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Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap

200 g Soap | Advanced Formula for Complexion


Allow Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap to help you reveal a fresh, smooth and brighter skin complexion, whilst washing away impurities. It contains a gentle and unique blend of ingredients including apricot seeds to help you achieve more youthful looking skin. Let yourself look your best all the time every single day.

  • Its gentle exfoliating nature makes it ideal for daily use
  • Balances your moisture levels
  • Helps to protect the skin while revealing lighter complexion effects
  • Provides vital conditioning for a youthful glow

What Is Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap?

It’s unlike any other normal soap that can be used to rejuvenate tired and dirty skin. Not only does it have the ability to wash away any impurities, but it also helps to remove grime and dead skin cells to reveal a fresher appearance. By removing excess oils and dirt from the skin surface helps encourage new skin cells to shine through to reveal a fresher glowing appearance. Not only will it help to look healthier, but you should feel healthier too!

How Does It Work?

Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap contains simple yet effective natural ingredients that contain effective properties in cleaning and washing away any impurities. The fruitful inclusion of apricot seeds work to brighten and soften dead skin cells to reveal softer and healthier skin. Other carefully selected ingredients work to clean and revive.

How Do I Use It?

Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap is very easy and simple to use and integrates into every wash routine. Use it daily on your entire body whilst bathing or showering for best results.

When Can I See Results?

As always it’s important to note that as with many other natural skin care products results can vary from person to person. It’s recommended that to achieve optimal results use the soap daily.

What Are The Ingredients?

Citric Acid, Water, Fragrance, Glycerin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Prunus Armenica Extract, Triclosan, Mulberry Extract, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Palmate and Sodium Kernelate.

Safe To Use

Since Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Antiseptic Soap is made from completely natural ingredients you shouldn’t experience any unwanted symptoms when using it. We do recommend that you should check all the ingredients beforehand using to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. Never consume the product or make contact with your eyes.

Customer Reviews

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reviews 5

92.00% based on 29 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Love this product. Love the smell, the way it leaves my skin feeling. Highly recommend

P Penny T
Verified Purchase

I love the smell of this soap, and the way it leaves my skin feeling. My luxury item I would take with me to a desert island!

P Penny T
Verified Purchase

I used to have breakouts and very oily skin but now my skin is so healthy that I get a lot of compliments.

L Lucy S
Verified Purchase

Good product. Not fake. Love it so much.

M Mamley
Verified Purchase

Very good product for my body

Verified Purchase

I use this bar in the shower everyday. My friends have noticed a huge improvement in my skin. There's no dryness or tightness. Feels amazing.

M Macarena
Verified Purchase

This is an everyday necessity, especially when i go on holiday. Gives me that beach looking smooth skin.

D Darshika
Verified Purchase

If you're after a good exfoliating soap, here is your answer. Its great to use not hard on the skin and it doesn't break up in the shower. Came in a lovely packaging too i cannot complain.

A Andrea G
Verified Purchase

This soup works like magic I love it, I use it everyday for bath????

C Cynthia
Verified Purchase

i am in love with this soap, i have it in all the bathrooms around the house and whenever i have guests over they often ask where did i buy it, i have converted lots of my friends.

P Patsy Jackson

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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