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Skin Lighteners – Why do you need them?

Many new skin lighteners have made their way into the market. But before you pick one for yourself, the million dollar question is why you should be using them? Find out your answers here.
Read on to know why you should use skin lighteners

Demand for skin lighteners, including bleaching creams and whiteners are increasing tremendously. But, what is the reason behind this demand? Reasons for using skin lighteners vary from person to person. Some chose it to lighten their complexion, while others use them to cover the unsightly spots and freckles. Many use skin lightening products to treat skin problems such as age spots, pigmentation, acne scars, or discoloration.

Most skin lighteners work by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its natural colour. People with darker skin have higher concentrations of melanin, while fair skinned people have lesser concentration of melanin. So, if you have pigmentation or scars that you need to cover, skin lighteners are required. Here at ShytoBuy, we offer a range skin lightening products that help even out areas of pigmentation, discoloration and freckling.

You can also use these lighteners to reduce the hyperpigmentation. Sometimes hyperpigmentation is a result of excessive sun exposure, while sometimes it can occur due to hormonal changes in to body. It is common for women to experience hyperpigmentation during pregnancy or when they change their oral contraceptive pills. With bleaching cream and skin lightening products, hyperpigmentation can be dealt with easily. It is also possible to restore your complexion with regular use of these products.

When using skin lighteners it is essential to ensure that you carefully check the ingredients in the products. Most of the times highly reactive chemicals, most of which can cause severe side-effects, are used in these products. You must avoid using products that contain mercury or mercuric compounds like calomel, mercuric, mercurous, or mercurio.

Skin lighteners with hydroquinone are quite popular in the market, but make sure that they don’t contain more than 2% of that chemical as there are many side-effects. It is also wise to avoid steroids in skin lighteners as they may increase risk for skin infections, skin thinning and acne. Considering this, it is always better to use natural products that contain food based skin lighteners and are gentle on the skin.

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