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Halloween Special: 5 Fears That Men Have in the Bedroom

If you are experiencing fears regarding your sex life or performance, you are not alone! Men don’t often talk about their shortcomings or worries in bed due to either embarrassment or lack of confidence, but it is actually very common for men to have these thoughts. Many men have concerns in bed due to wanting to please their partners, whether that is to do with size, duration or creativity in the bedroom. With these worries running through their minds, many individuals overthink the act and not only do not satisfy their partners but also cannot satisfy themselves!

A lot of men associate bedroom performance with confidence and masculinity. Many individuals are afraid to fall short of expectations because, in a way, this is a factor that contributes to their self-worth. These fears turn into performance anxiety which leads to underwhelming performance which can be frustrating and can lead to even more issues regarding performance. Sometimes this may lead to longer-term issues and if their partners do not have the patience to help deal with the deeper issue, this can be detrimental to a relationship.

Many men need to understand that there doesn’t need to be this pressure to perform or outdo themselves every time they engage in sexual activity, because it is not possible! We all have good days and bad days, and at the end of the day, it is all about enjoying it and having a great time. So ignore all of the shortcomings you may think you have and just live in the moment. Stay relaxed, keep calm, enjoy the intimacy and you will have nothing to fear.

We at Shytobuy want to help you perform and enjoy every moment of your sex life, with that in mind, here are the top 5 concerns that make men nervous in bed and how we think we can help:

1: Leaving your partner unsatisfied

The biggest fear among men Is leaving their partner longing for more. While society believes bigger is better, men around the world believe that this is the only factor that leads to sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This can lead to insecurity, poor performance and can directly affect a person's self-esteem.

With this in mind, there are a few things you can do to help with your performance and confidence! First of all, if you are in a relationship, communication is key! Not every person is aroused by the same thing and everyone is different. It is not all about size and if you are in a committed and trusting relationship, just talk. Work on understanding each other.

If you are not in this position and want a quicker fix, we at Shytobuy want to help you perform to your maximum potential! We have developed a range of all-natural products to help men perform to their maximum potential without any of the health implications. Our Viamin Viper Pro has got rave reviews and has been developed to give men the boost they need in bed. Why not give it a chance and learn more?

2: Premature Ejaculation

Cutting your session short due to an early climax is a fear that a lot of men go through. Whether that is 10 minutes, 5 minutes or 30 seconds, most men wish they could go longer. This is partially due to human nature, women can climax multiple times without affecting their performance, whereas for men, it is game over. Many men are fearful of this outcome and therefore build it up in their heads and then end up suffering from other things such as performance anxiety.

Medically, if you can last in bed for over 1 minute, you are not classified to suffer from premature ejaculation. Many people do not know this and are misinformed by society, adverts and adult videos which then make them feel inadequate. This, most of the time, is not the case. Men create a problem where it simply does not exist. So clear your mind and enjoy the moment, enjoy the foreplay.

This answer may not be ideal for many of you reading because 1 minute may not be the desired time you want to base your sexual performance off. This is why we at Shytobuy have created the Viaman Delay Spray, instead of worrying about how long you can last, you simply spray this all-natural spray on the desired area 30 minutes before action and go! Check it out.

3: Not getting her pregnant (if trying)

Now, we know a lot of men are actually going for the opposite of this depending on their age, but we also know that when it comes to trying for a baby, many men still have many fertility fears which may be on their minds. The worry of not being able to get their partner pregnant or not being able to reproduce can greatly affect sexual performance and can be a hard pill to swallow.

Having a child and fertility is something that can have nothing to do with sexual performance, fitness, health or anything else for that matter, some men and women simply cannot conceive and that is a part of life. That is not to say that there’s nothing you can do to maximise your chances, first of all, a healthy lifestyle and diet is always a good place to start. There are also several alternatives if you have any issues with your semen, so instead of worrying about it, enjoy your sex life and have fun.

We also understand that sometimes all you need is a helping hand, we have developed Viaman Volume to give you a boost. Formulated with selenium which contributes to normal spermatogenesis, Viaman Volume aims to give your body the support it needs to maximise your potential.

4: Lacking the “XXX factor”

It is no secret that a lot of individuals, both men and women, watch adult videos. Now, we also know that sometimes men think “hey… I wonder if this works” and try to emulate what they see on the screen in their real-life experiences. Now, although this can be a fun activity, if your partner is not reciprocating, sometimes it can make a man feel inadequate because they think “I saw this work online… so why doesn’t it work for me?”. From here, men start doubting themselves and their ability which leads to performance issues.

People need to understand that what they see on the screen and what happens in real life is completely different. Performing on screen is no different to an actor flying in a superman movie. Yes, everyone wishes they could fly, but it is not real! We do not expect to be able to fly in real life, so why expect to last for an hour in bed while changing between 100 different positions. The best thing is to talk to your partner, and if you want to experiment, go for it, but don’t think that just because you saw it work online, it will work universally!

5: Previous Masturbation Habits

Many men worry that their childhood masturbation habits have affected their adult sexual performance and libido. Multiple studies have shown that this is simply not true and that there is no correlation, but this doesn’t mean that it is a fear that lingers at the back of many peoples’ minds. When men start to overthink things, they lose focus on the moment which can lead to poor performance.

Every man masturbates at some point in their life, there is nothing to worry about. The worrying part of it all is that it is the psychological burden that actually causes these issues. Once again, stay calm and just enjoy yourself, don’t put excess pressure on yourself and live your life with confidence.

So what is the moral of the story? Don’t worry about it! The more you worry the worse it will get. The majority of sexual performance issues are all due to psychological stress and overthinking. We know that it is not always easy to let go of these fears and worries, so to help you along the way, we have developed our Viaman range. Explore and learn more about how to maximise your potential efficiently and be the best version of you today.

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