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Show your acne who’s the boss!

Your skin has a lot of enemies and acne can be the toughest of the lot - it doesn’t just damage your appearance, but your self-esteem and confidence too. Got oily skin? You’ve given acne home ground. When you already know how brutal acne can be, defence is your best move. And for those who are caught unaware, read on to find out how to fight back against acne!

Puberty Is Not The Only Problem

If you’ve been thinking that acne is the curse of the youth, you’ve probably not heard, read about or reached the stage of adult acne. Or you’re the fortunate adult who acne decided to spare. Although acne typically appears only during puberty, adult-onset acne is also equally common and affects about 44% of the population in the UK. Being covered in ‘teenage’ spots in your 40's when you should only be worried about wrinkles is obviously concerning, but there is hope!

Get Your Facts Straight

Revisiting the painful part of adolescence once you're an adult can have a deep impact on your professional and personal life. Triggered by hormonal changes, adult acne shouldn't come as a surprise to adults who burn candles on both ends and are victims of chronic stress. Oily skin is an optimal breeding ground for acne too. Popping and squeezing the acne is often irresistible but it leaves your skin susceptible to infection and inflammation, not to forget the acne scars. Also, acne won’t disappear magically but you can certainly minimise its appearance and feel better. Getting your facts straight will give you a solution in case you're wondering about how to treat acne or how to get spotless, glowing skin back? Learn more about the causes and types of acne first to help manage it better.

Let Acne Bite The Dust

You can’t really let the cold war between acne and your skin thaw, that won’t happen. You'll have to get in there and face the unsightly bumps. The good news is that the cosmetic industry has flooded the market with options for both acne treatment and management. But you obviously need to make sure that the acne treatment products you choose are on point. Just slapping on some mask or zit cream isn't going to be your best move. Here are some acne do’s and don’ts you must know about.

Choose Ingredients Wisely!

Choose soaps or face washes that have some natural acne-cleansing ingredients. Exfoliators with microbeads can also irritate the skin further so opt for products that are specifically formulated to tackle acne. Whilst you choose your serums or creams to get rid of acne, check for ingredients such as tea-tree oil, aloe vera or burdock root that are known to benefit acne-prone skin from inside out. Supplements can be great for your body’s arsenal to minimise the appearance of acne and keep future flare-ups at bay.

Find Your Perfect Combo

For good measure, some relaxing ‘me’ time, a diet revamp and a restorative skincare routine with military precision will help you break up the unhealthy relationship with acne and win back your flawless, glowing skin.

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