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Hair Care 101: Tips to fix hair loss problems

Hair loss and thinning hair is seen as an inevitable part of the ageing process, with around three quarters of all people in the UK believing there's no effective method of preventing this frustrating and confidence-sapping issue. While this might once have been the case, advances in technology and scientific research now allow you to manage hair care safely and efficiently from the comfort of your own home.

How Important Is Hair Care?

For many people, hair loss can be a huge problem, chipping away at your confidence over time and even affecting your general feeling of well-being. While hair loss is more common as you get older, some people can be affected at a much younger age, which can really knock self-esteem as well as their general appearance, especially in the case of women. Thick, strong, beautiful and shiny hair always leaves a good impression, which is why suitable hair care becomes important. Moreover, good hair care helps to avoid extensive damage that can lead to hair loss. If everyone else is unaffected and you’re noticing your hairline creeping backwards, you’re probably asking yourself “Why me?!". This is where various hair care methods can truly make a difference.

Looking After Your Hair & Scalp

Keeping your hair clean, shiny and strong means healthy hair. There are some hair and scalp conditions which are more often avoidable, but can strike almost everyone. If we talk about hair, they are made up of keratin which is a live organism. Each strand grows from roots in the scalp called follicles which procures natural lubrication by a substance called sebum. Whether your hair is dry or oily, or sometimes even a combination of the two all depends on the production of sebum. Most of the hair troubles revolve around all the aspects. Fortunately products at ShytoBuy can help to deal with most of them naturally.


The small, white flakes most of us see in our hair called Dandruff are nothing but dead skin. Apart from hair, they can be noticeable on the person’s clothing. The causes of dandruff are still not clear but some studies show that it could be due to a type of fungus or an irritation. There are even myths about dandruff being contagious or dangerous, which isn't true. Hair care solutions containing salicylic acid, zinc, tars, or selenium sulfide can be useful to reduce dandruff flakes. Also while shampooing, massage your scalp for at least 5 minutes with your fingers but don't scratch.

Brittle Hair

Does your hair snap back and become frizzy while brushing? You may probably have brittle hair. This could be a very prominent sign of hair that isn't in good health. The causes range from overexposure to the sun to lack of use of conditioner. In case of poor nutrition as a reason for brittle hair, increasing the amount of protein can work wonders. You can either add them to your diet or choose a topical treatment that directly supplies protein to the hair follicles. There are many products containing formulas rich with Keratin proteins available that are designed for your needs.

Thinning Hair

Out of all the different types of hair loss, the most common cause is the hormone, (DHT). This type is commonly called Pattern hair loss and is medically known as androgenic alopecia. But before you start losing hair, DHT causes hair thinning that eventually leads to hair loss especially in men. In women, the cause of hair thinning could be many with DHT being one which causes inflammation and leads to hair thinning. Although some amount of (DHT) is present in our body, those who have DHT-sensitive hair follicles experience pattern hair loss.

Hair Loss

On average, you can experience a natural loss of around 100 hair strands a day. When this number exceeds due to a range of factors, you may call it hair loss. Apart from genetic reasons, two of the main reasons you can be losing hair can be stress and diet. Straighteners, curling tongs, over use of hair dryers all have the potential to burn the hair and detach them from the roots. Once you understand the real cause of hair loss, there are various relative solutions at ShytoBuy which can help you win the battle against hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Seeking natural hair care products can be a result of various reasons, including everything from stress and hormonal changes to lifestyle choices or the existence of a hereditary condition. Getting to the root of the problem is key to ensuring you find the right hair loss product to suit your needs and also the extent to which your hair has thinned or how much you have lost. We advise before buying any natural hair care products to always consider your options and do some research to ensure you're buying the highest quality and most effective solution for you.

It's often the case that the earlier you start to tackle problems such as receding hairlines, thinning hair or hair loss with natural hair care products, the better and more effective the results you should be able to see. This is because you give the best possible opportunity to help stimulate healthy hair growth as the hair follicle is only just beginning to be affected but DHT, which is in many cases the cause of hair loss.

Causes Of Hair Loss And How To Fix Them

Due to hormones

People with family members who have suffered from hair loss are likely to have it themselves and so hair loss is most predictably a genetic issue. In men, the hormone (DHT) causes hair thinning, beginning with a receding frontal hairline and loss of hair in the crown area.

Fixing the problem:

There are prescription tablets for genetic hair loss but some hair growth shampoos with anti-DHT inhibitors may even work well.

