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Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel by Makari

By Makari

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Makari Caviar Clarifying gel is the latest products to come from Makari offering a new approach to skin care. The gel is infused with luxury beneficial skincare ingredients to help brighten & plump the skin whilst keeping it rejuvenated and clean. Start reliving that radiant youthful glow you once had, or keep it maintained through to your following years.

  • Helps to remove hyper-pigmentation, dark spots & blemishes
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Natural skin lightener with caviar
  • Works Moisturise and condition the skin
  • Helps fade breakouts & balances skin
  • Free Makari Sample
  • Next day delivery available

This caviar infused product comes in a gel form due to the fact gel typically absorbs deeper and more efficiently into the epidermis giving it a more effective and longer lasting effect. In gel form the ingredients are more concentrated, making a more powerful and reactive gel that can care and look after the skin all day and all night.

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Type: Gel
Size: 90 ml

What is Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel

Why Caviar? Why in a gel form? Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel is a new innovative skin lightening formula from Makari made using some of the most luxurious ingredients that are known to have many beneficial properties to the human skin. The type of caviar that is used within the gel is one that has a very similar skin cell structure to the human body, essentially aiding the skin's repair process to make it easier and more efficient whilst using the beneficial enhancing extracts included within the formula. It is formulated into a gel form due to the fact gel as a catalyst to the epidermis of the skin, which works much more efficiently at penetrating deeper and thus aiding in giving more efficient longer-longer results.

Why choose the Makari Clarifying Gel?


Caviar Extract: Caviar has been found to have many beneficial properties to the human skin cell structure. It mainly helps to combat the visible signs of ageing and the dehydrated state of the skin whilst cleansing and rejuvenating the skin.
Blackberry Extracts: This Asian native fruit is known to have many beneficial properties for the skin. The blackberry acts as a natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient, helping to protect the skin from free radicals.
Chamomile Extract: This ingredient is included due to its known beneficial soothing properties. It helps to act against inflammation, irritation and redness on the skin. The extract also adds a therapeutic fragrance to the Gel as well.
Pansy Extract: The pansy is rich in vitamin E and the properties that the plant gives are mainly to help slow the production down of sebum – the number one cause of skin infections and imperfections. It is also known to help aid the fight against psoriasis, acne and rosacea halting the spread and fading the infections.
Mauve Extract: Mauve has a soothing effect on the skins epidermis due to its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. This natural wonder to the skin can help to soften and make the sensitive skin subtle and help make it more resistant.
Liquorice Root Extract: The root from liquorice contains essential elements that complement the caviar. Together with the caviar it creates an efficient fighting tool against various skin conditions and helps sooth and gently heal sensitive skin.


Gently cleanse your skin. We advise you to plan, on average, one exfoliation per week. Gently massage when exfoliating and try to make sure as many dead skin cells have been exfoliated for optimum results.

Then apply the Makari lightening gel on the area of concern. Make small circular movements to activate the ingredients and let it absorb into the layers of skin for 5-10 minutes.

Gently cleanse your skin gently with a cotton pad or a soft skin glove and then dry your skin thoroughly. Make sure you dry it properly; this allows for better results.

Just like the morning cream, apply the gel on the parts of concern. We advise you to make small circular movements on your skin until the solution is totally absorbed into the skin.

Safe to use

The Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel has been formulated with the users’ complete safety at mind. Makari products are all created with the question in mind, “would I put that on my own skin?” hence why all Makari products contain a natural active ingredient formula that can cater for all skin types and colours. If, however you see an ingredient you are unsure and might raise concern to do a quick spot test and if further doubts are raised please contact your local doctor. The Makari range has no known side effects making it a favourite amongst skin care users. We recommend to check to see whether you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.


Ordering from couldn’t be easier. We have a range of delivery and payment methods for you to choose from and remember every Makari order comes with a free sample from one of their other range. If you order by 4pm you can receive your order the next working day. So why wait? Order this new revolutionary skin care product that will naturally give you the results you want rather than the harmful chemicals that have been trying to do for decades!

Customer Reviews
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Product Rating (73.33% based on 6 Reviews)

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Service Rating (92.84% based on 310 )

  • * Love the caviar range - finally something that gives lasting results.
  • * The Caviar range has always worked better for me than the other range and I have used all 3 now. The extreme, exclusive and this caviar range. I seem to get the best results from the caviar range. 5*
  • * Good, worked after around 1 month.
  • * bought a 3 month supply and just finished. Wish i could post results because i am very happy with what makari have offered to my skin with this gel!
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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