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What Makes Sex Toys Hotter Than Anything Else?

There are many tools for pleasure but here are 10 reasons why you should also shop for sex toys.
Read more about sex toys and what makes them hotter.

One of the most negative myths about sex toys is that they're just for singles. It’s not true! Even the dictionary says that a sex toy is any device or object designed, sold or used for enhancing sexual pleasure. People of any relationship statuses can use sex toys. In fact, 78% of women users of sex toys report being in a relationship.

Sex toys are also not limited with age of the women. However women and their partners can overcome the changes in the sex lives by getting creative. There are even more reasons for which you can buy sex toys for.

  1. Sex Toys Lead To Multiple Orgasms
  2. Putting pressure off you and your lady could mean multiple orgasms in a single session. In this, a woman has more than one orgasm during a sexual experience with her partner or even on self-stimulating. If you are doing great and even tickling the right spot, you don’t have to worry too much. With all things right, you can focus and channel your energy on other erogenous areas of her body and not down her south. A simple vibrator or not so complex toy can help set you up for a night full of orgasms. So, go ahead and look for sexual products online to get your girl one.

  3. Sex Toys takes the Pressure Off you and your partner
  4. Although sex is to relax, it could put pressure to perform well. In case of women a study reported, 70 percent of women need clitoral stimulation (a sort of massage) to achieve orgasm. She might still take time to get that big O. Your tongue and hands could need a sidekick to make sure her mood and arousal levels are enough for sex. This is how adult toys make you feel less pressured to make her orgasm and help focus on sex in general.

    Same is with your girl. Even women feel the pressure to either orgasm or make his partner orgasm. Other than anything else, what matters is you hitting the right spots and vice versa. This is where sex toys come to rescue. With reduced or no pressure, both the partners can reach climax without much difficulty. In the end, sex becomes more relaxed and comfortable.

  5. Sex Toys Allow You To Surprise her
  6. Let’s be honest, sex can be too predictable. This is why many sexologists suggest couples to explore and try something new in bed instead of monotonous sex. Using sex toys is a good start when it comes to exploring. There are unconventional and modern sex toys like the vibrators which you can control from the other side of the room, or Lelo Luna Beads with different colours and weights to make them comfortable and pleasurable for use. While using them, you will find yourself trying new positions with sex toy as your guide.

  7. Sex Toys Give rest to your Hands
  8. Using oral sex for a change, your lips, tongue and hands do most of the work. The three organs ensure that you are giving your woman the best pleasure not just down there, but all over her body. Sometimes if you are not so charged up for sex, but your girl is so in the mood. A sex toy could be helpful to you, if you don’t want to turn her down and hurt her feelings. This will at the same time give your hands or tongue some rest. This is how a single thing can make you both happy.

  9. Sex Toys can be a Replacement
  10. When the man in the couple is not around, having sex toys on hand could be a great alternative. The best thing about sex toys is that they are safer and STD-free, as long as you use and clean the toys properly before use. You both can gift each other a toy from the Lelo products in UK to get pleasure in absence of one another. Sex toys are a good companion when you are feeling lonely and horny.

    There is nothing to feel shy about while buying a sex toy. Besides providing pleasure, they work beautifully to deepen the relationship and intimacy between couples.

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