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Jes Extender

Device | Male Enhancement Device


The Jes Extender is the premium male enlargement device! It’s been absolutely top above all the competition since its launch in 1995. This device takes a strong stance on helping men who are ready to address their girth and length. The Jes Extender was created by expert researchers, with twenty years of revolutionary scientific understanding, and medically recommended techniques. It seeks to give men a new approach, perfect for any and every man.

  • Premium of male enhancement devices
  • More than two decades of knowledge & experience
  • Methodology studied by scientific experts
  • Satisfied customers in their thousands internationally
  • Up to sixteen parts & a lifetime warranty
  • Easy, comfortable & discreet to use
  • CE Certified
  • ISO



Free Delivery on all UK orders over £35.

What Is The Jes Extender?

This tool is the top male enlargement device for the modern age! Using the scientifically understood traction method, it’s engineered to comfortably stretch over recurring days of use. All you need to do is strap it on fast to wear it, then relax while it does its job. Its easy to use design will become an easy part of your day! What’s more, the Jes Extender is adaptable, with parts included so that you can build it to your changing needs. For those really asking, does Jes Extender actually work, there’s only one way to know the answer! Join the thousands of men putting their before and after results in a review, and order your Jes Extender purchase today.

How Does A Traction Penis Enlarger Work?

One method of penis enlargement is becoming known as the best - traction! This has the best, proven scientific knowledge behind it. A traction based penis enlarger is truly the best way to achieve growth with health in mind. This force, the gradual application of tension to a selected area, takes advantage of the naturally occurring body phenomenon cytokinesis. A steady stretching motion, applied to the body part concerned, aims to lead to the development of new tissue.

Supported By Studies

Other intrusive, risky procedures and penis enlarger devices have been utterly decimated by scientific findings. According to the British Journal of Urology, traction-based “extenders represent the only evidence-based technique”, outside of surgery, of enhancing male length. Many men are even finding it helpful for addressing curvature! Moreover, another independent study found that, incredibly, penis enlargement “results did not deteriorate once usage was stopped”. This process is non-invasive, painless and discreet. What’s more, it has scientists standing strong behind it, supporting its use for growth all the way.

Why Should I Order Jes Extender?

This device now has twenty years experience taking care of men’s male enhancement needs! The time-honoured traction method is achieved with medical-grade components. These can be adapted to build up the extender’s power as your needs change. It also prioritises your wellbeing and health with specially designed accessories to cushion you while utilising the gradual stretching motion.

6 Uniquely Designed Kits

Each and every man can find their perfect Jes Extender. These start with the entry point Light, and culminating in the preeminent Platinum. All options fulfil the essentials: two 2.5cm and 5cm elongation bars, base unit, comfort strap, and dual function front piece. All also include a protection pad, silicone tube, a manual and access to an online instructional video in six languages. From the Original Jes Extender onwards, every kit comes with more extras - so just take a look below!

Light Original Gold
Jes Extender Light Jes Extender Original Jes Extender Gold
Box Cardboard Mahogany Mahogany
Finish - - 18ct Gold
5cm Bars 2 4 4
1.25cm Bars - - 2
Adjustion Keys - 2 2
Cohesive Gauze - - 1
Velcro Strap - - 1
Guarantee 1 year 2 years Lifetime
Maximum Size 17cm 24cm Unlimited

Directions Of Use

Choose a suitable length of elongation bars; your organ should be fully, yet comfortably, stretched when flacid. Attach the bars. Insert the silicon tube or comfort strap, and slip the device over your organ. Tighten it until you are stretched out when the springs expand. Turn the hand screws until stretch is visibly noticeable and full. Build up time of wear over consecutive days as per instructions.

Does The Jes Extender Have Side Effects?

This device was created with natural male enhancement in mind! If used correctly, the Jes Extender has no known side effects. Before use, please take the time to read the full, detailed instructions or watch the video included. It’s advised that you take care to be patient, as the undue pursuit of fast results may cause injury.

