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PORClean Perineal Spray

30ml Spray | Female Intimate Care
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To help keep your intimate area feeling fresh and clean, discover the PORClean Perineal Spray! Made with natural ingredients and featuring proprietary technology, this gentle intimate spray can help to protect against bacteria and soothe irritation to keep the perineal area feeling clean and healthy. The mild formula will also dry quickly on the skin and thanks to its handy size, it can be easily used whenever, and wherever, you need it!

  • Perineal intimate care spray
  • Protects the area from bacteria
  • Deodourises odours
  • Soothes redness & discomfort
  • Mild formula ideal for genital area
  • Quick drying with non-stick texture
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  • Vegan
  • Caffeine-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Halal-friendly
  • Paraben free

What is the PORClean Perineal Spray?

The PORClean Perineal Spray is a natural intimate care product created specifically for the female genital area. Thanks to its proprietary formula, this intimate spray can have a protective effect against bacteria that can also aid in reducing unpleasant odours. As a result, it can keep the genital area feeling clean, fresh and healthy without having to resort to harsh chemicals. What’s more, it can be ideal for a number of occasions that may disrupt the delicate balance of the area, including after exercise, sitting for a long time, intimacy, bathing, using the toilet, swimming and during menstruation.

What is perineal care?

The perineal is the intimate area between the anus and the genitals. This area is often missed whilst washing and can cause a number of issues if not looked after properly. Perineal care products, as a result, can be extremely useful when it comes to keeping the region healthy. Antibacterial intimate washes and spray are the ideal way to keep the area clean and protected from harmful bacteria that can cause a potential perineal infection as well as unwanted smells and irritation.


Deionised Water, Silver Nanoparticles, Fruit Enzyme Complex.

Usage directions

This Perineal Spray bottle can be used in a number of ways to help with intimate hygiene. You can spray directly onto the pubic area, onto underwear or onto a sanitary pad or towel. You can also spray onto toilet paper and use it to wipe the pubic area after using the toilet. Use this intimate spray as and when required.

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  • I used to get quite often some embarrassing infections so this has been excellent

    J Jasmine

  • I like how this feels, it doesn’t smell all perfumey and dries quickly.

    E Emma

  • I like to use this as more of a prevention so spray it on my underwear before I put it on.

    S Sonita

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