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 Night Pheromones for Men | Roll-On Scent for Seduction | ShytoBuy
Night Pheromones for Men
Night Pheromones for Men

Night Pheromones for Men

Roll-On Scent for Seduction


The want to entice a partner is pretty much universal, but we all understand how confusing, mysterious and downright difficult this can be! Men around the world are investing incredible energy into figuring it out, all the while knowing that something very basic is at play. To target the elemental forces of our biology, Phiero has blended three precisely selected pheromones in the Night Pheromones for Men roll-on stick.

  • Fragranced pheromone application
  • To augment male to female desirability
  • With three vital pheromones
  • Pleasingly warm musky masculine aroma
  • Convenient & compact roll-on stick
  • GMP
  • ISO
  • Clinically Proven

The Phenomenon of Pheromones

The key to attraction is one of the mysteries anyone can encounter - but in the animal kingdom, matters are far more matter of fact! Without even possessing the ability to speak, they are able to get on with business and comprehend each other’s physical needs in a simple moment. This is assumed in many cases to be down to pheromones. Researchers have started investigations into the part these naturally occurring compounds play in that inexplicably innate attraction between individuals. How brilliant would it be to incorporate these ingredients into our own search for a mate?!

Scent’s Amazing Seduction

We’ve all been on the receiving end of someone’s artificial scent or natural perfume, and experienced a clear feeling about it - be it positive or negative! There’s no way round the fact that a person’s aroma has a powerful impact, thus the growth of a hugely lucrative perfume market. On a daily basis, men browse shop shelves, hunting for a signature scent, aspiring not only to augment their aura of attraction but also to feel an enjoyable sense of personality.

Night Pheromones for Men

Phiero understood that men universally would welcome being able to enjoy the irreplaceable biological components that are pheromones - but would have no clue how to make use of them! With a committed study based focus, they combined three examples: Androstenone, Androstadienone, and Androstenol. Each of these was selected for its standing in the scientific community, and is skilfully composed for an outstandingly powerful impact. Held inside a pocket-sized roll-on stick, and improved with the subtlest of warm, oaky scents, it’s raring to take its place in your life.

Complete Ingredients

Mineral Oil, Tegosoft, Fragrance, Aerosil (Silicon Dioxide), Androstenone, Androstadienone, Androstenol.

Using the Roll-On

The Night Pheromones for Men roll-on is sure to become a concurrently convenient and pleasant addition to your getting-ready routine, be it for special occasions or everyday. About half an hour before you want to experience pheromones’ impact, apply to regions where you would normally apply cologne or aftershave. These include behind the ears, neck, or wrists. They should stay where put for approximately 8-10 hours if not disturbed, so we recommend using after taking a shower.


All Phiero products are precisely formulated with a focussed eye on the requirements of the human form, and are composed with deference to those specifics. Having said that, prior to the application of any skin product, you should always double check the complete ingredients, in case of any individual allergens. Please be aware that this product is not intended to help any specific body odour concerns.

Customer Reviews

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reviews 4.5

89.49% based on 58 Reviews

Verified Purchase

I bought these and used it for the first time last week. They smell good and the bottle is pretty small so I can take it around with me - it also ended the night just how I wanted.

J Jack
Verified Purchase

Good pheromones, girlfriend noticed when i put them on.

M Marvin
Verified Purchase

Okay, worked for me but the bottles quite small. I suppose I can get it about easy though.

A Anonymous
Verified Purchase

Best pheromones i have ever bought. I have bought over 10 different brands and this one smells the best and attracts attention in a lot of my personal situations.

M Markus
Verified Purchase

I have tested it up to now 3 times and I have to say you can be satisfied

G Gareth
Verified Purchase

My boss started smiling at me on the second day, and on the third day she started to paint her lips. The room smelled my neck. And on day five... well, that's

W Wayne
Verified Purchase

It's not for nothing, but I always use it when I have to sign a contract with a financial institution. I'll leave it there.

M Micheal
Verified Purchase

it is a perfume of a pleasant smell and not too strong, with a little it leaves a good smell on the skin

R Richard
Verified Purchase

im so glad I bought this for my husband I do not regret it at all worth every penny

S Susan
Verified Purchase

the truth that it has a discreet smell and does not cover the smell of another perfume, it works, at least for me haha

C Chris

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