Exploring Penis Enlargement

For those looking to increase their penis size fast for greater sexual enjoyment, there are a many options out there! But a top penis enlarger can give the growth desired with at home use. There is a long term guarantee of becoming longer and thicker and focus on personal health. Penis enlargement tools with proven, clearly understood penis growth methodology are the ideal way to get your sexual confidence in order. You can achieve with an increase in satisfaction for both partners. Join the men around the world leaving an ecstatic review for their penis enlarger!

Customer Reviews

At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

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reviews 5

94.64% based on 96 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Still early days for me to review product but the quality is very good. I’ll review again after 6 months

S Sean
Verified Purchase

i thought this was going to be exremely heavy due to the fact that its coated in gold, it was a surprise to pick up the box and feel the weight was almost next to nothing. its really comfortable and im sure compared to the cheaper options it is much more reliable

o olivier
Verified Purchase

100% worth the money, i actually have a friend who bought the light standard and he managed to break it (being heavy handed) thats why i went for a more sturdy machine. so far its been perfect and is extremely comfortable to wear

t tobias
Verified Purchase

its gold and it makes me larger... have i reached heaven ?

M Marius
Verified Purchase

i really want to show off what i got from this

K Kenneth
Verified Purchase

love it!!

G Graham Fren
Verified Purchase

ordered mine, i cant wait to get upto atleast average and go on the pull

A Andrew Knott
Verified Purchase

the jes extender, where to start when it has so many benefits. i will start with the gentle increase in penis length and girth, it has really given me a noticeable difference in size and also allows the blood to circulate around the penis so much better, as a result of this i have been gaining incredibly strong erections, my confidence has gone up massively and hasmade approaching females a hell of alot easier, god knows why

J Jamie_henderson
Verified Purchase

the main thing i have noticed is the circulation of blood, when i use the device and finish i always find myself becoming erect, its a geat way to get it started with your girl

M Marvin J
Verified Purchase

this is really worth the money, even the packaging itself is of top quality, the device is really easy to use and is extremely beneficial, i even started noticing differences just 4 days after using it

G GloryGuy
Verified Purchase


H Hamish
Verified Purchase

my penis has become stronger than superman

k karthik Krishnan
Verified Purchase

i used another extender but that was really uncomfortable and caused embarrassing situations for me. but this one is really comfortable and light

t toby
Verified Purchase

to see my penis grow finally is a dream come true. thank you jes extender and ShytoBuy

N Neil Richards
Verified Purchase

i cant believe my penis actually grew by 2 inches..the look at my wife's face was incrediable

v vondon
Verified Purchase

this is one expensive extender but the feel of luxury is just priceless

y yanky
Verified Purchase

i just ordered my jes extender light after seeing it on bbc 3 last night, surgery scares me

P Patrickq
Verified Purchase

i have been using this for a while and i can see that i have grown

l lee
Verified Purchase

really comfortable and easy to use, with instant results

h harry
Verified Purchase

been using mine for just over 2 weeks now and i can see a significant amount of growth.

e eugiene
Verified Purchase

im in love with my extender, its really nicely designed and packaged and most importantly its extremely easy and comfortable to use

H Henry McCoy
Verified Purchase

this is best way to grow your penis size, i have struggled for years until discovering the jes extender, it changed my life.. and i didnt have to go through any surgery, its great that it is 100% natural

K Kareem
Verified Purchase

just ordered mine this morning, i cant wait to get it and try it out, lots of positive reviews about it

n newby
Verified Purchase

i love this machine

T Tariq
Verified Purchase

i love the packaging of the machine, the box it comes in is of a high quality, its worht the money for sure

N Nathan Dyer
Verified Purchase

Hi there, just wanted to share my amazing experience with this product. i set mine up and started using it straight away, the results came instantly and i noticed my penis growing faster than i expected, i started using it abit less incase i was growing to quickly, after 2 months of using it everyday i now just use it once or twice a week to maintain the length. other than the length the stamina and sensitivity have gone up and im having really strong orgasms . it has chaned my life.

m mikey
Verified Purchase

i have been using mine for a while now, i bought mine because i used to be really anxious about my size and whenever the lads went out clubbing i made excuses, i was too afraid to go out and try pull girls with a tiny wing man. after using this i have seen an increase in size and my attitude towards life in general has become alot better. it jst shows how important the relationship is between you and your penis.

i ilovemypenisnow
Verified Purchase

my best friend told me about this when he ordered one online, he told me its grown so much which i did not believe so i ordered one myself, after using it now for just 3 weeks i have grown massively and i truely believe that this method of growth is effective.

