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Electronic Neck Massager Device



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Immerse yourself in a spa like neck massage from the comfort of your own home with the U-Neck. Using low electronic stimulation, the U-Neck relaxes neck muscles. If you suffer from muscular discomfort or muscular tension caused by exercising, or any other cause, then use this neck massager.

  • U-Neck massages your neck using the latest in physiological technology
  • Can help to increase your well-being and relaxation
  • Has been known to alleviate neck stiffness
  • Helps reduce tension-causing headaches
  • Uses heat function to calm stressed muscles
  • Use twice a day for best results
  • Remote controlled device with 6 massage settings

Whether your tension is caused by stress from work, exercise or anything else, the U-Neck can help to you feel relaxed again. This multi function home use device uses heat function to help soothe tired muscles and also helps to alleviate tension headaches. Ordering online from is easy, secure and without next day UK delivery, you could begin using your U-Neck from as early as tomorrow afternoon.

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What is the U-Neck?

If you are one of the many people who are suffering from a neck strain or discomfort around the shoulder areas then U-Neck could be the solution with its advanced new development of the therapeutic technology that they have innovated into a patented and highly sought after snap-on neck massager. The U-Neck will work by remote once played around the neck and a timer can be chosen to enable the correct session times depending on the severity of your discomfort and areas of pain. You can choose from a 5 minute session to the maximum 30 minutes session. The device comes with 6 massage settings so you can adjust to the one you feel most comfortable to you.

What sets this apart from other neck massagers is its heat function that can reach temperatures of between 40 and 48 Degrees Celsius. Although this may sound high, it is a comfortable temperature and help to revive strained muscles.

What are the advantages of using the U-Neck?

There are many massage techniques you can use to help reduce neck tension, however results don’t normally last very long. The U-Neck massager can help you experience longer-term results thanks to its function and heat settings. Physiotherapists have even used this unique device and its techniques.

The U-Neck at a glance

  • 6 different massage levels
  • Low frequency stimulation
  • Heat levels for deep relaxation
  • Vibration functions to stimulate needed blood circulation

This home use-massaging device uses low-level electronic stimulation. This means that the nerves are stimulated by electric impulses to contract and relax muscles.

How do I use the U-Neck?

The U-Neck is a multi-functional device and the settings are all explained within the manual provided. The different settings allow the device to adapt to you rather than you adapt to the device and gives you the therapeutic setting you desire for the time desired. It is recommended that the session times should be around 20 minutes and the U-Neck should be cleaned when used. To clean the U-Neck you should use a damp cloth and gently dab and clean the metal plates that are exposed to the neck. The remote with the device will give you control of the preferred settings you wish to use. Turn the device off after use.

image of u-neck

Note: you should not take or the device in the bath or shower. Also you should not exceed to usage recommendations.

Is it safe to use?

The U-Neck has been built with the users safety and comfort in mind. As long as you use the device as instructed, you should not experience any untoward or unwanted side effects.

How do I order my U-Neck?

Here at ShytoBuy, we’ve made it easy, secure and convenient for you to buy online. Simply choose the ‘Add to Basket’ option now and join the hundreds of men and women in the UK who are already benefitting from the U-Neck. Begin your journey to stress free you now.

Customer Reviews
At ShytoBuy we strive to offer the best possible customer service and we take great pride in the feedback we have received from our customers.

Product Rating (87.27% based on 11 Reviews)

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Service Rating (91.37% based on 857 )

  • * So relaxing and therapeutic
  • * Really does the job. I've been working for many years now and constantly having to look at a screen left me with a stiff neck. I really should have got this sooner. I don't feel much pain in my neck anymore and it has so many modes you can use. I prefer the heated massage mode. Feels great!
  • * I got this as a gift for my mother and she absolutely loved it. She uses it while watching tv all the time.
  • * I have suffered from upper back and neck pain for some time now. The doctor had sent me to salons for massages but it only offered short term pain relief. i found this online and i have been using it for 6 months. i use it a few times a week butt its so much easier and i feel so much better for it.
  • * Absolutely fabulous
  • * It's easy to use, a lightly flimsy feel to it but it has never ever gone wrong
  • * Easy to use, easy to order and the u neck does what i wanted it to
  • * I have been for so many massages and treatment sessions for my achy neck. It obviously costs a lot but thanks to the u-neck i can have the same sort of massage session for a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of my own home.
  • * I have just received my u-neck so i will report on how well it works for me later. However the service and delivery from ShytoBuy has been great. Thank you
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