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Night Pheromones for Men

10ml Roll-on | Male to Female Pheromones



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Phiero Night is the roll-on discreet pocket sized pheromone perfume for men that you can use anywhere, anytime. It is formulated with synthetic pheromones based upon research on the human pheromone system and will help you to arouse and induce the sexual desire of a person whilst improving self-confidence. Its pocket-sized so discretion is always intact and can be used in any situation or encounter 24 hours a day, giving you pure seduction and improving self confidence in every meet.

  • Pocket sized & discreet
  • Helps to induce sexual response
  • Aids in confidence
  • Wears discreetly – just the aroma of the perfume
  • Spray and go - quick and discreet
  • Scientific pheromone research
  • Next day delivery

This powerful seduction has been several years’ research into the neurochemistry of love and why people are more seduced by pheromones and how the brain reacts when the power of smell comes into attraction. Phiero Night Man stimulates activation in the brain that induces a response to those who receive the pheromones smell whilst also providing a sense of security and confidence to the user in any encounter.

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What is Phiero Night Man

Phiero Night Man is a roll-on pheromone perfume that consists of four synthetic pheromones that enhance the neurological attraction to individuals in a personal encounter. The main advantage of pheromone perfumes is that they work through the sense of human smell. Human smell is one of the most reactive and powerful senses of the human body due to the fact the neuro impulses generated from smelling go directly to the cerebral cortex. This has an important influence and impact on how the rest of our senses and thoughts conduct themselves. These benefits of pheromones coming in smell form mean results tend to be almost immediate.

How does it work?

Pheromones are chemicals generated by neurochemical reactions in the brain that are produced to induce a certain behavioural reaction of the opposite sex. In simple terms, pheromones are a method of subconscious communication that triggers or induces a sexual response. Pheromones do not, however, create a sort of euphoric feeling or excitement, but rather help to increase the levels of stimuli (visual, auditory) your body is already being subjected too. The Phiero Night Man Pheromone Perfume helps to enhance your current aroma and pheromones helping you to conquer and induce sexual desire of the opposite sex wherever you go in whatever encounter.


How to apply Phiero Night Man in four simply steps:

It is advisable to use Phiero Night after the shower to keep the pheromones intact.

Apply on the skin with the roll-on format in areas like neck, ears or wrists.

Pheromone perfumes are absorbed in the body for 8-10 hours as long as it is being applied correctly.

The product takes effect within 30 minutes after application


Application: The body has certain spots that will generate a better effect from Phiero Night Man. These areas are called ‘pulse points’ and are located on areas such as the neck, ears or wrists. These areas are where blood flow is more superficial and this creates a greater body heat giving an enhancement to the pheromone roll-on.

Advice:Making sure your skin is moisturised and hydrated is not only good for your skin but also makes Phiero Night Man last longer. Pheromone perfumes absorb into the body and are active for approximately 8-10 hours as long as it is being applied correctly.

Specification: Apply directly on the skin the same as you usually would your cologne. The bottle itself is a 10ml roll ball and Phiero Night Man is strictly for external use. The product duration varies but can be used as many times as desired.

When will I see results?

Phiero Night Man gets to work almost immediately when applied near a personal encounter. The pheromones are infused into the spicy fragrance given by the star anise and pink pepper extracts along with the 4 key pheromones that will be explained in detail below. The roll-on liquid will absorb into the skin and if placed on ‘pulse points’ as recommended, it can help get to work even quicker.

The Science behind Pheromones

Phiero Night Man roll-on perfume is formulated with 3 key synthetic pheromones that help to induce a sexual response in a natural and organic way.

Androsterone: This pheromones role is to help produce a dominant and secure image. It is derived from testosterone and is unconsciously detected through the Vomeronasal Apparatus helping to induce a sexual interest.

Delta 16-OL: This is the pheromone of communication and relationships with the environment. It gives users more confidence and allows better adaptation to the stimuli around them aiding in confidence and facilitating better verbal and non-verbal communication.

A-Keto: This Pheromone is similar to Delta 16-OL except it helps to break the tension and is known as the ‘icebreaker’ pheromone. It helps to make conversations easier and induces a more personal response.

Safe to use

Phiero Night Man has no known side effects but as always we would suggest that you check the ingredients list for anything you might be affected by. If you want to take further precaution take a spot test on the back of your hand. If so, discontinue using the product. Phiero Night Man is a reliable and registered product by the cosmetic product notification portal (CPNP) under the number “CPNP Phiero Night Man: 1910670”. The roll-on pheromone perfume can be used with everyday skincare as usual – so don’t worry about that. If you have any further questions about the ingredients of the product, we advise you contact your local doctor for more information.

Ordering Phiero Night Man & Man

Ordering at ShytoBuy couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the ‘add to basket’ button and enter the simple checkout procedure. You will be prompted with several payment and delivery options to suit your needs. If you order before 4.00pm you will receive your Phiero Night Men Pheromone Perfume the very next working day. Join the thousands of men who are conquering with the power of natural science and Phiero Night Man today.