B Basel
Verified Purchase

i am so thankful to the person who made this possible.

l lorenzo pet
Verified Purchase

knowing that i can extend my penis size by pressure is very satisfying, seein as before i thought hte only way was to have surgery, which scared me alot... now jes have created this tool i can safely say i have not thought about the surgery, this is working very well for me

n naturalman
Verified Purchase

in love with my size now, thank you ShytoBuy

j jonnie b
Verified Purchase

astonishing results

K Kaya C
Verified Purchase

hi everyone, i am Terry aged 72 and i have been using the jes extender for a while and even at my age i am still seeing results, i never had anything like this back in the day when i was young. if your still active and elderly then this can really benefit you, i have found it easier to maintain erections and the sex lasts longer. im chuffed

T Terry
Verified Purchase

this has made my man look beautiful. thank you thank you thank you

J Jason V
Verified Purchase

if you feel that you need extra length added to your penis but dont want to spend your bank account on surgery then this is the next best thing. i was so close to booking myself into a clinic to add a few cm to my penis but then i found this and wanted to try it before committing to the surgery which would be life changing. after 5 months of use i have completely changed the way i think about surgery and its the last thing on my mind, the jes extender has really helped me with my sexual performance and also the length of my penis.

O Owen Paffos
Verified Purchase

i cant fault this product, worked so well for me and im performing bette than i have ever done so i cant complain

H Harry
Verified Purchase

all my gals are surprised by my penis size. i say i have a secret and laugh inside. its such an amazing feeling

b bigdude
Verified Purchase

its so light and discreet that i wear it to office daily and hell no one knows about it. so empowering

C Candace May
Verified Purchase

i bow down to the man who made this product. thanks a ton

O Omar Greer
Verified Purchase

been using it for 3 weeks, already seeing incredible results

s steven
Verified Purchase

i love the packaging, really high quality product. i feel safe putting my penis inside it and letting it stretch, weirdly enough

m matty
Verified Purchase

i ordered mine with the discreet packaging so my house mates wouldnt see what im ordering and where from, this was a really great option. as for the jes extender itself, its such a great product, i actually started seeing instant results but now that i havent used it for a while all i need to do is maintain the size i have reached

H Harold
Verified Purchase

king kong aint got sh*t on me

s silverback
Verified Purchase

the silver standard jes extender was an easy choice for me, its produced with the highest quality materials and is 100% safe.

j jonathon
Verified Purchase

just recieved mine, packaging is very discreet, on time, great customer service, and the product itself looks to be made of highquality materials

C CamRon
Verified Purchase

i am a guy who is very active, but for the last 2 years i have been conscious about my penis size so i found a solution, its the easiest and most effective solution aswel, compleely pain free too... i am now as active as i have ever been and now i have no problem getting naked infront of the girls

j jaxon
Verified Purchase

i went to a nudest beach with the lads the other day while i was on holiday and i was shocked to see the size difference in my penis, i felt kind of gay examining every mans size while walking down the beach,but i was considerably smaller than the rest, this really got me down and i went online and searched hard for a solution. the jes extender caught my eye and i gave it a go. i have never been happier than i am today, today was the day i went into the maintaing phase and just use it once or twice a week maximum, just to keep it looking this way. jes extender you changed my life, thanks jes and thanks shy

E Emile D
Verified Purchase

it looks complicated at first bout actually its really easy to use. it has been just a week that i am using it. will come back once i see results

b bigtim
Verified Purchase

faking it out with erection inducer was hell. i needed something more permanent and this is it.

