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Jes Extender

Device | Male Enhancement Device

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Originally designed by a cosmetic surgeon for his patients’ post-penoplasty operations, the Jes Extender is the gold standard of male enhancement devices, and has been ever since its launch in 1995. Make no mistake, this product is serious about helping men who are prepared to deal with their length and girth. With men's needs and desires firmly in mind, Jes made optimum use of revolutionary scientific knowledge, and medically conceived methodology, to bring a new approach for every man who wants to stride forward with masculine pride.

  • Gold standard of male enhancement devices
  • Over twenty years experience & knowledge
  • Scientifically researched methodology
  • Thousands of satisfied customers globally
  • Up to a lifetime guarantee & 16 components
  • 100% medical grade materials
  • Comfortable, discreet & easy to use

You may well have tried every other option on the market - but until you’ve tried the Jes Extender, you’ll never know what potential could be waiting to be unleashed! With a steady, gradual yet inexorable action, this gadget does the hard work for you, while putting all the control, management and, ultimately, power directly into your hands. Now you can find an answer to a seemingly impossible problem, and join men around the world reaping the rewards of the Jes Extender.

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Bigger Is Better

One particular organ has been symbolic of power, strength and virility since time began - so it’s no surprise than men have concerned themselves with their most masculine parts for just as long! More than simply providing pleasure to oneself and one’s partner, it represents masculine confidence, potency and deepest personal energy. Of course it’s therefore understandable that some men will find themselves dissatisfied with nature’s bounty. This can impact on everything from confidence in the workplace to success in securing romantic and intimate partners. Even though the men that worry most are generally completely within normal boundaries, there will always be some looking for new, often risky, methods to make the changes they desire.

The Traction Method

Doctors and the scientific community has acknowledged one method as helpful in addressing the concern of a small manhood and unsatisfactory shape: extenders that make use of traction. This force, the gradual application of tension to a selected area, takes advantage of the the naturally occurring body phenomenon cytokinesis. A steady stretching motion, applied to the body part concerned, aims to cause cells to divide and multiply, leading to the development of new tissue.

What’s more, there’s incredible research behind its specific use on the masculine organ, with more studies than can possibly be imagined. Intrusive, risky procedures and devices using other methods have been utterly decimated by their findings. Perhaps most significantly, according to the British Journal of Urology, traction-based “extenders represent the only evidence-based technique”, outside of surgery, of enhancing male length. Many men are even finding it helpful for addressing curvature! Moreover, another independent study found that, incredibly, “results did not deteriorate once usage was stopped”. This process is non-invasive, painless and discreet - and what’s more, it has scientists standing strong behind it, supporting its use all the way.

The Incredible Jes Extender

With twenty years experience of satisfying men, the Jes Extender was developed making use of the time-honoured traction method, which is now being revolutionarily used to address male physical needs. With medical-grade components that can be adapted to build up the extender’s power as your needs change, it also prioritises comfort with specially designed accessories to cushion your organ. The gradual stretching motion applied is perfectly designed to be suitable for you and your comfort.

Increasing anecdotal evidence from many of its over 100,000 customers is suggesting an increased sense of self-confidence and more enjoyable bedroom experiences. There is no comparable competition available - only the Jes Extender can offer you the combined reassurance and empowerment of scientific knowledge and premium quality.

Media Coverage

As a revolutionary, exciting force on the market, it’s hardly surprising that the Jes Extender male enhancement device has gained attention and esteem from the popular media! Seen everywhere, it’s even appeared on the legendary Jonathan Ross show with Hollywood mega-star Ewan McGregor. It’s was also reviewed in a Channel 4 documentary, where journalist Tim Shaw reported enhancing his manhood by a half inch in just two weeks.

Jes Extender & ShytoBuy - An Extraordinary Partnership

Being an exclusive distributor of the Jes range since the beginning, only we have the knowledge and experience to help you with this premium device. We sell the authentic, genuine Jes Extender and offer the manufacturer's warranty. With help at the end of the line whenever you need it, and spare parts available should you require them, you have a rock solid guarantee of trustworthiness authenticity, and quality. No other seller can offer you access to 100% legitimate Jes Extender technology.

