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How to Cope With Erectile Dysfunction in Relationships

Many men will admit that impotence, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, can absolutely have the potential to impact their life. But to what extent can it have an effect on your relationship? Should you be concerned? How easy is it to do something about it? Read on to find out more.

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is mainly caused by damage to nerves or blood vessels that supply blood to the penis, uncontrolled blood sugar level or fear of not being able to achieve an erection. As the blood flow in the penis chamber goes down, men find it hard to attain or maintain erection.

Erectile dysfunction can have several different causes ranging from stress, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol abuse and smoking to various diseases. Erection problems can be attributed to a few illnesses and their management is essential to tackle ED. Here are some more ways to recognise erection problems and some natural solutions.

How Illnesses Cause Erection Problems

Diabetes and impotence:

It has been estimated that men with diabetes are four times more likely to experience erection problems when compared to men without diabetes. In fact, it has been seen that impotence at a young age is often a warning sign of diabetes. Constant high blood sugar levels in diabetic men can damage blood vessels that supply nutrients and transmit signals from the brain. This damage to blood vessels and nerve cells has a direct effect on blood supply. As the blood flow in the penis chamber goes down, men find it hard to attain or maintain erection.

Atherosclerosis and impotence:

Atherosclerosis is a condition where arteries undergo hardening and narrowing. This means that the arteries that supply blood to the penis are also affected. Due to narrowing of the arteries, the blood flow is restricted or slower which may lead to erection problems. Atherosclerosis is often caused due to increased cholesterol levels. Hence keeping it under check might be useful in preventing erectile dysfunction.

High blood pressure and impotence:

Diuretics are often prescribed to high blood pressure patients. These decrease the blood flow to the penis resulting in erection problems. High blood pressure also depletes the amount of zinc in the body which affects the production of testosterone which may lower the libido.

Obesity and impotence:

Obesity can increase the chances of ED by 30-90% in men. Excessive weight affects the blood vessels and increases the risk of other illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. It also lowers the testosterone level in the body that affects sexual function.

It’s Not All Doom & Gloom

The good news is there are many treatments available to help men overcome erectile dysfunction. Since the causes may be different, turn to a more natural remedy for combating erection problems. Natural impotence supplements can help dilate blood vessels and improve circulation in the penis chamber. As these pills are made of herbs and natural ingredients, there's no known risk of side-effects.

Other Treatments

Apart from pills, there are also vacuum pump devices that can help increase blood flow. These devices can be used in conjunction with oral pills. Then there are penis injections that can help treat impotence. Some oils and creams are also available on the market for improving erections. As a last resort, men can consider trying penile implants to improve erection strength. Although only a few of the treatments need a prescription from a doctor, you should follow their advice before starting any treatment.

No matter which treatment you choose, it's essential to make lifestyle changes if you're diabetic. Your diet and physical activity play a crucial role when it comes to results of the methods. Make right lifestyle choices, such as eating healthy, quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and increase physical activity, as it will not only help combat erection problems but will make management of the illness easy.

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Affect Relationships?

The emotional and psychological aspects of ED are as serious as the physical aspects. Erection problems pose a threat to masculinity and confidence in most men and can even lower their self-esteem. Most men prefer avoiding the issue and start distancing themselves from their partners. Finding excuses to avoid sex, temper issues, avoiding the partner or even blaming their partners are common when a man is dealing with sexual problems. This affects the emotional health of both of the partners.

All this creates a negative impact on the relationship and in most cases can be a deal breaker. In fact, in new relationships, it often marks the end. When sex tails off in a relationship, the partners often blame themselves for not being attractive enough unless the man speaks up about the problem.

Many men are fearful of experimenting with other areas of sexual stimulation, with apprehension of experiencing further disappointment. But doing so can have a negative effect, often leading to more distance between you and your partner, which is likely to take its toll on the relationship.

How To Cope With Erectile Dysfunction In A Relationship?

Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem for most males but does it have to ruin your relationship? You need to start weighing the options. Would living with ED alone be better than speaking about it to your partner and having their support? Accepting the problem is the first step if you want to work on the relationship. Finding the cause and focusing on finding a solution is the best way to ensure that it doesn't inflict everlasting damage on the relationship. Here are 5 simple steps to cope with relationship issues when dealing with ED:

1. Don’t be reluctant to have sex: If you suffer from impotence, depending on how often it happens, you may find yourself feeling reluctant to have sex with your partner. Women can often struggle with the idea that they aren't attractive enough for their partner. This can start to have a negative impact on relationships; instead, seek help from a discreet, natural solution like the Viaman Supplement Here are some more ways to recognise erection problems and some natural solutions.

2. Discuss about it outside the bedroom: Discussing about the impotence with your partner plays a very big part in how it can impact your relationship. Making the move to discuss impotence with your partner should never be underestimated and for most men it's very daunting to those even with the most understanding of partners. However, communication is paramount in dealing with the issues to ensure your relationship not only survives, but excels.

3. Work as a team: Talking about male impotence with your partner may encourage you to defuse whatever anger or frustration you have, meaning that it won’t overspill into other areas of the relationship. It can also allow you and your partner to work more as a team to overcome the issue. In many cases couples have reported that doing so has actually brought them closer together.

4. Romance is the key: Be more flexible! Not necessarily literally, however in the sense that sex is more than just intercourse. Try expanding your horizons with manual stimulation, oral stimulation, kissing, stoking…the list is endless! However, they're all part of a successful intimate relationship that can lead to great orgasms for both partners involved.

5. Partners can help: There's a wide range of solutions available to help overcome and prevent erectile dysfunction, many of which are natural. These allow you to tackle your issue discreetly and effectively, without the inconvenient and often awkward conversation with a doctor or pharmacist. Partners can take help of such products and solutions and motivate their partners to fight the erection problems rather than just living with it.

The Final Word

Not being able to perform in bed can break the confidence of any man and lead to stress and depression. Being distressed about it isn't going to help solve the problem but a little courage to communicate the problem to your partner will work in your favour. Sex and relationships are all about trying new things and impotence shouldn’t stop you from doing so. It’s important that your partner doesn’t take responsibility for your impotence issues. It's often observed however, that romantic partners can play a critical role in supporting men to seek effective treatment and solutions for their problem.

You can also look for all-natural products to address this issue without compromising on your intimacy.

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