F Franklin
Verified Purchase

im a sucker for a nicely designed product, the box alone is really nice and the jes is really nicely produced. i have been using it recently and its comfortable to wear.

N Noel
Verified Purchase

the dvd inside really helped, if it wasnt for that dvd i would still be struggling to put it together.

T Terry
Verified Purchase

i really like the way you use this machine, when you feel like your growing big you can just tighten it to continue the growth, real easy

P Pat Powers
Verified Purchase

i live in Brighton and work here as a chef at the university, i am surrounded by younger beautiful girls and its a constant reminder of my size, i have never been happy with the size of my penis, i have been using this for a few weeks and i have started seeing a change in the size which is amazing, i jsut want to see what results i can achieve.

L Louis Warnes
Verified Purchase

recieved the product, really nice box it arrived in, no damages on its journey, only used it twice so far but it feels really nice to wear.

C Clyde
Verified Purchase

very good

g george
Verified Purchase

i guess everyone will see different results, but mine hasnt stopped since day 1. im almost reaching the end of the machine, i need to upgrade to see if i can continue the growth.

N Nathan Jenkins
Verified Purchase

just set up my jes titanium, was really easy. cant wait to put it on

S Stan
Verified Purchase

after using this extender i was able to correct curvature in my penis. i am a happy man

L Lione
Verified Purchase

all jes products are great. you can buy them with blind eye without any worries

D Donnie Roy
Verified Purchase

Amazing Results! there's nothing else really to say. Excellent results.

G Gareth
Verified Purchase

Needed an extra kick in the bedroom. Unfortunately my size is very small, but after wearing Jes Extender for 4 months i can now say its average. The girlfriend is upbeat about it too.

F Frank
Verified Purchase

Well worth trying. surprised by the results to be honest. After 2 weeks i grew a quarter of an inch. After a month a whole half an inch. 2 months down the line another inch. honestly this is the real deal. Highly recommend it!

A Anthony P
Verified Purchase

After contemplated between this and penis enlargement surgery, i chose this because it was the cheaper alternative. I do not regret it one bit. It was the cheaper and better option. After hearing so many stories about people not being happy about surgery i opted for this. I am much bigger in size and stamina now. My erections are better and i can last longer. This was the solution to all my problems!

J Jeremy
Verified Purchase

At first i didn't get the results, but i was patient and waited to see what would happen. 6 months down the line i've never felt better. Feeling much more confident in my sex life and i can just show it off whenever i want. Love it.

W Wilson
Verified Purchase

My husband has tried many different methods of penis enlargement. I came across this on an advert and thought i would buy it for him. He thanks me everyday for it. The sex is the best its ever been. He is harder and stronger and to be honest has boosted his confidence.

L Lisa
Verified Purchase

dont be scaed of the price, you really do get a bang for your buck

a andreas
Verified Purchase

i considered all types of methods to achieve a larger penis size. it has been pulling me down for years, im so happy to finaly have found something that is really easy and good to use. its a very acceptable price aswell. thank you ShytoBuy

O Onlynatural
Verified Purchase

nice packaging, lots of instructions, spare parts available on ShytoBuy and last but not least the great customer service.

p paulie
Verified Purchase

incredible results! my penis really has increased in length and girth.

A Alan Rickory
Verified Purchase

its nice to know that someone out there is thinking of us sufferers. after using this now for 2 months my penis has grown substantially, its now at a size i can be proud of.

H Harland Kenzie
Verified Purchase

helped me out in soo many ways, its actually changed my life to some extent, since using this, i am comfortable walkin around the uni house in my boxer shorts which is amazing, i dont feel like girls are judging me on my bulge :) its boosted my confidence more than anything, even fully clothed for some reason i just feel like im a different person.

v vern barret
Verified Purchase

highly recomend the jes extender, i wasnt sure which device was best for me but i am happy with the result from this one.

r rupert cole
Verified Purchase

so i just picked up my brand new jes extender in its discreet packaging, which is very nicely done, atleast now my mum doesnt need to go through the shock of her life. really impressed with the layout and design of the box, its a little scary opening up at first but once you use the dvd to work it all out, its a doddle. cannot wait to see the results.

r robby kent
Verified Purchase

super happy with the results, my penis is now average size.

f floyd D
Verified Purchase

the dvd is super helpful, without it i would have no idea what im doing. gotta give credit to the guys at ShytoBuy for the quality customer service.

