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All you need to know about hair removal methods

While Miley Cyrus is confident to show her armpit hair, most women are not. No wonder most of them love the winters when you don’t have to think of body hair removal at all. Hair removal methods are not just restricted to women though. Recently, there has also been an increasing popularity for body hair removal methods for men. Thanks to this, the market currently has a whole range of tempting treatments for giving you a smooth, stubble free effect in the short and long but the results can easily vary according to skin types. So if you are looking for ways to get rid of the self-esteem busting body hair, keep reading.

Hair removal for Men

In the modern society, more and more men are opting for body hair removal products. The market and demand has changed and gender isn’t linked to hair removing anymore. Laser hair removal for men seems like a long-term solution to keep your chest, back and shoulders hair free, but depilatory creams are an option for the hairier males who want to lighten or thin the hair density on their body.

Facial Hair Removal

For years females around the world have been battling facial hair particularly on the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and forehead region. In some cases, males are also removing hair from their faces apart from their beard. You don’t have to stick to just using tweezers as there are other options available for getting rid of facial hair with safety and precision. For both men and women, facial laser is a modern,widely tested and regulated option that is found to be safe, fast and effective. Know more about simple and easy ways of facial hair removal here.

Body Hair Removal

Many women, who don’t feel that body hairy is sexy, start hair removal from the age of 12 and continue that until the end of their life. Getting rid of excess body hair becomes an essential part of their beauty care. Everyone is comfortable with different methods of removing hair; some feel that shaving is quick, while others prefer waxing for longer lasting results. There are also some women who resort to depilatory creams and gels for removing hair.

Skin type, need and preference are some of the factors women consider when choosing their removal technique. However, there is one thing that every woman desires: painless hair removal methods. Be it shaving, waxing or epilation, every methods involves some kind of pain. Some might argue that creams are painless, but what about the redness and bumps that can be caused if it doesn’t suit you? Hence, it is important to explore the other hair removal methods available in the market.

Body Hair removal products

There is no shortage of products on the market for removing body hair today. Gone are the days when you could just think about razors. Different body hair removal methods work better on different areas, skin tones and skin types. You should talk to your doctor who can help you choose a method that either is categorised under the conditions of surface or root. Surface methods are those which cut the hair at the point closest to the skin, like shaving, whereas root methods remove the hair at the root like waxing or plucking. Here is our small compilation of some of these methods:

Temporary Hair Removal Methods

If you notice any hair regrowth within a few days of removing them, you are probably using a temporary method of body hair removal. The most popular of which are waxing, shaving, sugaring and depilatory creams. Some of these may help reduce hair and thin-out growth as time passes by, but not as effectively as permanent hair removers do. Though they have to be repeated on a very regular basis, some of these methods do help in leaving your skin smooth and hair free. Being less expensive does not make them ineffective and, like the permanent body hair removal methods, most of the temporary methods can also be done at home without the need for a professional.

On the other hand, some methods can be quite painful, and may result in skin irritation or ingrown hair. This can shift your interest to try the less painful, economic as well as relatively permanent modes of removing hair. These can include:

Razors are considered to be the quickest, cheapest, easiest, and safest way to remove hair. However, its effects are temporary. Being a surface method, shaving cuts the hair off as close to the body as possible. But if you do not shave carefully, it may cause ingrown hair, small bumps from razor burn, and tiny cuts. To avoid irritation, make sure that you use a fresh razor, a shaving foam or gel and shave when you’re in the shower or bath.

Waxing on the other hand is a painful yet commonly used option by women. It is quite a tedious method of hair removal that involves putting warm wax over the hairy areas, then using a cloth or paper strip to pull the hair out by the follicle. It is works well for those with dark or coarse hair. It is affordable but a little uncomfortable.

Hair removal creams
Also known as depilatory creams, these contain ingredients that can dissolve the hair at the surface. You can get them easily without a prescription. Most depilatories can be used by spreading the cream over the selected area and then wiping the cream and hair off after waiting for a period of time. It’s that simple and pretty painless.

Hair-inhibitor sprays
This hair removal method must be new for a lot of people but such sprays work smartly by hindering the natural growth of the hair. They even make future growth lighter, thinner and less noticeable. It is all made possible by the unique formula in these products that often contains natural enzymes which can also help to nourish and condition the skin, leaving it noticeably softer and smoother.

