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Pure Collagen

1200 mg 90 Capsules | Natural Skincare Supplement


Working for your skin from within, the Pure Collagen capsules are the ideal way to help you tackle the unwanted signs of ageing & restore a youthful glow. Formulated with only the best, each capsule contains a potent dose of scientifically studied Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides that when combined make a formidable 1200mg daily strength. In addition, they contains absolutely no fillers, binders or unwanted chemicals, making this the ideal natural beautifying supplement for men and women of all ages.

  • Clinically studied natural supplement
  • For the appearance of skin ageing
  • Pure hydrolysed type I & III collagen
  • Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides
  • Powerful 1200mg serving strength
  • No fillers, binders or flavourings
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free

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Collagen And The Skin

Being a key structural protein that makes up about 80% of its dry weight, collagen plays a vital role in the health and maintenance of the skin. When the body is young, the naturally occurring levels of this essential protein are high and this is what makes young skin so soft, smooth and tight. As we age however, and also due to factors such as nutrition and sunlight, these natural levels can dramatically drop. This results in the appearance of ageing with all those telltale signs including wrinkles, crows feet and sagging skin. This means that supplementing the body with an external source of collagen can be a greatly beneficial way to help tackle those unwanted wrinkles and bring ageing skin back to life.

Verisol® collagen

When it came to the Pure Collagen capsules, Proto-col wanted to make sure they were using the best. In order to achieve this, each and every capsule is formulated with scientifically studied Verisol®, a unique blend of pure hydrolysed type I and III collagen. This amazing ingredient works for the skin from the inside out to help with the appearance of ageing and has been shown to be successful in a number of clinical studies.

One study of 69 women aged 35-55 showed that taking Verisol® lead to a statistically significant higher skin elasticity - this was up to 15% more when compared to the placebo. This was shown after just 4 weeks of taking and was kept persistent after 8 weeks. Another study of 114 women aged 45-65 showed a statistically significant reduction in eye wrinkle volume when compared to the placebo. After only 4 weeks they reported a 7.2% reduction on wrinkle volume and then up to a massive 20.1% after 8 weeks.


Active Ingredient: Verisol® (Collagen Hydrolysate)

Other Ingredient: Gelatin (Bovine Capsule)

How To Use

These Pure Collagen capsules by Proto-col are designed to be an easy addition to your daily routine. Simply take 3 capsules with water before going to bed each day. If needed, the dosage can also be safely increased to up to six capsules daily. Each capsule contains 400mg of pure collagen hydrolysate so with the recommended daily dosage (3 daily) you can recieve a powerful 1200mg daily amount. Each bottle contains 90 capsules so therefore 30 servings.


As this natural supplement is made with pure collagen hydrolysate, it is completely safe to take. This supplement contains no fillers, binders or flavourings and is also free from lactose, dairy and gluten. As when using any new supplement for the first time, please check the ingredients for any personal allergies and do not take if you are vegan or vegetarian. Consult your doctor before taking if you have a medical condition or are pregnant.

Pure Collagen 1200 mg 90 Capsules | Natural Skincare Supplement

Customer Reviews

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reviews 4.5

88.89% based on 17 Reviews

Verified Purchase

Brilliant. I can really see the difference

S Silvia
Verified Purchase

Been taking these supplements alongside the skin doctors instant facelift cream. It has worked wonders for me skin. Very happy customer.

J Jasu
Verified Purchase

Noticed a slight difference. Maybe i haven't been taking these long enough to see the results. Will continue to use and let you know if there is further change.

O Olivia Graham
Verified Purchase

The texture, tone and feel of my skin is much better. I noticed it when i compared a photo of me from last year.

C Carolina Sanchez
Verified Purchase

These work for men too. My partner noticed a difference in the feel of my skin and friends who i haven't seen in ages say i have a baby face now. I'm loving it.

F Fenton Smith
Verified Purchase

i have heard that collagen creams aren't that effective so i went on with capsules. cant say anything about creams but these pills are really effective, they worked for me atleast

A Alma Pratt
Verified Purchase

my wrinkles are for sure getting less obvious. i like it

G Genevieve
Verified Purchase

Looks good and is easy enough to take. My hair and skin is looking better and I feel like I can move more

J Junod
Verified Purchase

I’ve been using these capsules for a few months now. I’ve definitely noticed a significant improvement in skin

C Cheril
Verified Purchase

I've been buying these from the beginning and this is a great deal!

S Sharon
Verified Purchase

My wife and I have been recommended to take a collagen supplement. Proto-col is excellent value

E Evelyn
Verified Purchase

Been using this product for a few years now. Will continue to do so.

V Victoria
Verified Purchase

I bought collagen tablets following hair breakage and they helped restaure my hair . It is growing slowly but nicely. I recommend these protocol collagen tablets.

L Laura
Verified Purchase

I think these work, but maybe it's my imagination. Arrived quickly and well packed.

C Claudia
Verified Purchase

I'm hooked! Arrived on time in good condition, will definitely purchase again

L Liz
Verified Purchase

I have been takeing this product for years,keeps my skin,hair and body from the inside to outer skin looking and feeling younger

C Chris
Verified Purchase

Helps me with injured joint. Added bonus skin is plumper

K Kiran

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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