After pregnancy

Estrogen levels, the chief pregnancy hormones increase in this phase. This lengthens the hair growth phase and lessens the shedding phase so you may notice thicker than normal head of hair. But soon after pregnancy (postpartum), estrogen levels may fall again and prolongs the shedding phase.

Fixing the hair:

The postpartum period is temporary and so is the hair loss. In a few months’ time you can see the hair growth cycle normalise and restore the pre-pregnancy thick hair.

As you age

As you grow older the likelihood of hair loss increases. Both men and women can see at least some level of hair loss and thinning as they age. They may start to experience slow hair growth and reduced hair volume from 30 onwards. Unfortunately, this is one factor which you cannot avoid.

Fixing the hair:

Some men accept hair loss with age and flaunt it. However, if you want to get rid of it, there are trioxidil solutions, prescription tablets and even transplant as an effective option.

Nutrition deficiencies

Like anything else in your body, your hair also needs nutrients to survive, grow and stay healthy. Sudden weight loss, low iron levels and poor diet can all lead to this king of hair loss. Though poor nutrition has caused hair loss in rare cases as it can cause hair shafts to become brittle and break off.

Fixing the hair:

Healthy, well-balanced diets with protein, iron, zinc and biotin are considered good for healthy hair. There are even nutritional supplements like Maxmedix Biotin Tablets with ingredients that can refill thicker & stronger strands again.

Stressful times

You can see a few hairs falling off due to sudden and severe stress. This type is called telogen effluvium which can slow new hair growth and widespread thinning. Due to intense physical and emotional stress, higher than normal amounts of hair enter the shedding phase, causing temporary patches of hair loss.

Fixing the hair:

Stress relieving activities are the best way to tackle stressful situations. If done properly, normal hair density can return within a few months.

Tying too tightly

Intense pulling of the hair by tying them in tight braids, man buns or cornrows can damage your scalp significantly. This intense and prolonged pulling strains the hair follicles, leading to follicle damage and hair loss. In the same way, using harsh styling treatments on your hair can even damage the hair roots.

Fixing the hair:

Do sensible and not follow trends that can be hair damaging. Moisturising shampoo and conditioners can help to take care of your scalp and hair.

Scalp inflammation

There's a harmless skin condition which occurs on the scalp with small red patches that is often inflammatory and itchy. This can further lead to hair loss. A severe and rare version of this condition is called Lichen planopilaris, where there are patches of permanent hair loss in the scalp.

Fixing the hair:

For the mild condition, you should always try to avoid scratching and seek advice from the doctor to resume normal hair growth.

Hair Regrowth Without Unwanted Side Effects

If your confidence is at all-time low and you need a quick fix, you could consider a hair transplant. However, this method can be expensive, uncomfortable and risky, with many people finding that the results were not what they had anticipated and regularly need to attend top up treatments, which also means further costs. With that in mind, ShytoBuy offers a variety of all-natural, cost-effective natural hair care products aimed at tackling the problem of hair loss safely, discreetly and naturally. Not only are many of them created by renowned brands, known for their effective products and easy applications –they all allow you to improve the appearance of your hair in the privacy of your own home.

Although these treatments don't offer the instant impact of a transplant, they focus on long-term improvements, growing your hair back naturally and gradually. Many of them improve the shine, strength and appearance of your hair as well as the number of strands that are on your head. It means that even if you're fortunate enough to have a full head of hair, you can still encourage healthy growth and a wonderful shine to ensure it looks great all the time!

Hair Care Products That Fit Into Any Lifestyle

All of the natural hair care products available at ShytoBuy are very easy to use and integrate into your daily life without any hassle. They include a fantastic selection of foams, shampoos, supplements and devices. So, whether it’s a Low Level Light Laser Helmet or shampoo with stimulating and rejuvenating natural ingredients to boost hair growth, the choice is yours! Of course, if integrating a daily natural supplement jam-packed with essential nutrients for hair health is something you would be keen to try out, then Maxmedix Biotin tablets could be the perfect thinning hair supplement for you. With so many different natural hair care products to help hair loss, we’re confident you'll find a natural solution for you here at ShytoBuy.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours – with so many different ways of treating hair loss, you’re sure to find the treatment that’s right for you. Some may require the short-term benefits of a hair transplant, others might be willing to take the long-term approach with something from our variety of pills and supplements – or, having weighed up all your options, you may be able to make an informed decision and decide to let nature take its course and embrace your hair loss. At ShytoBuy, we just want to offer you the best solution to suit your requirements and with such a fantastic selection of foams, shampoos, supplements and devices in our hair loss treatment range, we’re sure you’ll find an approach which is perfect for you!

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