Bang for Your Buck

With six perfectly designed sets, there’s a Jes Extender for everyone - from the entry point Light, to the ultimately luxurious Platinum, you can make the perfect choice for your need. However, basic requirements are fulfilled with every set. Each kit comes with a base unit, dual function front piece, silicone tube, comfort strap, protection pad, manual, access to an online instructional video in six languages, two 2.5cm elongation bars and at least two 5cm elongation bars. For the added extra accessories found in each kit, see below.

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Light Original Titanium Silver Gold
Bathmate hercules blue Bathmate hydromax x20 blue Bathmate hydromax x30 blue Bathmate hydromax x50 blue Bathmate hydromax xtreme x20
Box Cardboard Mahogany Aluminium Mahogany Mahogany
Finish - - - Sterling Silver 18ct Gold
5cm Bars 2 4 4 4 4
1.25cm Bars - - 2 2 2
Adjustion Keys - 2 2 2 2
Cohesive Gauze - - - 1 1
Velcro Strap - - - - 1
Guarantee 1 year 2 years 2 years 5 years Lifetime
Maximum Size 17cm 24cm 24cm Unlimited Unlimited

How to Use

Choose a suitable length of elongation bars; your organ should be fully, yet comfortably, stretched when flacid. Attach the bars, ensuring you hear a clicking noise. Insert the silicon tube or comfort strap, and slip the device over your organ. Tighten it behind the edge of your glans, until your organ is flaccid, but stretched out when the springs expand. Turn the hand screws until stretch is visibly noticeable and full. At first, use for an hour everyday; after the first week, ensuring you prioritise your comfort levels, continue to add more traction and wear for more hours at a time. It can be worn at any angle suitable to you, as the device is fully hinged. Please take the time to read the full, detailed instructions included with the device, or watch the video, before embarking on use.


The Jes Extender is designed to be a safe, comfortable, convenient and discreet method of addressing your size concerns. However, as when using any device, you should take reasonable precautions. Please take a patient approach, understanding that achieving your goals may take time but any gains you make are yours for good. Always prioritise your comfort and safety over short-term gain. It is not intended for use by under eighteens.

Customer Reviews

At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

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  • I have been using this extender for around 2 years now and I have experienced the following results. Guys if you have a small penis I must say you need to really try traction penile enlargement. I am not saying to buy this product, this is just the product I used due to all the good reviews I have read. My Girth: +2.1cm My Length: +2.8cm I wasn't too small before and I am in the adult industry so its really helped me out for the camera over the last two years and I think maybe even got me a few jobs I shouldn't of got! I recommened this to any guy out their with a unsatisfcatory penis to try this out for at least a year. I know of 3 people that use this in the industry and all report good positive results from the technology used. Jes Extender itself is very comfortable though I must say.

    DD Dan D D

  • Only increased it by 0.4cm each way in 2 months - I expected more. Works but slow.

    A Anonymous

  • Can't believe I haven't decided to take the plunge with this earlier. I honestly thought it was a gimmick and I never thought about trying it. So glad I did, i can see the difference after 6 months. Wearing it for prolonged time can be a bit tedious at first... but it becomes like wearing boxers after a while and really lightweight. The price you pay for a non-invasive procedure I guess.

    T Tom

  • Easy to maintain and cheap with all the spare parts readily available here. 4*

    A Anonymous

  • 5* product. I returned my other penis extender from Extenze as it was so uncomfortable - this feels lightweight, perfect.

    A Anonymous

  • i used another extender but that was really uncomfortable and caused embarrassing situations for me. but this one is really comfortable and light

    t toby

  • to see my penis grow finally is a dream come true. thank you jes extender and ShytoBuy

    N Neil Richards

  • i cant believe my penis actually grew by 2 inches..the look at my wife's face was incrediable

    v vondon

  • this is one expensive extender but the feel of luxury is just priceless

    y yanky

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