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Viaman Delay Spray For Men

Discreet Control Formula
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Key Features

  • Delay spray to extend intimate moments
  • All-natural & pH-balanced formula for men - no known side effects
  • Designed to provide stamina and climax control
  • Comes with a free delay wipe worth £2
  • Safe, fast-acting and prescription-free
  • Comes with our 90-day money-back guarantee

Have you had enough of your intimate moments finishing too soon? We know the feeling, and we want to help. Our Viaman™ Delay Spray for men has been formulated to maximise your bedroom performance and boost your stamina.

With a potent combination of natural ingredients, our delay spray provides you with the power and control for any situation. Our pocket-sized spray can be applied just 20 minutes before action and can help you delay crossing that finishing line. Give yourself and your partner the experience you deserve.

  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian

What Is Viaman Delay Spray?

This mens’ delay spray from Viaman™ is a male delay product that has been specifically formulated to help bring men those extra bedroom moments, without having to turn to prescription medication and potentially harmful ingredients. Viaman™ successfully recognises that men need a discreet, barely visible and non-perfumed spray that could be used swiftly before intimacy, to help increase confidence & sustain performance. It is also gentle and safe, employing a potent combination of active natural ingredients, to help bring you your desired results.

How Can Viaman Delay Spray For Men Help?

This innovative “Viaman Delay Spray for Men” formula uses a combination of active, powerful ingredients, to help give you the time and confidence you need to make those bedroom experiences truly unforgettable. It calls upon Mint, an increasingly popular ingredient known for its gentle numbing and firming benefits that are being used more in the male enhancement industry. Its cooling effect could help you maintain energy and control, keeping that finishing line at bay. One of the other key active ingredients is St John’s Wort Extract. This helps in this formula by reducing skin irritations on sensitive areas and helping you to enjoy your intimate encounters to the maximum.

Why Choose Viaman Delay Spray For Men?

Key Ingredients

The success behind the Viaman™ delay spray comes from its combination of carefully selected ingredients. Some of the most essential of which are as follows:

How To Use Delay Spray by Viaman?

Shake the bottle well before use. Simply spray the Viaman™ Delay Spray 2-5 times to the desired area 20 minutes before intimacy and gently rub it until fully absorbed. Although the spray is natural and safe, we suggest you apply a small amount to the forearm first to check for any adverse reaction. You can use it on the go when needed.

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Verified Purchase

last spray i used made my wife numb and we didn't enjoy at all but this was worked really well. it didn't numb my wife. wonderful product. i am going to be back for more products here

c chris
Verified Purchase

great site, what a range you have. i find all i need

o orlando
Verified Purchase

this is just the best thing to keep in you pocket. spray a little on your penis and you will be ready to rock whole night. why didn't i find this earlier

A Arnold
Verified Purchase

I have no PE issues but i wanted to prolong my staying time and this spray helps me do that easily

O Ovis1988
Verified Purchase

good service. product was delivered on time and packing was discreet just as i wanted

D DaineRZ
Verified Purchase

Simple to use and good size

A Aaron
Verified Purchase

quick to use and doesn't sting or anything

E Evan
Verified Purchase

It works for me

T Tobias
Verified Purchase

Well it works!

E Evan
Verified Purchase

No complaints from the missus. Two sprays then leave for 10 minutes and rinse off and you will perform!

M Martin

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