Permanent Hair Removal Methods

Whilst there may be no guarantee of hair removal for eternity, there are some methods that prevent the regrowth of unwanted hair. Most people get confused between lasers, IPL and HPL systems. The two things all the three have in common is they can be used for permanent body hair removal and the other is that they emit light. They are relatively expensive and time consuming but can work out more cost and time effective in the long run due to being more of a one-off investment

This is a process of removing unwanted hair by means of light and/or laser which has now become regulated, safe and common these days. The technology makes use of optical energy and is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis. Lasers can be only used by certified professional.

Unlike the with laser, the IPL technology uses light based laser technology instead of the harsher laser treatments offered by specialist dermatologists to destroy the hair follicles for good. This treatment is completed at a salon by a professional.

HPL is a form of low intensity laser and appears more user-friendly and less painful than the IPL treatments from a specialist dermatologist. HPL offers the same benefits of IPL technology in an at-home environment at an affordable price that can save you both time and money.

Temporary vs Permanent body hair removal methods

There is no right or wrong answer, really as it is completely up to you and your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a fast and effective way to remove hair then depilatory creams could be a perfect choice for you. If you are after more long term, permanent results and don’t mind a longer time frame to achieve them, then other hair removal methods such as waxing, electrolysis or laser with a permanent hair removal device could be more suitable for you. The great thing about many of the temporary methods is that a lot can be done at home, saving you time as well as any travel costs or inconvenience.

Body parts where you can safely use permanent hair removal

Plucking hair can take forever. Permanent hair removal methods save you from the time consuming chore of getting rid of unwanted hair. Different treatments are better in different areas of the body and some areas can’t be treated like others. For instance, laser treatment is used for either facial, back, chest and bikini areas. Electrolysis is an invasive procedure and can cause pain as it uses needles, heat or chemicals to destroy the hair follicles.

6 tips that can make hair removal completely painless

You don’t have to always go through the pain to get a beach ready body. Here are few tips that can be used to reduce the pain of getting rid of body hair:

Get numb - Waxing, especially in the bikini line, can be really painful. To reduce the pain, you can use numbing gels on the area before your waxing appointment. The gel will make the area numb and waxing ouch-free. If you are going for facial hair removal, rubbing an ice cube on the area before your appointment can help make the process more pain free.

Wash it out - Make sure that you properly wash the areas that you want to get treated before shaving and waxing. If you have applied some moisturizer or cream on the area, cleaning before the treatment becomes more important as hair takes longer to come out if the area is sticky, and using the wax strips and razor repeatedly on a single area can leave you shouting out in pain.

Keep it taut - While waxing, it is necessary to hold the skin taut, otherwise the strip will not come out properly and will cause a lot of pain. Never peel the strip back in the same direction of hair growth as it can cause red bumps and leave you in pain. To help ease the pain, quickly apply pressure to the waxed area with your hand. Also avoid waxing your legs and bikini line during periods as the skin is sensitive during those days and the process can be very painful.

Be careful with underarms - Removing hair from underarms is the most painful part, so be extra careful. Hair in the underarm area tends to be coarser and grows in different directions. If you are waxing, you must do it in two parts; wax the top and bottom sections of the hair separately depending on the direction of the hair growth.

Use a special gel razor - If you freak out at the thought of waxing, then shaving could be an easier option for you. Use razors that have gel on it as it is easier to remove hair and causes less irritation. Ensure that you shave in the right direction, as shaving in the opposite direction to the growth can cause ingrown hairs that can be very painful. Use a shaving gel or conditioner instead of cream to avoid clogging pores.

Try lasers - If you want a painless body hair removal method along with long lasting effects, then laser is your best bet. Going for parlour or spa treatment can cost you a fortune, therefore it is better that you buy a home pulsed light device that can help remove hair and potentially inhibit growth. These lightweight portable devices can be easily used on any part of your body without the need of any messy creams.

The Final Word

When considering body hair removal methods, you must find what techniques best suits your skin rather than using what everyone is using around you. For many of us, removing body hair is one of those unavoidable tasks of life which can be omitted by permanent solutions available today. They have changed the concept of body hair removal which was once considered a time-consuming, expensive and frequently repetitive method.

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