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How Anal Play is Better than Sex Alone?

There are a multitude of sex toys and techniques a woman can use to be more aroused and achieve orgasm better than sex alone.
Read more about anal intimacy and how it is better then sex.

Men try to create a sensual atmosphere to excite and turn a woman on. The best way is to make lovemaking interesting. This is why more men and women are exploring Anal Play in one form or another. It can involve fingering, licking and toys which may give a lot more than just intercourse. Still for some reason anal play can be quite a embarrassing enjoyment or a taboo subject but it’s absolutely healthy as well as normal when applied in the right way and at the right time.

Many women have shared experiences of enjoying more intense and longer orgasms when combining anal and vaginal intimate play. You might be really surprised to see your partner’s explosive response by using anal play the next time in bed. In the first stages of anal play it can be not the most enjoyable for some females, so gently introduce it into your love life and don't be too forceful making sure your partner enjoys what the intimate play also and of course with their permission. If nothing else, probably the two of you can add some spice to your sex life.

Anal Sex and Anal Play are two very different things

A misconception of anal play is that it involves full penetrative anal sex. This is not true and anal play can be even without entering the anus! Anal sex only includes penetrative sex whether it be with toys or a penis whilst anal stimulation is all about the touch, arousal and stimulation. The anus is one of the most heavily dense areas with nerve endings making it very sensitive. So when one stimulates this area, it arouses her and increases her arousal and pleasure in a way that they may not of expected. If it’s your first experience with anal play in lovemaking, don't push to hard for anal sex and lead up to the moment as it can be quite daunting for a new female, especially one who has never experienced such intimate play. When in sexual intercourse make sure that the pleasure scale is high for the woman at all times - the more you make her feel comfortable the more anal intercourse can happen with consent. Slowly raise arousal levels with stimulation and anal play. If she doesn't like it stop immediately.

Oral Sex & Anal Stimulation

The best time to introduce anal play is while you’re giving her cunnilingus. This is when you stimulate female genitals using the tongue or lips. As you bring her to the peak of arousal with your tongue, lightly circle the rim of her anus with your finger, stimulating all those nerve endings. If she allows you to move further, use a little of her natural lubrication to moisten your finger and then gently begin the fingering by insert just the tip of it into her anus. Try a gentle shunting motion if she permits and make her feel the best.

Anal Stimulation & Intercourse position

Find the most comfortable position to introduce anal play during intercourse. Slowly break into the intimate arousal using gentle arousal techniques. You can try different sexual positions like, doggystyle, female on top and reverse cowgirl to give you plenty of postions to experience anal play. Remember to use only the tips of your finger, and don’t get carried away with the flow!

Anal Stimulation & Sex Toys

A lot of modern day couples are happy to enjoy sex wit the added extra of toys for pleasure. Seen as a slightly more taboo thing just around 15-20 years ago, contemporary times have changed the mindset of society and with the millenial generation coming through with the leaking sponge of knowledge known as the internet, things are easier to shop for, compare and more accessible. Have a browse and pick out toys that both you and your partner find stimulating in terms of what they do and have fun!

Being Safe and Sure

Anal play can be fun, but you need to take precautions in anal play. The anus doesn't produce any natural lubrication so you will need to have a bottle of lubricant near by, preferably one that is made for anal play like female anal relax lube. When enjoying anal play never ever insert into the anus and then into the vagina. The bacteria from the anus can disrupt the vaginal homeostasis so try to keep away from this. Always trim your fingernails so the delicate tissues don't get damaged. Keep all this in mind and make anal play safe and pleasurable.

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