M Marshall
Verified Purchase

love it !

t tristan
Verified Purchase

must buy!

k korey
Verified Purchase

basic yest complete model. i wanted something effective yet affordable, and this is best

G Gilberto
Verified Purchase

best in class...totally impressed

C Chris
Verified Purchase

my penis is straight as an arrow now, i am so thankful for products such as this

J Jeremey Jezzer
Verified Purchase

my husbands used to have an extremely curved penis, it used to hurt me a little when we made love, so i bought him this extender not to incease his penis size but to straighten out his penis. since using it he has achieved a staighter penis which has resulted in me climaxing so much more, its like having sex with a different person, also he has grown a bit more which is just an added bonus.

S Synthia
Verified Purchase

its worked so well for me, i couldnt be happier with the size of my cock now, i have been taking full advantage and going out clubbing everyday to try pick up girls, my inner teenager is coming out now. its been a while

A Andre Parker 82
Verified Purchase

before the jes extender i used to use the hand method, i would stroke my penis for an hour every morning slowly trying to stretch the skin cells, it never worked tho. since using the jes extender i have managed to increase my penis size within weeks, its seriously impressive and i would recomend it to anyone.

L Levi Jerico
Verified Purchase

thank you jes extender. i could literally look at my penis all day, its beautiful

S Seymour2948
Verified Purchase

my penis is not in need of a size increase but is in need of straightening as i cant seem to penetrate as deep as i would like to, most girls tell me it hurts them because of the bending, so i started using the jes platinum and this has really helped with the bending, it looks so much bigger now also

A Axel
Verified Purchase

the platinum extender is the best thing i have used, i have tried supplements for increasin penis size but they havent really been working for me, sicne using platinum extender i can actually see a noticeable difference in the size of my penis.

k khalid
Verified Purchase

10 out of 10 for penis size increase. 8 out of 10 for girth increase. 9 out of 10 Total

G Genko
Verified Purchase

its a bit costly. would have loved it more if it wasnt that pricy

N Nicholas
Verified Purchase

your customer support is the best i have every talked to. i was able to understand the product usage without facing any embarrassment

B Bonnie
Verified Purchase

i found it really comfortable. guess i chose the right material.

H Henry
Verified Purchase

I have been using this extender for around 2 years now and I have experienced the following results. Guys if you have a small penis I must say you need to really try traction penile enlargement. I am not saying to buy this product, this is just the product I used due to all the good reviews I have read. My Girth: +2.1cm My Length: +2.8cm I wasn't too small before and I am in the adult industry so its really helped me out for the camera over the last two years and I think maybe even got me a few jobs I shouldn't of got! I recommened this to any guy out their with a unsatisfcatory penis to try this out for at least a year. I know of 3 people that use this in the industry and all report good positive results from the technology used. Jes Extender itself is very comfortable though I must say.

D Dan D D
Verified Purchase

Only increased it by 0.4cm each way in 2 months - I expected more. Works but slow.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Can't believe I haven't decided to take the plunge with this earlier. I honestly thought it was a gimmick and I never thought about trying it. So glad I did, i can see the difference after 6 months. Wearing it for prolonged time can be a bit tedious at first... but it becomes like wearing boxers after a while and really lightweight. The price you pay for a non-invasive procedure I guess.

T Tom
Verified Purchase

Easy to maintain and cheap with all the spare parts readily available here. 4*

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

5* product. I returned my other penis extender from Extenze as it was so uncomfortable - this feels lightweight, perfect.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Excellent value for money. I like the extras it comes with and you can see that it is quality and not cheaply made. It is strange to use but you soon get used to it and I can say from experience that it is working. 5 Stars.

D Darren

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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