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Makari Peel Off Mask by Makari

By Makari

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Is the blemishes and marks on your skin getting you down? Finding it hard to handle the oil production your skins creating? Makari has formulated a new peel off mask that is specifically designed for acne prone and oily skin. This new luxurious product from Makari helps to detoxify the pores of the skin, refresh the epidermis and rejuvenate whilst calming down the production of sebum – the main cause of acne prone skin.

  • Helps to lighten and brighten the skin
  • Helps to prevent excess sebum production
  • Works to fades spots and blemishes
  • Penetrates deep into the pores to detoxify
  • Helps even out skin tone, dark spots & hyper-pigmentation marks
  • Free Makari Sample
  • Next day delivery available

The Makari Peel Off Mask is the perfect peel off mask to introduce into your daily skincare routine. It works to help enable the oils deep down in the skin to be cleansed and helps to remove dirt for a better result from using beauty products. Makari however boasts optimum results when using the Makari range. The Makari Peel Off Mask paves a clear canvas so moisturisers, skin lighteners and cleansing soaps are more efficient in absorption, helping with a better complexion to show your beautiful skin with confidence.

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Size: 175 ml

What is Makari Peel Off Mask

The new Peel Off Mask from Makari is a new revolutionary way to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin whilst helping to lighten and even skin tone. The mask has been formulated like no other masks using a glycerine base with ingredients that help to lighten and brighten the skin complexion whilst also cleaning and rejuvenating the skin of toxins. It is specifically formulated for oily type skin types to the worst acne-prone skin gently cleansing the epidermis of the skin of debris and dirt from everyday exposure to the world.

How does the Makari Peel Off Mask work?

This revolutionary viscous peel off mask gets to work on application soaking into the epidermis of the skin and creating a film over the skin that solidifies over the surface. When the mask is solid it will help to trap the impurities and toxins within the skins pores and peels away the debris and impurities when peeled off the face, helping to leave subtle, soft and rejuvenated skin. The mask doesn’t unbalance the oil production of the face to cause any adverse skin conditions, but rather regulates the production of sebum over continued use to stop acne prone skin breaking out or having flare ups. The skin will be left with a better oil and pH balance while lightening the skin and evening out dark spots and skin tone. It is recommended that continued use of the peel off mask should occur for optimal results.


Makari has recommended this product is most efficient oily and acne prone skin types but can be used for all skin types. Apply a thin layer of the mask to the face gentling massaging in circular motions, paying close attention to the forehead, nose, chin and temple areas where sebum production is typically higher. If you have any scars or current flare ups of acne elsewhere on the face, place the mask directly onto these areas too. Relax for 15 minutes letting the formula do its work on the epidermis of the skin and then slowly peel the mask off your face bringing with it all the debris and oil clogged in the pores.

Massage a thin layer in a circular motion gently on the nose, forehead, temple and chin areas, as these are typically areas that sebum is produced more in. If you have any other areas that are in a current outbreak, also apply to these areas too.

Once the first step has been completed, relax and let the mask dry for 15 minutes. It will be obvious when the mask is dry and a film should be hardening over the skin.

Now the mask has dried, leave the mask on for a further 15 minutes and when this time is up, slowly peel the mask off gently taking with it the debris and dirt clogged within the pores.

Safe to Use

The Makari range prides itself on its natural ingredient formulas that can aid in the efforts towards skin lightening and evening skin tone. They are for this reason safe to use on all skin types and only high-quality ingredients are used to help you achieve a beautiful complexion without damaging the skin. However, like all products we recommend that you do a small spot test should you feel that any of the ingredients might be allergic to you.


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Customer Reviews
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Product Rating (88% based on 5 Reviews)

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Service Rating (92.84% based on 310 )

  • * I wish I found this product before i started using hydroquinone products. My skin is quite fragile after the years of abuse of hydroquinone to improve my skin tone. I will never turn back. The Makari range is a god send and i have been stickingto it ever since I found it. I recommend this product along with some of the other exclusive range for skin lightening needs.
  • * Amazing Product that will benefit anyone trying to even out dark spots. My skin has been uneven since I can remember and I have finally found a product that is making my skin better and more even in tone.
  • * Amazing face mask. Makes my skin feel great and is slowly evening out my skin tone with the other Makari products.
  • * Excellent mask for skincare. Not too harsh and cleans out and evens out my hyper pigmentations.
* Results may vary from one person to another.

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