your appetite? Or do you need something that helps reduce body fat? You probably just want something that will keep you from accumulating more body fat, right?

Appetite suppressants - No matter how disciplined we are, it’s not always easy to resist binge eating once in a while and once you start that, your healthy eating habits are affected. Sometimes physical or even emotional deficiencies can ruin the diet of even the most focused individuals. Appetite suppressants in the form of a dietary supplement can help reduce appetite, decrease the amount of calories eaten and therefore help you to reduce body fat.

Exercise - Choose to do cardiovascular exercises combined with weight training, to exercise your endurance and strength. Join a gym or a Crossfit gym or alternatively buy the equipment and train at home. It may be hard to keep the pace initially, but it only takes 1 month for your body to get used to liking daily exercise.

Natural supplements - In day-to-day running, we don't always have the time to devote our time to food and exercise. Our body is, for the most part, the most impaired. The best option is to choose products with natural ingredients that respect the body and can help balance the metabolism to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Fat reduction devices - Since diet and exercise help you reduce fat across your body, fat targeting devices are designed to reduce body fat in specific areas. These devices use laser technology that penetrates into the fat layer beneath the skin and can help shrink the fat cells. Some of these also use electrical muscle stimulation to extract fatty content and tone the muscles.

The Final Word

It takes persistence and patience to reduce body fat, whether with diets, with physical exercise or with the help of natural supplements, so don't despair because they may work when you least expect it. Rules such as not skipping meals, making the best food choices or drinking plenty of water, are key to achieving the goal of inhibiting appetite and combining these with natural supplements can help you lose weight, and also help accelerate metabolism, boost energy levels while burning calories quickly and efficiently and give you a better overall sense of wellbeing.

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